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Severe Storms and Flooding

2011 Red River Flooding:

The Red River flood took place along the Red River of the North in Manitoba Canada, North Dakota, and Minnesota beginning in April of 2011. The flood was due to high moisture levels in the soil from the previous year.

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2009 Minnesota/North Dakota:

In March 2009, the Red River flooded North Dakota and Minnesota and, because it flows northward toward Canada, brought record flood levels to the Fargo-Moorhead area. The flood was a result of saturated and frozen ground, snowmelt exacerbated by additional rain and snow storms, and virtually flat terrain. The river crested on March 28th, and continued to rise to the north as the crest moved downstream.

Public Health Emergency Declaration for North Dakota (PDF 14.27KB) [PDF, 14KB]
Public Health Emergency Declaration for Minnesota (PDF 15KB) [PDF, 14KB]  

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2008 Iowa & Indiana Severe Flooding:

In June 2008, severe flooding events affected portions of the Midwest United States. After months of heavy precipitation, a number of rivers overflowed their banks for several weeks at a time and broke through levees at numerous locations. Flooding continued into July. States affected by the flooding included Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The hardest hit were Iowa and Indiana; for which a Public Health Emergency declaration was enacted.

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