Consortium for Financial Management and Fee for Service Operations

Gregory Dill, Acting Consortium Administrator, 816-426-5233

Jerry Andersen, Associate Regional Administrator, Audit Management Division, 816-426-6518
John Hannigan, Acting Deputy Consortium Administrator for Denver, 303-844-7055
Gregory Dill, Deputy Consortium Administrator for San Francisco, 415-744-3501
Diane Moll, Deputy Regional Administrator, Denver, 303-844-2111
Diane Moll, Acting Deputy Regional Administrator, Kansas City, 816-426-5233
Catherine Kortzeborn, Deputy Regional Administrator, San Francisco, 415-744-3501

Stephen Mills, Associate Regional Administrator, Boston Division of FMFFSO, 617-565-1281
Victoria Abril, Associate Regional Administrator, New York Division of FMFFSO, 212-616-2505
Martie Ann Polaski, Acting Associate Regional Administrator, Philadelphia Division of FMFFSO, 215-861-4140
Kristen Dixon Pennamon, Associate Regional Administrator, Atlanta Division of FMFFSO, 404-562-7368
Jorge Nevarez, Associate Regional Administrator, Chicago Division of FMFFSO, 312-866-2749
Charna Pettaway, Associate Regional Administrator, Dallas Division of FMFFSO, 214-767-6441
Neil Thowe, Acting Associate Regional Administrator, Kansas City/Denver Division of FMFFSO, 816-426-6527
Lorelei Piantedosi, Associate Regional Administrator, San Francisco Division of FMFFSO, 415-744-3642
Brian Flett, Associate Regional Administrator, Seattle Division of FMFFSO, 206-615-2399

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the Field focal point for all interactions with the Office of Financial Management, Chief Operating Officer and assists in its overall responsibility for the fiscal integrity of all Agency programs.
  • Implements all benefit integrity policy and operations in coordination with other CMS components in the field. Assists in the management of the Medicare program integrity contractors.
  • Performs the field's activities regarding Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP).
  • Implements all civil money penalty policies in all programs.
  • Oversees and coordinates the field's preparation of certification statements for Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) and the Government and Performance Results Act.
  • Serves as the Field focal point for all CMS interactions between health care providers and Fee for Service (FFS) contractors for issues relating to Part A and Part B FFS policies and operations.
  • Coordinates provider and physician centered Part A and Part B FFS information, education, and service initiatives in the field.
  • Responds to inquiries regarding Part A and Part B coverage and payment policies.
  • Provides the Center for Medicare comments on FFS current/proposed legislation in order to determine impact on providers.
  • Performs activities related to the Medicare Part A and Part B processes (42 CFR Part 405, Subparts G and H), Part C (42 CFR Part 422, Subpart M), Part D (42 CFR Part 423, Subpart M) and the Programs of the All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly program for claims-related hearings, appeals, grievances and other dispute resolution processes that are beneficiary-centered.
  • Implements national policy for Medicare Parts A and B beneficiary eligibility, enrollment, entitlement; premium billing and collection; coordination of benefits; rights and protections; dispute resolution process to assure the effective administration of the Medicare program.
  • Serves as the Consortium focal point for emergency preparedness for the field.
  • Provides oversight in the areas of human resource procurement and logistics.
  • Ensures the effective management of CMS' information technology, and information systems and resources in the field.
  • Implements the privacy and confidentiality policies pertaining to the collection, use, and release of individually identifiable data.
  • Proactively establishes, manages, and fosters partnerships within the Region with State and local governments, providers and provider associations, beneficiaries and their representatives, and the media that are focused on CMS' goals and objectives.
  • Serves as the primary point of contact to appropriate members of Congress, State Governors, Federal, State, and local officials and tribal governments on matters concerning the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
  • Oversees the coordination and integration of CMS activities with other Federal, State, local, and private health care agencies and organizations.
  • Counsels, advises, and collaborates with top CMS officials on policy matters and major considerations in developing, implementing, and coordinating CMS' programs as they interrelate in addressing national and Regional strategies.
  • Advises the Office of the Administrator on special problems as they relate to national initiatives and programs and as they impact major constituents or their key representatives.
  • Promotes accountability, communication, coordination and facilitation of cooperative corporate decision-making among CMS top senior staff on management, operational and programmatic issues cross-cutting organizational components with diverse functions and activities.
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