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Data Specifications

Final OASIS Data Specifications V2.10.1 and V2.11.1

Final versions of the October 1, 2014 data submission specifications have been posted.  The new versions are V2.10.1 (which supports OASIS-C) and V2.11.1 (which supports OASIS-C1).  These new versions replace the draft versions which were posted previously.

A zip file containing two errata documents has also been posted.  The first errata document details the issues that were identified in the earlier draft versions of the data specifications (V2.10.0 and V2.11.0).  All of these issues have been corrected in the new versions of the data specifications.  Users of the data specifications should review this errata document as well as the item change report and edit change report that are contained in the data specifications zip files.

A second errata document is included in the errata zip file.  This document lists one issue that was identified in the new versions of the data specifications prior to posting.  If additional issues are identified, this document will be updated.

V2.10.1 and V2.11.1 of the data specifications support the submission of XML files to the ASAP system and will become effective on October 1, 2014.  All OASIS-C and OASIS-C1 that are submitted on or after October 1, 2014 must conform with these specifications.

Final OASIS-C Data Specifications Version 2.00

A final version of the OASIS-C Data Specifications Version 2.00 is now available.  This version is a revision to the initial draft published in July, 2009.  The primary purpose of Version 2.00 is to incorporate changes associated with the OASIS-C data set that Home Health Agencies (HHAs) are required to collect in order to participate in the Medicare program.

The final OASIS-C instrument is on the OASIS-C website (see Related Links Inside CMS).

In the download section below, you will find the final OASIS-C Version 2.00 data specifications in four different formats (PDF, Excel, Access and HTML) and a three-column crosswalk document of OASIS-B1 items to OASIS-C items.  Please note that the HTML version of the OASIS-C data specifications provide sort order of submission and logical orders.

Correction 3: Data Submission Specifications Version 2.00

An initial draft version of Version 2.00 of the OASIS-C data specifications was published in July, 2009. Revision 1 contained several corrections to the original draft and was published at the beginning of August, 2009. The current version is a third revision and corrects several additional errors in the earlier versions. Please refer to BC200R3.PDF for a list of corrections that have been made. Changes are also noted in the “version notes” field of the detailed data specifications report. Changes associated with Revision 1 are designated with “[R1]” before the description of the change, while changes associated with Revision 2 are designated with “[R2]”. Changes associated with the current revision (Revision 3) are designated with “[R3]”.

ERRATA SHEET: Data Submission Specifications Version 2.00

Please include this errata sheet with the current OASIS-C Version 2.00 Data Specifications.  This document is intended to communicate the minimal changes that have been made since the posting of REVISON 3 of the OASIS-C Version 2.00 Data Specifications.  The current OASIS-C Version 2.00 Data Specifications will be updated and posted in its entirety at a future date.  See Downloads below for details on the Errata Sheet.