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Systems of Records

A list of CMS' Systems of Records (SOR) as published in the Federal Register and approved by the CMS Chief Operating Officer. Click on the SOR # to see if the SOR is ACTIVE, RETIRED or PROPOSED, to view a description of the SOR and the system(s) utilized for that SOR. Questions regarding a CMS SOR may be directed to the CMS Privacy Officer at or by calling 410-786-5357.


SOR # SOR Acronym SOR Title Status
09-70-0520 PMMIS ESRD Program Management and Medical Information System Active
09-70-0550 RDSP Medicare Retiree Drug Subsidy Program Active
09-70-0552 PWS Medicare Premium Withhold System Active
09-70-0553 DDPS Medicare Drug Data Processing System Active
09-70-0557 TrOOP Medicare True Out-of-Pocket Expenditures System Active
09-70-0558 NCH National Claims History Active
09-70-0564 MPDPF Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder System Active
09-70-0008 NPS National Provider System Active
09-70-0500 HPMS Health Plan Management System Active
09-70-0502 EDB Enrollment Data Base Active
09-70-0503 FISS Fiscal Intermediary Shared System Active
09-70-0505 TPS Third Party System Active
09-70-0510 SHIP-NPR State Health Insurance Assistance Program National Performance Report Active
09-70-0513 MBN Medicare Benefits Notices Active
09-70-0501 MCS Medicare Multi-Carrier Claims System Active
09-70-0515 PRKG Record of Individuals allowed Regular and Special Parking Privileges at the CMS Building Active
09-70-0518 RICKS Record of Individuals Authorized Entry to the CMS Building via a Card Key Access System Active
09-70-0516 CAHII Complaints Against Health Insurance Issuers and Health Plans Active
00-00-0000 none New Routine Use for Breach Notification Active
09-70-0512 LOD Links of SSA and CMS Data Active
09-70-0514 MEDPAR Medicare Provider Analysis and Review Active
09-70-0519 MCBS Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey Active
09-70-0521 IRF-PAI Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities - Patient Assessment Instrument Active
09-70-0522 OASIS HHA Outcome and Assessment Information Set Active
09-70-0524 IRIS Intern and Resident Information System Active
09-70-0525 UPIN Unique Physician/Practitioner Identification Number System Active
09-70-0526 CWF Common Working File Active
09-70-0527 FID Fraud Investigation Database Active
09-70-0528 LTC MDS Long Term Care MDS Active
09-70-0529 EBPF Employee Building Pass Files Active
09-70-0530 MSIF Medicare Supplier Identification File Active
09-70-0531 NETT National Emphysema Treatment Trial Active
09-70-0532 PECOS Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System Active
09-70-0533 RECON Medicare Managed Care Beneficiary Reconsideration System Active
09-70-0534 MED Medicare Exclusion Database Active
09-70-0535 HELPLINE 1-800 Medicare Choice Active
09-70-0536 MBD Medicare Beneficiary Database Active
09-70-0537 WCSAF Workers Comp Set Aside File Active
09-70-0538 IACS Individuals Authorized Access to CMS Computer Services Active
09-70-0541 MSIS Medicaid Statistical Information System Active
09-70-0542 MLN-REPOS MLN Registration and Product Ordering System Active
09-70-0543 CYPERS Cytology Personnel Record System Active
09-70-0544 HITS HIPAA Information Tracking System Active
09-70-0546 Section 1011 Federal Reimbursement of Emergency Health Services Furnished to Undocumented Aliens Active
09-70-0547 DCSCD Data Collection Secondary to Coverage Decision System Active
09-70-0565 ACTS ASPEN Complaints/Incidents Tracking System Active
09-70-0566 MAS Medicare Appeals System Active
09-70-0568 ODR One Program Integrity Data Repository Active
09-70-0569 PAC-CARE Post-Acute Care Payment Reform / Continuity of Assessment Report Evaluation Active
09-70-0571 IDR Medicare Integrated Data Repository Active
09-70-0572 NDMS National Disaster Medical System Claims Processing System Active
09-70-0573 CCDR Chronic Condition Data Repository Active
09-70-0574 MHS Medicare Health Support System Active
09-70-0575 OPOS Organ Procurement Organizations System Active
09-70-0576 HCPCS Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II Active
09-70-0578 PERM Medicaid Program and SCHIP Payment Error Rate Measurement Active
09-70-0580 CMHCB Medicare Care Management for High Cost Beneficiaries Active
09-70-0584 PMRS Performance Measurement and Reporting System Active
09-70-0591 DERS Master Demonstration, Evaluation and Research Studies for ORDI Active
09-70-0593 MFP Money Follows the Person Demonstration Active
09-70-0594 CBA-PRTF Home and Community Based Alternative to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Active
09-70-0595 STRIVE Evaluation of Drug Usage Under the Staff Time and Resource Intensity Verification Study Active
09-70-0597 MMDRF Medicare Master Death Records File Active
09-70-0598 MAISTRO Medicare Administrative Issue Tracker and Reporting of Operations System Active
09-70-0599 MIPS Medicaid Integrity Program System Active
09-70-3005 CTMS Correspondence Tracking Management System Active
09-70-4001 MARx Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug System Active
09-70-0560 HIX Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) Program Active
09-70-0539 LTC QRP Long Term Care Hospitals Quality Reporting Program (LTCH QRP) Active
09-70-0587 HITECH Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program National Level Repository Active
0560 HIX HIX mod May 29, 2013 Active
0560 HIX HIX modification October 23, 2013 Active
09-70-0548 HIS Hospice Item Set (HIS) Active
09-70-0507 OPP Open Payments Active