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Office of Financial Management

Megan Worstell Acting Director and CMS Chief Financial Officer
Diane Kovach, Acting Deputy Director

Business Operations Staff

Janet Tierney, Director

Budget and Analysis Group

Jennifer Carter, Director; Julie Botterill, Deputy Director
Division of Program Budget - Nicholas Grice, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Budget Formulation and Presentation - Robert Storey, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Administrative Budget and Execution - Chris Currence, Director; Torian Henderson, Deputy Director

Accounting Management Group

Maria Montilla, Director and Deputy Chief Financial Officer; Shellae Louden, Deputy Director
Division of Accounting Operations - Janet Loftus, Director; Raliana Vendrell-Stover, Deputy Director
Division of Accounting Systems - Kurt Pleines, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Financial Reporting and Policy - Lataysheia Lance, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Financial Oversight and Internal Controls - Floyd Epps, Director; Tawanda Holmes, Deputy Director
Division of Premium Billing and Collections - Bernita James, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Travel Policy and Operations - Suzanne Milihram, Director; Billie Jo Brown, Deputy Director

Financial Services Group

Sherri McQueen, Director
Tracy Richardson, Deputy Director
Division of Financial Services and Debt Management - Scott Beam, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Provider Audit Operations - Vacant, Director; Benjamin Moll, Deputy Director
Division of Medicare Debt Resolution - Suzanne Mattes, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of MSP Program Operations - Steve Forry, Director; Jackie Cipa, Deputy Director
Division of Capitated Plan Audits - Frank Chartier, Director; Lauren Cannon, Deputy Director

Financial Management Systems Group

Chris Martin, Director
Mary Carole Stiffler, Deputy Director
Division of Program and Support Systems - Cynthia Kulow, Acting Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Financial Applications Systems - Bernice Pendley, Director; Greg Schwienteck, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Program and Data Management - Ed Klein, Acting Director; Lauren Bohrer, Deputy Director
Division of Technical Operations - Amit Sharma, Director; Diane Matter, Deputy Director
Division of Information Systems Security - Conrad Bovell, Director

Payment Accuracy and Reporting Group

Chrissy Fowler – Director
Jill Garver, Acting Deputy Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for providing implementation services and operational support for CMS component-specific information technology (IT) needs and enterprise-wide services.
  • Serves as the lead and system integrator for enterprise-wide and component-specific software development efforts to ensure that the functions of Medicare, Medicaid, and Marketplace are carried out.
  • Serves as the lead for developing and enforcing CMS' information architecture, policies, standards, and practices in all areas of IT.
  • Provides IT hosting, managing and oversight of the operations, enhancement, and delivery of services for the IT infrastructure, including enterprise network communications.
  • Provides IT support and services through execution of IT contracts and the oversight of IT contract vehicles that may be utilized by CMS and other Federal Agencies.
  • Manages and oversees the operations and delivery of essential IT services for the Agency's End user Computing Environment, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, Email, office administration network/infrastructure and Help Desk Services.
  • Directs and manages the engineering, development, implementation, and operations of new and existing Enterprise Shared Services.
  • Develops and maintains enterprise-wide central databases, data warehouses, statistical files, and general data extracts and access paths, ensuring the quality of information maintained in these data sources.
  • Provides ongoing systems maintenance and support to Medicare Fee-For-Service Claims Processing, Medicare Advantage and Part D, Beneficiary and Entitlement, and Health IT Economic and Clinical Health Act Systems.
  • Directs and advises on the requirements, policies, and administration of the Privacy Act.  Provides data and information to the public, within the parameters imposed by the Privacy Act.
  • Provides oversight, information security risk management, and monitoring of CMS information and information systems including those provided or managed by another Agency, contractor, or other source.
  • Develops, implements, and disseminates agency wide information privacy and security policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Manages IT Governance processes using best practices in IT Investment Management strategies and execution.
  • Leads the coordination, development, implementation and maintenance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act electronic data interchange health care information standards in the health care industry.
  • Provides liaison on IT operational issues between CMS components, the DHHS, other Federal Agencies with direct business operation and technical interfaces.