Office of Acquisition and Grants Management

Melissa Starinsky, Director

Derrick Heard, Deputy Director

Acquisition and Grants Group

Jason Vollmer, Director
Division of Grants Management - Mary Beth Greene, Director; Michelle Brown, Deputy Director
Division of Support Contracts - Carol Sevel, Director
Division of Beneficiary Support Contracts - Debra Hoffman, Director

Acquisition Support Group

Craig Gillespie, Director
Division of Quality Contracts - Phyllis Lewis, Director
Division of Program Integrity and Financial Management Contracts - Debra Stidham; Director
Division of Quality Contracts Support - Jaime Galvez, Director

Information Technology Contracts Group

Lyandra Emmanuel, Director
Division of Information Systems Contracts - Andrew Mummert, Director
Division of Data Center Contracts - Benjamin Simcock, Director
Division of Medicare and Medicaid IT Support Contracts - Aaron Blackshire, Director

Medicare Support Contracts Group

Juanita Wilson, Director
Division of Fee-for-Service Contracts - Edward Farmer, Director
Division of Medicare Program Contracts - Rico Batte; Director
Division of Medicare and Marketplace Contracts - Mark Smolenski, Director

Customer Relations Group

Paul Gregory, Director
Division of Data, Systems and Certifications - David Price, Director
Division of Financial Services - Nathaniel Dean, Acting Director
Division of Policy and Operational Support - Kimberly Tatum, Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the Agency's Head of the Contracting Activity. Plans, organizes, coordinates and manages the activities required to maintain an agency-wide acquisition program.
  • Serves as the Agency's Chief Grants Management Official, with responsibility for all CMS discretionary grants.
  • Ensures the effective management of the Agency's acquisition and grant resources.
  • Serves as the lead for developing and overseeing the Agency's acquisition planning efforts.
  • Develops policy and procedures for use by acquisition staff and internal CMS staff necessary to maintain efficient and effective acquisition and grant programs.
  • Advises and assists the Administrator, senior staff, and Agency components on acquisition and grant related issues.
  • Plans, develops, and interprets comprehensive policies, procedures, regulations, and directives for CMS acquisition functions.
  • Represents CMS at departmental acquisition and grant forums and functions, such as the Executive Council on Acquisition and the Executive Council for Grants Administration Policy.
  • Serves as the CMS contact point with HHS and other Federal agencies relative to grant and cooperative agreement policy matters.
  • Coordinates and/or conducts training for contracts and grant personnel, as well as project officers in CMS components.
  • Develops agency-specific procurement guidelines for the utilization of small and disadvantaged business concerns in achieving an equitable percentage of CMS' contracting requirements.
  • Provides cost/price analyses and evaluations required for the review, negotiation, award, administration, and closeout of grants and contracts. Provides support for field audit capability during the pre-award and closeout phases of contract and grant activities.
  • Develops and maintains the OAGM automated procurement management system. Manages procurement information activities (i.e., collecting, reporting, and analyzing procurement data).
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