Office of Information Technology

Rajiv Uppal, Director and CMS Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Mark Hogle, Acting Deputy Director

George Hoffmann, Deputy Director & Deputy CIO

George Linares, CMS Chief Technology Officer

New Technology Strategy Staff

Vacant, Director
Vacant, Deputy Director

Human Capital and Business Management Staff

Tiffany Patterson, Director
Wendy Wells, Deputy Director

Enterprise Architecture and Data Group

Nydia Peel, Acting Director
Jennifer Mooney, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Data Strategy - Julia Fultz, Director; Lisa Beylis, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Data Enterprise Services - Yousef Shahegh, Director; Paul Benning, Deputy Director
Division of Enterprise Information Management Services - Murari Selvakesavan, Acting Director; James Brogan, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Data Operations and Maintenance - Karen Allen, Director; Edward Belle, Deputy Director
Division of Enterprise Architecture - Mike Azar, Acting Director; Julie Mason, Acting Deputy Director

Applications Management Group

John Evangelist, Director
Susan Frank, Deputy Director
Division of Shared Systems Management - Jim Bossenmeyer, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Mid Tier Applications Management - Craig Mooney , Director; Regina Shock, Deputy Director
Division of Health Value Systems - Michelle Hunter, Director; Shannon Williams, Deputy Director
Division of Transactions, Applications and Standards - Michelle Hunter, Acting Director

Enterprise Systems Solutions Group

Cathy Carter, Director
Carole Gass, Deputy Director
Division of Medicare Systems Support - Bruce Tarantino, Director; Joseph Jankoviak, Deputy Director
Division of Applicatiions Development and Support - Robert Burger, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Enterprise Services - Shauntia Bell, Director; Craig Brewer, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Identity Management Enterprise Systems - Kristen Bruscha, Acting Director; Jeffery Cernik, Acting Deputy Director

Infrastructure and User Services Group

Mark Oh, Director
Doug Margush, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Technology Management Services – Nichole Poist, Director; Kimberly Watson, Deputy Director
Division of Customer Liaison and Support Services - Sherwin Schulterbrandt, Director; Tanisha Williams, Deputy Director
Division of Operations Management - Philip Harrington, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Production Integration and Management - Vacant, Director; Melanie Butler, Deputy Director
Division of Enterprise Network Communications - Timothy Walsh, Director

IT Capital Planning Group

Rosanne Hodge, Director
Todd Lawson, Deputy Director
Division of Budget Operations - Elena Kozlowski, Director
Division of Vendor Strategy and Management - Aaron Pleines, Director; Michael Crow, Deputy Director
Division of Investment Oversight and Governance - Antoinette Johnson, Director; Ann Turner, Deputy Director
Division of IT Investment Management and Policy - Brian Jennings, Director; Lori Mudd, Deputy Director

Information Security and Privacy Group

George Hoffmann, Acting Director
Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Security, Privacy Policy and Oversight - Michael Pagels, Director
Division of Security and Privacy Compliance - Ellen Ambrosini, Director; Teresa Proctor, Deputy Director
Division of Cyber Threat and Security Operations - Thomas Schankweller, Director; Frank Domizio, Deputy Director

Program Management and National Standards Group

Cora Tracy, Director
Scott Shippy, Deputy Director
Division of Program Management - Monica Kay, Director; Keri Rantin, Deputy Director
Division of National Standards - Madhusudhan Annadata, Director; C. R. Gerhardt, Deputy Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the CMS Chief Information Officer and is responsible for providing implementation services and operational support for CMS component-specific information technology (IT) needs and enterprise-wide services.
  • Serves as the lead and system integrator for enterprise-wide and component-specific software development efforts to ensure that the functions of Medicare, Medicaid, and Marketplace are carried out.
  • Serves as the lead for developing and enforcing CMS' information architecture, policies, standards, and practices in all areas of IT.
  • Provides IT hosting, managing and oversight of the operations, enhancement, and delivery of services for the IT infrastructure, including enterprise network communications.
  • Provides IT support services through execution of IT contracts and the oversight of IT contract vehicles that may be utilized by CMS and other Federal Agencies.
  • Manages and oversees the operations and delivery of essential IT services for the Agency's End User Computing Environment, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, Email, office administration network/infrastructure and Help Desk Services.
  • Directs and manages the engineering, development, implementation, and operations of new and existing Enterprise Shared Services.
  • Develops and maintains enterprise-wide central databases, data warehouses, statistical files, and general data extracts and access paths, ensuring the quality of information maintained in these data sources.
  • Provides ongoing systems maintenance and support to Medicare Fee-For-Services Claims Processing, Medicare Advantage and Part D, Beneficiary and Entitlement, and Health IT Economic and Clinical Health Act Systems.
  • Directs and advises CMS on the requirements, policies, and administration of the Privacy Act.  Provides data and information to the public, within the parameters imposed by the Privacy Act.
  • Provides oversight, information security risk management, and monitoring of CMS information and information systems including those provided or managed by another Agency, contractor, or other source.
  • Develops, implements, and disseminates agency wide information privacy and security policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Manages the CMS IT budget formulation and execution, including operating plans, acquisition strategies and plans, budget call letters, and other IT budget-related strategies, requests and justifications.
  • Manages IT Governance processes using best practices in IT Investment Management strategies and execution.
  • Leads the coordination, development, implementation and maintenance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act electronic data interchange health care information standards in the health care industry.
  • Provides liaison on IT operational issues between CMS components, the DHHS, other Federal Agencies with direct business operation and technical interfaces.
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