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Applicable GPOs

Below is an easy reference guide for determining if a drug, device, biological, or medical supply purchasing entity is an applicable group purchasing organization (GPO) in accordance with Open Payments.


Note that if the entity does not meet these characteristics, the entity is not determined to be an applicable GPO.



Applicable Group Purchasing Organization


Operate in the United States

Physical location within the United States or conducts activities within the United States (includes any territory, possession or commonwealth of the United States)


Purchases, arranges for or negotiates the purchase of a covered drug, device, biological, or medical supply for a group of individuals or entities, but not solely for use by the entity itself

Covered products

Reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program


For drugs and biologicals,requires a prescription (or doctor’s authorization) to administer


For devices and medical supplies, requires premarket approval or premarket notification by the FDA


Teaching Hospital Listing

Refer to the Teaching Hospital webpage to access a listing of all teaching hospitals to be reported on (note that there are currently two versions of this list: one for 2013 reporting and one for 2014).