Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Richard Gilfillan, Director

Sean Cavanaugh, Acting Deputy Director

Thomas Reilly, Acting Deputy Director

Dennis Wagner, Co-Director & Associate Director

Patient Care Models Group-Valinda Rutledge, Director

Seamless Care Models Group -Richard Baron, M.D., Director

Community Improvement Care Models Group -Vacant, Director

Rapid Cycle Evaluation Group -William Shrank, M.D., Director
Division of Research of Health Plans and Drugs - Noemi Rudolph, Director
Division of Research on Traditional Medicare -Curt Mueller, Director
Division of Research on State and Special Populations -William Clark, Director

Stakeholder Engagement Group -Mandy Cohen, M.D., Director

Learning & Diffusion Group -Vacant, Director

Business Services Group-Vacant, Director
Division of Executive Operations - Vacant, Director
Division of Innovation Program Management - Anita Griner, Director
Division of Budget and Contracting -Douglas Nock, Director
Division of Implementation and Operations - Loretta Schickner, Director

Medicare Demonstrations Group -Linda Magno, Director
Division of Delivery Systems Demonstrations - Vacant, Director
Division of Payment Policy Demonstrations- Cynthia Mason, Director
Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Demonstrations -Lynn Riley, Director

Policy & Programs Group -Vacant, Director

Functional Statement

  • Identifies, validates and disseminates information about new care models and payment approaches to serve Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries seeking to enhance the quality of health and health care and reducing cost through improvement.
  • Consults with representatives of relevant Federal agencies, and clinical and analytical experts with expertise in medicine and health care management, including providers, payers, states, businesses, and community agencies, to develop new and effective models of care.
  • Creates and tests new models in clinical care, integrated care and community health, and disseminates information on these models through CMS, HHS, states, local organizations, and industry channels.
  • Performs rapid cycle evaluation of innovation and demonstration activities to determine effectiveness and feasibility for broader dissemination, scale, and sustainability.
  • Works closely with other CMS components and regional offices to study health care industry trends and data for the purposes of designing, implementing, and evaluating innovative payment and service delivery models, and to disseminate information about effective models. 
  • Creates and tests innovative payment and service delivery models, building collaborative learning networks to facilitate the collection and analysis of innovation, as well as the implementation of effective practices, and developing necessary technology to support this activity. 
  • Creates and tests innovative payment and service delivery models, developing fellows with expertise in innovation, demonstration and diffusion to help support the introduction of effective practices across the nation.
  • Carries out core business functions (e.g., budget, facilities, HR, communications).