Office of Support Services and Operations

James Weber, Director

Elizabeth (Liz) Mack, Deputy Director

Administrative Services Group

Ialene Proctor, Director
Shellae Louden, Deputy Director
Division of Printing, Mail and Logistics - Tina Grimm, Director; Richard Williams, Deputy Director
Division of Communications and Conference Management - Denita Massenburg, Director
Division of Safety, Wellness and Transportation - Jim Welkos, Director

Security Management Group

David Kelly, Acting Director
David Kelly, Deputy Director
Division of Physical Security Operations - Donell Jones, Director
Division of Personnel Security - James Slawson, Director; Donnell Jones, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Credentialing Operatins - Melinda Kurtz, Director; Shanna Brown, Deputy Director
Division of Strategic Information - John Rudolph, Director

Business Operations and Management Services Group

Sean Maccarroll, Director
Division of Business Operations - Shannon Whetzel, Director
Division of Administrative Systems Management - Steve Collins, Director; John Murgolo, Deputy Director

Functional Statement

  • Directs and administers CMS protective services and programs. Provides direction for essential on-site services for Central Office (CO) and consultation and direction to Regional Office (RO) components with respect to these programs.
  • Provides security policies and procedures for personnel security services Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card enrollment, identity proofing, electronic fingerprinting, PIV card issuance and physical access control systems for CMS CO/RO employees and contractors and DHHS components housed in CMS space.
  • Administers the CMS Counter Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Program developing partnerships with other government as well as non-government entities to produce actionable intelligence to identify counter intelligence vulnerabilities within CMS.
  • Formulates, reconciles, monitors, tracks, executes and determines the administrative impact of budgetary changes in the areas of communications, fleet management, occupational safety and health, printing, mail management, and forms in support of the Agency's Facilities Common Expense budget.
  • Oversees CMS' printing and distribution services, large conference facilities management, mail services, parking, reprographics, digital signage, Public Address announcements, fleet management, and related administrative support services.
  • Coordinates and administers the Agency's health, safety and wellness program.
  • Manages the shuttle services between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC, and among CMS Headquarters and outlying locations in Baltimore, MD.
  • Designs, develops, implements, evaluates and enhances the administrative, management, and personnel management systems of CMS.
  • Provides system analysis and software support and continuous improvement of systems in conformance with legislative requirements, department directives, and CMS policy and procedure changes. Ensures systems interfaces effectively with CMS and departmental feeder systems.
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