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State Health Insurance Marketplaces

Since January 1, 2014, consumers and small businesses have had access to new health insurance Marketplaces (or Exchanges). Consumers in every state (including the District of Columbia) are able to buy qualified health plans available through their state’s Marketplace, and about 18 million Americans may be eligible for tax credits to help pay for their health insurance.

States across the country received grants to establish a new Marketplace. States operate their own Marketplaces (State-based Marketplace) or a State Partnership Marketplace, in partnership with the Federal Marketplace. A Partnership Marketplace allows states to make key decisions and tailor their Marketplaces to local needs and market conditions. The Federal government is operating Marketplace in those states that did not establish their own.

All Marketplaces will launch open enrollment for the 2015 coverage year in November 2014.

States wishing to establish Marketplaces submitted a Declaration letter to HHS conveying their intent to establish a Marketplace. Initial applications for approval of State-based Marketplaces were due December 14, 2012, and applications for approval of State Partnership Marketplaces were due February 15, 2013. Declaration letters and other correspondence from States related to their Marketplaces can be found here.

As of January 2014, there are 19 State-based Marketplaces, which includes two Small Business Health Options (SHOP) Marketplaces in Mississippi and Utah that offer coverage for small business owners and their employees.  Additionally, there are seven State Partnership Marketplaces.

For further information, please contact the state directly. The applicable websites are indicated where available.

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Updated: November 3, 2014

Conditionally Approved State Marketplaces:




District of Columbia







Mississippi (SHOP)


New Mexico

New York

Oregon (Cover Oregon)

Rhode Island

Utah (Avenue H—SHOP)


Washington (Washington Health Plan Finder)

Conditionally Approved State Partnership Marketplaces:






New Hampshire

West Virginia