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Skilled Nursing Facilities/Long-Term Care Open Door Forum


The Skilled Nursing Facilities / Long-Term Care Open Door Forum (ODF) addresses the concerns and issues of both the Medicare SNF, the Medicaid NF, and the nursing home industry generally. The types of issues that come up during this forum are often related to the Minimum Data Set, SNF Consolidated Billing, the roles and responsibilities of different SNF, NF or LTC professional staff under CMS regulations, clarifications of issues that are covered during a survey and certification process, and the many rules and requirements under which different related services can be payable. Timely announcements and clarifications regarding important rulemaking, quality program initiatives, and other related areas are also included in the forums.


**Updated April 16, 2014- Special Open Door Forum (ODF): Suggested Electronic Clinical Template for Home Health for Tuesday, April 22, 2014 3:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern Time. This call will be conference call only. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service will host a series of Special Open Door Forum (SODF) calls to allow physicians and other interested parties to give feedback on data elements for the Suggested Electronic Clinical Template for Home Health.  In order to enhance physician understanding of medical documentation requirements to support orders for Home Health services, CMS has developed a list of clinical elements within a Suggested Electronic Clinical Template that would assist physicians when documenting the Home Health (HH) face-to-face encounter for Medicare purposes. While not intended to be a data entry form, the template will describe the clinical elements that CMS believes would be useful in supporting the documentation requirements for coverage of Home Health services. CMS will work in collaboration with the DHHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and the electronic Determination of Coverage (eDoC) workgroup which are focused on giving practitioners access to payer approved tools for the electronic submission of medical documentation. You can find the proposed document by going to: Comments on the document can be sent to  If you wish to participate, dial: 1-800-837-1935 & Conference ID: 20361722.  We look forward to your participation. Please see the Downloads section below for the full call announcement. Thank you for your continued interest in the CMS Open Door Forums.

**Updated March 6, 2014 – (Web links have been added in new agenda) - The proposed agenda for the next Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)/Long Term Care (LTC) Open Door Forum is scheduled for Thursday, March 6, 2014, from 2:00pm - 3:00pmET is as follows: Announcements & Updates; MDS Provider Training Announcement; MDS Manual Update; Emergency Preparedness Proposed Rule. A link to the Federal Register for individuals to view the proposed regulation:; A link to for individuals to submit comments on the regulation:!searchResults;rpp=25;po=0;s=cms-2013-0269;fp=true;ns=true. If you wish to participate, dial 1-800-837-1935 Conference ID: 71246266. Please see the full participation announcement in the Downloads section below. Thank you for your continued interest in the CMS Open Door Forums