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National Coverage Determination (NCD) for Electroencephalographic MONITORING During Surgical Procedures Involving the Cerebral Vasculature (160.8)

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Diagnostic Tests (other)
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Indications and Limitations of Coverage

CIM 35-57

Electroencephalographic (EEG) MONITORING is a safe and reliable technique for the assessment of gross cerebral blood flow during general anesthesia and is covered under Medicare. Very characteristic changes in the EEG occur when cerebral perfusion is inadequate for ce rebral function. EEG MONITORING as an indirect measure of cerebral perfusion requires the expertise of an electroencephalographer, a neurologist trained in EEG, or an advanced EEG technician for its proper interpretation.

The EEG MONITORING may be covered routinely in carotid endarterectomies and in other neurological procedures where cerebral perfusion could be reduced. Such other procedures might include aneurysm surgery where hypotensive anesthesia is used or other cerebral vascular procedures where cerebral blood flow may be interrupted.

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Revision History

03/2006 - Effective/Implementation Date: 06/19/2006. (TN 48) (CR4278)