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Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs

Kathleen Cantwell, Director

Olen Clybourn, Deputy Director 

Business Operations Staff

Shanae Merrick

Regulatory Management and Audit Liaison Group

Daniel Converse, Director 
Div of Regulations Management & Impact Analysis - Vacant, Director
Division of Audit Liaison - Wynethea Walker, Director

Program Coordination and Correspondence Group

Michele Edmondson-Parrott, Director
Division of Program Coordination & Liaison - Linda Boone Abbott, Director
Division of Correspondence Management - Kenneth Cottingham, Acting Director

Office of the Attorney Advisor

Jacqueline Vaughn, Attorney Advisor

Regulations Development Group

Martique Jones, Director
Division of Regulations Development-A - Sheli Harris, Director
Division of Regulations Development-B - Shawn Braxton, Director
Division of Regulations Development-C - Annette Brewer, Director

Openness, Transparency & Accountability Group

Janis Nero, Director
Division of Freedom of Information - Hugh Gilmore, Director
Division of Information Technology - Donald Dougherty, Director

Issuances & Records Management Group

Carlos Simon, Director
Records Management Staff - Carlos Simon, Acting Director
Division of Issuances - Carlos Simon, Acting Director

Functional Statement

  • Manages long-range planning and forecasting of regulations development and setting of CMS regulatory priorities.  This includes, but is not limited to the development of the CMS Provider Update and CMS’ submission to the Department’s Unified Agenda and Regulatory Plan.
  • Manages, in consultation with the Regulations Development Group, Office of Executive Operations and Regulatory Affairs, the resolution of issues that may arise during the clearance of regulatory documents within CMS, the Office of the Secretary and the Office of Management and Budget.  Ensures that issues are addressed in a timely manner, and that appropriate interventions are taken to resolve conflicts or to clarify issues/concerns.  Works to seek resolutions and solutions.  Keeps CMS senior officials apprised of issues and potential problems in a timely manner.
  • Maintains performance measurement data pertinent to the development, clearance, and publication of regulatory documents, and provides feedback to CMS senior officials as appropriate.
  • Serves as CMS liaison (both internally and with the Department and the Office of Management and Budget) on matters relating to the development, clearance, and publication of regulatory documents.