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Mobile Apps for Data Tracking Assistance

The mobile apps are available to assist in the implementation of Open Payments to help physicians, applicable manufacturers, and applicable Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) track much of the data necessary for successful program reporting. The mobile apps are:

  • Targeted to specific users:
    • One mobile app is for physicians (called Open Payments Mobile for Physicians) to use to help ensure accuracy of information reported about them by industry, and
    • One mobile app is for applicable manufacturers and applicable GPOs use (called Open Payments Mobile for Industry) to help them ensure accuracy in their required reporting.    
  • For personal information collection and serve as a storage depository only; they do not interact with CMS systems, CMS contractors, and cannot be used directly for data reporting to CMS or its contractors.
  • A simple, easy-to-use tool to track transfers of value on a mobile device. Physicians are not required to report payment data to CMS but may wish to use this tool to validate information submitted by manufacturers about payments made to them.
  • A resource to track transfers of value in real-time, as they occur throughout the year.
  • Able to share user profiles and transfer of value information between physician and industry apps.
  • Free and can be downloaded at the Google Play™ app store or iOSApple™ app store; search for “Open Payments."
  • Optimized for use on mobile phone and tablet devices.

In response to user feedback, in December 2013 CMS introduced enhancements to the original Open Payments mobile applications. Updated Frequently Asked Questions about the mobile applications contain all the details about these enhancements, including streamlined menus, increased Quick Response (QR) code utility, and the ability to export all profile data associated with a payment into comma-separated values (CSV) format.

If you downloaded the apps prior to the launch of the updated versions, you’ll need to run an update to take advantage of the new app functionality; visit either the Google Play™ app store or iOSApple™ app store, look for your available updates, and select the Open Payments apps to download the update. All existing data that has been entered into the old version of the apps will be transferred into the new version of the app.

Note: CMS will not validate the accuracy of data stored in the app, nor will it be responsible for protecting data stored in the app. Reporting entities have sole responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data submitted to CMS under Open Payments.

For more information on functionality and usage of the apps, visit the Frequently Asked Questions. Also available is a how-to guide that explains the technical details associated with how to create QR codes usable by the apps. The Open Payments QR Code Reader How-To Guide includes detailed, highly technical instructions for creating or importing contact information using a QR code reader, and generating a QR code to transfer profile or payment information to other user’s devices.

For help with the apps you can contact our helpdesk at