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Articles for Palmetto GBA (11202, MAC - Part B)

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Article ID#   
Article Title
Effective Date
Revision Effective Date
Article End Date
Last Updated On
A53023 ArgusM II Retinal Prosthesis System 02/20/2014 N/A N/A 03/27/2014
A51601 Bladder Tumor Marker FISH Billing and Coding Guidelines Update 09/01/2011 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A51600 Bone Mass Measurement Billing Guidelines 02/01/2012 06/05/2013 N/A 06/05/2013
A52100 Complex Cataract Surgery: Appropriate Use and Documentation 01/14/2013 04/03/2014 N/A 03/27/2014
A51617 Endometrial Hyperplasia Treatment 02/01/2012 N/A N/A 03/27/2014
A52672 Implantable Infusion Pump Coding & Billing Guidelines 12/27/2013 N/A N/A 12/16/2013
A52817 LCD Controlled Substance Monitoring and Drugs of Abuse Coding and Billing Guidelines 04/09/2014 N/A N/A 02/14/2014
A51281 LCD Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation CPT Code 0249T Article 07/19/2011 03/13/2014 N/A 03/03/2014
A52541 MolDX: Afirma™ Assay by Veracyte Update 01/01/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52542 MolDX: AlloMap Billing and Coding Guidelines Update 02/28/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52543 MolDX: Avise PG Assay Billing/Coding Update 04/25/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52544 MolDX: bioTheranostics Cancer TYPE ID® Update 07/25/2011 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52217 MolDX: CellSearch™ Billing/Coding Guidelines Update 06/14/2013 01/06/2014 04/20/2014 01/17/2014
A51965 MolDX: cobas® 4800 BRAF V600 Test Billing/Coding Guidelines 09/07/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52546 MolDX: cobas® EGFR Mutation Test Coding and Billing Guidelines 05/14/2013 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A51927 MolDX: Corus® CAD Test Coding and Billing Guidelines 08/08/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52551 MolDX: HERmark® Assay by Monogram Update 04/19/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52557 MolDX: MammaPrint Billing and Coding Guidelines Update 11/16/2009 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A51726 MolDX: Oncotype DX® Breast Cancer Assay Billing and Coding Guidelines 03/20/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A51724 MolDX: Oncotype DX® Colon Cancer Assay Update 03/20/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A51964 MolDX: Progensa® PCA3 Assay Coverage Update 09/11/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A53091 MolDx: ResponseDX Tissue of Origin® Test 04/04/2014 N/A N/A 04/04/2014
A52558 MolDX: therascreen® EGFR RGQ PCR Kit Coding and Billing Guidelines 07/12/2013 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52559 MolDX: therascreen® KRAS PCR Kit Billing/Coding Guidelines 04/30/2013 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
A52567 MolDX: Vectra™ DA Coding and Billing Guidelines 06/30/2012 04/04/2014 N/A 04/04/2014
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