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Office of Operations Management

James Weber, Director

Susan Cuerdon, Deputy Director

Administrative Services Group

Anona Eckenrode, Director
Division of Printing, Mail and Logistics - Tina Grimm, Director
Division of Communications and Conference Management - Barbara Hutchinson, Director
Division of Facilities and Space Management - Jodi Gram, Director
Division of Safety, Wellness and Transportation -Andrea Jenkins, Director
Division of Critical Infrastructure Protection - John Rudolph, Director

Human Capital Management Group

Angela Porter, Director
Division of Strategic Recruitment and Workforce Systems - Regina Fletcher, Director
Division of Talent Development - Lonni Giroux, Director
Division of Pay and Benefits - Anthony Baker, Director
Division of Quality and Compliance - Ophelia Ann Williams, Director
Division of Client Operations A - Melissa Fraczkowski, Director
Division of Client Operations B - TaRhonda Harrison, Director

Management Operations Group

Ialene Proctor, Director
Ethics Management Office - Joe Dion, Director
Division of Performance and Organizational Programs -Elizabeth Mack, Director
Division of Administrative Systems Management - Steve Collins, Director
Division of Personnel Security Services - Tina McGowan, Director

Business Operations and Professional Services Group

Monica Harris, Director
Division of Workforce Compliance -  Wynethea Walker, Acting Director
Division of Administrative Services - Sean Maccarroll, Director

Functional Statement

  • Prepares and presents recommendations to the Administrator, Principal Deputy Administrator and Chief Operating Officer and other high-level CMS and Department officials on planning, leadership, implementation and policy issues concerning modifications to existing and proposed operating policies that will improve the administration and operations of programs and CMS as a whole.
  • Administers CMS' human resource management programs and policies in the areas of talent acquisition, talent management and development, compensation, benefits, employee and labor relations, employee recognition and performance management, workplace flexibilities, and leave.
  • Manages and directs CMS' ethics and management programs; develops and implements CMS' policies, rules and procedures related to providing policy direction, coordination and support for administrative services including facilities and space management, printing and distribution services, large conference facilities management, mail services, parking, reprographics, digital signage, Public Address announcements, property and fleet management, real property management, health, safety and wellness, security, Customer Services Inquiries software tool, and the centralized facilities customer service desk.
  • Provides administrative support functions for the Commissioned Corps.
  • Develops and maintains administrative systems that support Agency-wide operational and administrative business processes.
  • Manages and directs organizational programs related to Agency-wide delegations of authority, position management, changes to organizational structure, including providing policy direction, coordination and support to CMS leadership and managers.
  • Provides staff support to the Provider Reimbursement Review Board and the Medicare Geographic Review Board.
  • Conducts Medicare and Medicaid Hearings and issues administrative decisions pursuant to the CMS Hearing Officer/Reviewing Official authorities.
  • Coordinates and leads CMS Executive Officer's meetings to provide CMS Central Office and Regional Offices with operating policies associated with the administration and operations of CMS.
  • Provides oversight of collective bargaining agreements and provision of advisory services to CMS managers. Conducts negotiations on behalf of management and/or advises management on the conduct of labor-management negotiations. Coordinates and develops CMS-wide policy regarding the development, implementation, and evaluation of labor relations' activities.
  • Provides managers and senior Agency officials in accordance with Federal Service Labor-Management Relations statue(s), government regulations, and Master Labor Agreement with advice and assistance on activities associated with labor and employee relations, including but not limited to bargaining unit status determinations, unfair labor practices, negotiability issues, workplace changes affecting bargaining unit employees, grievances, and disciplinary and adverse action case work associated with labor and employee relations activities.
  • Collaborates with Senior Executive Service (SES) managers to develop performance plans with measurable outcomes that support Department goals and CMS priorities. Provides guidance to SES managers as needed and ensures that all departmental performance plan requirements are met.