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Program Fact Sheets and User Guides

For a high level overview of Open Payments program requirements, organized by affected stakeholder group, refer to the Fact Sheets available below (as of February 7, please note that the Fact Sheets are undergoing needed updates). This information provides a summary of need-to-know information for each audience, in a user-friendly and easily accessible format.

Also available as a one-stop-shop resource to understanding the technology behind Open Payments is the Open Payments User Guide. The User Guide is a very detailed document that includes a summary of program requirements and how to determine the needed level of participation from each stakeholder group. In addition, the User Guide then dives deeply into specific guidance for how to report all the different kinds of payments and ownership data required by Open Payments reporting. This version of the User Guide is geared towards industry participants who will be reporting payments; it can still be useful to other stakeholders, though. In the near future, versions tailored to other stakeholder groups will be produced.