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Office of Financial Management

Deborah Taylor, Director and Chief Financial Officer
George Mills, Jr, Deputy Director

Business Operations Staff

William Gould, Director

Budget and Analysis Group

Megan Worstell, Director
Division of Program Budget - Nicholas Grice, Director
Division of Budget Formulation and; Presentation - Jennifer Carter, Director
Division of Administrative Budget and; Execution - Julie Botterill, Acting Director

Accounting Management Group

Maria Montilla, Director and Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Division of Accounting Operations - Janet Loftus, Director
Division of Accounting Systems - Kurt Pleines, Director
Division of Financial Reporting and Policy- Latayshia Lance, Director
Division of Financial Oversight and Internal Controls- Floyd Epps, Director
Division of Premium Billing and Collections - Catherine Jansto, Director
Division of Travel Policy and Operations - Suzanne Milihram, Acting Director

Financial Services Group

Sherri McQueen, Acting Director
Division of Financial Strategies and Evaluation - Wayne Slaughter, Director
Division of Provider Audit Operations - Linda Uzzle, Acting Director
Division of Medicare Debt Management - Donna Sanders, Director
Division of MSP Program Operations - Steve Forrey, Director
Division of Capitated Plan Audits - Julia Gorner, Director

Financial Management Systems Group

Chris Martin, Director
Division of Program and Support Systems - Ed Klein, Director
Division of Financial Applications Systems - Bernice Pendley, Director
Division of Program and Data Management - Gina Perantoni, Director
Division of Technical Operations - Sandra Messersmith, Director

Provider Compliance Group

Melanie Combs-Dyer, Director
Division of Medical Review and Education - Jill Nicolaisen, Director
Division of Error Rate Measurement - Chrissy Fowler, Director
Division of Recovery Audit Operations - Brian Elza, Director
Division of Compliance Projects and Demonstrations - Joyce Davis, Acting Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller for CMS.
  • Formulates, presents and executes all CMS budget accounts; develops outlay plans and tracks contract and grant award amounts; acts as liaison with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on budget estimates; reviews demonstration waivers (except 1115) for revenue neutrality. Is responsible for ensuring that the budget is formulated in accordance with CMS' strategic plan and the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) goals and performance measures.
  • Acts as liaison with Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the Congressional appropriations committees for all matters concerning CMS' operating budget.
  • Manages the Medicare financial management system, the Medicare contractors' budgets, Quality Improvement Organizations' budgets, research budgets, managed care payments, the issuance of State Medicaid grants, and the funding of the State survey/certification and the Clinical Laboratory and Improvement Act programs. Is responsible for all CMS disbursements.
  • Performs cash management activities and establishes and maintains systems to control the obligation of funds and ensure that the Anti-Deficiency Act is not violated.
  • Performs CMS' debt management activities (e.g., accounts receivable, user fees, penalties, disallowances).
  • Reconciles all CMS financial data and prepares external reports to other agencies such as DHHS, Treasury, OMB, Internal Revenue Service, General Services Administration, related to CMS' obligations, expenditures, prompt payment activities, debt and cash management, and other administrative functions.
  • Working with other CMS components, develops CMS policies governing both Medicare Secondary Payer and Medicaid Third Party Liability.
  • Develops and implements all civil money penalty policies in all programs.
  • Prepares financial statements for Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act and GPRA.
  • Manages the Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) Medical Review Program.
  • Manages the FFS Recovery Audit Program and the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Audit Program.
  • Develops and publishes the Medicare FFS and Medicaid Error Rate.