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Consortium for Medicaid and Children's Health Operations

Jackie Garner, Consortium Administrator, 312-886-6432
Jackie Glaze, Acting Associate Consortium Administrator, 312-353-3653
Hye Sun Lee, Director, Special Initiative Division (SID), 312-886-6432

John Hammarlund, Deputy Consortium Administrator for Chicago and Seattle, 206-615-2468
Hye Sun Lee, Acting Deputy Regional Administrator for Chicago, 312-886-6432
Darryl Means, Deputy Regional Administrator for Seattle, 206-615-2042
Richard McGreal, Associate Regional Administrator, Boston, DMCHO, 617-565-1299
Michael Melendez, Associate Regional Administrator for New York, DMCHO, 212-616-2400 
Francis McCullough, Associate Regional Administrator for Philadelphia, DMCHO, 215-861-4157
Shantrina Roberts, Associate Regional Administrator for Atlanta, DMCHO, 404-562-7359
Ruth Hughes, Associate Regional Administrator for Chicago, DMCHO, 312-353-1113
Bill Brooks, Associate Regional Administrator for Dallas, DMCHO, 214-767-6495
James Scott, Associate Regional Administrator for Kansas City, DMCHO, 816-426-5925
Richard Allen, Associate Regional Administrator for Denver, DMCHO, 303-844-0634
Dzung Hoang, Acting Associate Regional Administrator for San Francisco, DMCHO, 415-744-3568
David Meacham, Associate Regional Administrator for Seattle, DMCHO, 206-615-2326

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the Field focal point for all CMS activities relating to Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and all interactions with States and local governments (including the Territories).
  • Implements national Medicaid program and fiscal policies and procedures which support and assure effective State program administration and beneficiary protection. In partnership with States, evaluates the success of State Agencies in carrying out their responsibilities and, as necessary, assists States in correcting problems and improving the quality of their operations.
  • Implements, interprets, and applies specific laws, regulations, and policies that directly govern the financial operation and management of the Medicaid program and the related interactions with States.
  • Reviews, approves and conducts oversight of Medicaid managed care waiver programs. Provides assistance to States and external customers on all Medicaid managed care issues.
  • Implements national policies and procedures on Medicaid automated claims/encounter processing and information retrieval systems such as the Medicaid Management Information System and integrated eligibility determination systems.
  • Directs, coordinates, and monitors program integrity efforts and activities by States.
  • Through administration of the home and community-based services program and policy collaboration with other CMS components and the States, promotes the appropriate choice and continuity of quality services available to frail elderly, disabled and chronically ill beneficiaries.
  • Provides leadership to the Medicaid Integrity Program (MIP). Develops strategies to prevent and earlier detect improper payments, including fraud and abuse by providers and others, from Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Offers support and assistance to the States to combat provider fraud, waste, and abuse. Provides guidance and direction to State Medicaid programs based on the insights gained through MIP’s efforts.
  • Serves as the Consortium focal point for emergency preparedness for the field.
  • Provides oversight in the areas of human resource procurement and logistics.
  • Ensures the effective management of CMS’ information technology, and information systems and resources in the field.
  • Implements the privacy and confidentiality policies pertaining to the collection, use, and release of individually identifiable data.
  • Proactively establishes, manages, and fosters partnerships within the region with State and local governments, providers and provider associations, beneficiaries and their representatives, and the media that are focused on CMS’ goals and objectives.
  • Serves as the primary point of contact to appropriate members of Congress, State Governors, Federal, State, and local officials and tribal governments on matters concerning the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
  • Oversees the coordination and integration of CMS activities with other Federal, State, local, and private health care agencies and organizations.
  • Counsels, advises, and collaborates with top CMS officials on policy matters and major considerations in developing, implementing, and coordinating CMS’ programs as they interrelate in addressing national and regional strategies.
  • Advises the Office of the Administrator on special problems as they relate to national initiatives and programs and as they impact major constituents or their key representatives.
  • Promotes accountability, communication, coordination and facilitation of cooperative corporate decision-making among CMS top senior staff on management, operational and programmatic issues cross-cutting organizational components with diverse functions and activities.