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Office of Communications

Tom Corry, Director

Mary Wallace, Deputy Director

Karen Aldana, Deputy Director

Business Operations Staff

Shawn Bennett, Director

Integrated Communications Management Staff

Julie Franklin, Director

Media Relations Group

Johnathan Monroe, Director; Kelly Ceballos, Deputy Director

Strategic Marketing Group

Chris Koepke, Director; Laura Solerno, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Campaign Management - Seth Edlavitch, Acting Director
Division of Research - Clarese Astrin, Director
Division of Digital Marketing - Mark Krawczyk, Director

Creative Services Group

Erin Pressley, Director; Amy Miner, Deputy Director
Division of Content Development - Letitia English, Director
Division of Product Planning and Distribution - John Parry, Director
Division of Multimedia Services - Laura Billett, Director
Division of Training - Susan Razik, Directo

Web and New Media Group

Jon Booth, Director; Rachael Horvath, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Website Operations - Robert Amos, Director
Division of Website Strategy - Nathaniel Mudd, Director

Call Center Operations Group

Frances Harmatuk, Director; Naomi Johnson, Deputy Director
Division of Training, Quality and Content - Mark Broccolino, Director
Division of Call Center Operations - Lindsay Ambush, Director
Division of Call Center Systems - Stacey Baughman, Director

Partner Relations Group

Susie Butler, Director; Lynne Johnson, Deputy Director
Division of Partner Relations - Susie Butler, Acting Director
Division of Partner Forums - Lynne Johnson, Acting Director
Division of Professional Affairs - Stefanie Costello, Director

Function Statement

• Serves as CMS' focal point for internal and external strategic and tactical communications providing leadership for CMS in the areas of customer service; website operations; traditional and new media including web initiatives such as social media supported by innovative, increasingly mobile technologies; media relations; call center operations, consumer materials; public information campaigns; and, and, public engagement.

• Serves as senior advisor to the Administrator in all activities related to the media. Provides consultation, advice, and training to CMS' senior staff with respect to relations with the news media.

• Coordinates with external partners including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the White House on key communication and public engagement initiatives, leveraging CMS resources to strategically support these activities.

• Contributes to the formulation of policies, programs, and systems as related to strategic and tactical communications.

• Coordinates with the Office of Legislation on the development and advancement of new legislative initiatives and improvements.

• Oversees communications research, design and development, evaluation and continuous improvement activities for improving internal and external communication tools, including but not limited to brochures, public information campaigns, handbooks, websites, reports, presentations/briefings.

• Identifies communication best practices for the benefit of CMS beneficiaries (i.e., of the Medicare and Medicaid programs) and other CMS customers.

• Formulates and implements a customer service plan that serves as a roadmap for the effective treatment and advocacy of customers and the quality of information provided to them.  
• Oversees beneficiary and consumer call centers and provides leadership for CMS in the area of call center operations.

• Oversees all CMS interactions and collaborations with key stakeholders (external advocacy groups, contractors, local and State governments, HHS, the White House, other CMS components, and other Federal entities) related to the Medicare and Medicaid and other Agency programs.

• Coordinates stakeholder relations, community outreach, and public engagement with the CMS Regional Offices.