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Medicare FFS Physician Feedback Program/Value-Based Payment Modifier

The Physician Feedback/Value-Based Modifier Program provides comparative performance information to physicians as one part of Medicare's efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of medical care.  This is achieved by providing meaningful and actionable information to physicians so they can improve the care they furnish, and by moving toward physician reimbursement that rewards value rather than volume.

The tabs on the left side of your screen contain the following information:

  • Background – basic information on the Physician Feedback/Value-Based Payment Modifier Program
  • Federal Regulations and Guidance – links to current and previous Physician Fee Schedule rules, which govern the Program
  • News and Announcements – the latest news, as well as an archive of previous announcements
  • Report Templates and Methodologies – important information about the current program year for individuals and medical group practices, as well as an archive of report templates and methodologies from previous program years. 
  • CMS Teleconferences and Events – this dynamic list contains materials and information presented in listening sessions, National Provider Calls, and other events.