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CMS Measures Management System

CMS Measures Management System

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a standardized system for developing and maintaining the quality measures used in its various quality initiatives and programs. Known as A Blueprint for the Measures Management System, CMS-funded measure developers (or contractors) should follow these core processes developing, implementing, and maintaining quality measures. The primary goal of the Blueprint is to inform measure developers how to produce high-caliber quality measures that are appropriate for accountability. The latest version of the Blueprint (Version 10), documents the full Measures Management System core set of business processes.

Though the Blueprint receives a comprehensive annual update by the Measures Manager, continuous improvements are incorporated in quarterly updates as needed. The Measures Manager solicits feedback and suggestions from the end users of the Blueprint. One simple way to ask questions and submit feedback or suggestions is to e-mail the Measures Manager at

CMS Measures Management System Blueprint (the Blueprint) v 10.0

The Blueprint is divided into two volumes. The first volume, Measure Development, documents the various processes necessary to plan, develop, test, and roll out a measure. The second volume, Measure Maintenance, documents the processes for production, monitoring, and maintaining a measure over time.

Significant Changes in Version 10.1, February 2014

Most changes in Version 10.1 were minor editorial clarifications and corrections. The Measure Evaluation Criteria information was updated to align with NQF October 2013 documentation. Information at the tops of forms was standardized. The name of the form Measure Self-Evaluation was updated to better reflect its function. The definition and references to the QDM were updated.

Significant Changes in Version 10.0, September 2013

The following list summarizes significant changes made in Version 10.0. A more detailed list of changes in the individual sections is noted in the Changes Made in Blueprint, Version 10.0 document.

The entire Blueprint is enhanced for electronic access with internal links (sections and forms), mouse-over glossary definitions, and embedded links to referenced Web sites. Though it can still be used in hard copy, the primary focus is its usefulness as an electronic version with bookmarks and links.

  • Processes streamlined with Lean principles incorporated.
  • Measures priorities and measure selection processes updated.
  • NQF information updated to current requirements.
  • Updated eMeasure Specifications.
  • Reorganized Volume 2 on Measure Maintenance: consolidating common information and simplifying guidance, with links to references and forms.

Please note that some of the constructs in the eMeasure Specifications section are not available in the current MAT, but will become available in the version of the MAT that supports HQMF Release 2. Below is a list of those constructs:

  • Numerator Exclusions population for proportion measures
  • Measure Population Exclusions
  • Measure Observations in ratio eMeasures
  • Measure Observations for risk variables in risk-adjusted outcome measure

When in doubt, measure developers should consult with their COR/GTL.