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Coding Analysis for Labs (CAL) Tracking Sheet for Blood Counts (Revision of CPT Codes) (CAG-00182N)

The American Medical Association’s Editorial Panel approved new CPT hematology codes for blood counts effective January 1, 2003. The coding changes include changes to the description of several codes that are already included in the blood count national coverage determination (NCD), deletion of six codes in the NCD (85021, 85022, 85023, 85024, 85590 and 85595) and the addition of three new codes (85004, 85032, and 85049). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) will evaluate whether or not to add these new codes to the blood count NCD.

Diagnostic Laboratory Tests
Requestor Name(s)Internally Generated
Formal Request Accepted and Review Initiated01/28/2003
Expected NCA Completion Date04/28/2003
Public Comment Period02/28/2003 - 03/28/2003
Decision Memo Released03/21/2003
Lead Analyst(s)
  • Jackie Sheridan-Moore

January 28, 2003

Formal request accepted by CMS.

March 21, 2003

CMS posts the decision memorandum announcing its intent to add the new CPT codes

June 6, 2003

CMS issues instructions implementing this NCD change.