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Office of Information Services

Janet Vogel, Director 

Terris King, Deputy Director

Henry Chao, Deputy Director 

George Linares, CMS Chief Technology Officer

Enterprise Data Group

Mark Hogle, Director
Division of Data Strategy & Program Management - Julia Fultz, Director
Division of  Data Enterprise Services - George Manaras, Director
Division of Enterprise Information Management Services - Jennifer Mooney, Director
Division of Data Operations and Maintenance - Karen Allen, Director

Business Applications Management Group

John Evangelist, Director
Division of Shared Systems Development Testing and Operations - Regina Shock, Director
Division of Security & Mid Tier Applications Requirements & Testing -Scott Mueller , Director
Division of Transactions, Applications & Standards - Michelle Hunter, Director
Division of HITECH Operations - Craig Mooney, Director

Innovative Healthcare Delivery Systems Group

Cathy Carter, Director
Division of Medicare Enrollment and Payment Systems - Mary Sincavage, Director
Division of Innovation and Shared Services Support - Carla Jones, Director
Division of Healthcare Operations and Customer Support - Gem Nenninger, Acting Director
Division of Healthcare Information Systems - Marc Richardson, Director

Enterprise Data Center Group

Cory Stevenson, Director
Division of EDC Program Management - Letitia Royal, Director
Division of Customer Liaison & Support Services -Sherwin Schulterbrandt, Director
Division of Operations Management - Dennis Skinner, Director
Division of Production Integration & Management - Gordon Mundy, Director
Division of Enterprise Network Communications - Tim Walsh, Director

Enterprise Architecture and Strategy Group 

Rosanne Hodge, Acting Director
Division of Enterprise Architecture - Brian Coll, Director
Division of IT Investment Management - Ronald Topper, Director
Division of IT Governance - Mike Azar, Director

Resource and Acquisition Management Group

Carolyn Robinson, Director
Division of Executive Support - Tiffany Patterson, Director
Division of Contracts and Procurement - Angela Hitchcock, Director

Consumer Information and Insurance Systems Group

Karen Shields, Director
Division of Health Insurance Marketplace- Rebecca Fender, Acting Director
Division of State Marketplace and Data Services - Richard Ott, Acting Director
Division of Project Management and Governance - Daniel Miller, Director

Enterprise Information Security Group

Teresa Fryer, Director
Division of Information Security Policy and Compliance - David Alexander, Acting Director
Division of Information Security Operations -  Mark Elky, Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the focal point for the responsibilities of CMS' Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer in planning, organizing, and coordinating the activities required to maintain a CMS-wide Information Resources Management (IRM) program.
  • Ensures the effective management of CMS' information technology, and information systems and resources (e.g., implementation and administration of a change management process).
  • Provides workstation, server, and local area network support for CMS-wide activities. Works with customer components to develop requirements, needs and cost benefit analysis in support of the LAN infrastructure including hardware, software and office automation services.
  • Serves as the lead for developing and enforcing CMS' information architecture, policies, standards, and practices in all areas of information technology.
  • Develops and maintains enterprise-wide central databases, statistical files, and general access paths, ensuring the quality of information maintained in these data sources.
  • Directs Medicare claims payment systems activities, including CWF operation, as well as systems conversion activities.
  • Develops ADP standards and policies for use by internal CMS staff and contractor agents in such areas as applications development and use of the infrastructure resources.
  • Manages and directs the operation of CMS hardware infrastructure, including CMS' Data Center, data communications networks, enterprise infrastructure, voice/data switch, audio conferencing and other data centers supporting CMS programs.
  • Leads the coordination, development, implementation and maintenance of health care information standards in the health care industry.
  • Provides Medicare and Medicaid information to the public, within the parameters imposed by the Privacy Act.
  • Performs information collection analyses as necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Paperwork Reduction Act.
  • Directs CMS' ADP systems security program with respect to data, hardware, and software.
  • Directs and advises the Administrator, senior staff, and components on the requirements, policies, and administration of the Privacy Act.