Mapping Medicare Disparities

From Coverage to Care (C2C) is an initiative, developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, to help you understand your health coverage and connect to primary care and the preventive services that are right for you, so you can live a long and healthy life.

We understand health insurance can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at first. However, there are many ways you can make the most of it.


Ways to make the most of your
health coverage

Resources for You and Your Family

C2C has resources and videos available in multiple languages that will help you on your journey from coverage to care.


Get Involved in C2C

There are many ways that you can get involved! Order and share the free C2C resources to support consumers as they navigate their coverage.

Ways to Collaborate
Become a Partner

Your support is vital to help new enrollees and other patients make the most of their coverage and access preventive services to support their health goals. Contact us at to become a collaborator. Getting involved is simple.

Share the Tools

Whether you represent an organization or are an individual community advocate, you can be part of an important effort to improve the health of our nation. We encourage you to share C2C resources in churches, clinics, health systems, and in your community settings.

Order free printed copies and have them shipped for free directly to you. Many materials are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole/Kreyòl, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Tribal, and Vietnamese.

Download, Customize and Share C2C Resources: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Health Coverage—English (PDF, 119KB) (PDF)

This checklist is a quick reference on how to make the most of your health coverage.

A Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You— Customizable PDF (PDF, 628KB)

This file allows you to create your own custom version of the roadmap. It includes fillable fields where you can add information your community might find helpful.

Spread the Word

You can help share C2C information and resources with others in your network:

  • Post a blurb in your newsletter (PDF) about the C2C initiative and its resources.
  • Publish an article on your blog (PDF) about the 5 ways to make the most of your health coverage.
  • Share on social media the C2C resources using the sample Facebook posts, tweets, and graphics, and the hashtag #CoveragetoCare.
  • Use the web badge to direct people to
  • Include direct links on your website to the C2C resources and public service announcements.
  • Create a page on your website dedicated to C2C. Use this page as an example or email us for ideas. Contact to get tools and templates that you can customize for your organization and community.
Add to the Momentum

Plan an event: Here are some event ideas to help your community go from coverage to care. Please distribute this feedback form to help us improve our resources.

  • Work with local hospitals, clinics, and health centers to add a C2C presentation to their roster of community education classes, and to include C2C materials as part of their community health fairs. Consider hosting an Awards Breakfast to recognize patients who have done an exceptional job managing their health coverage.
  • Collaborate with community centers to incorporate a C2C presentation into their current activities or as a special event. Work with the person who coordinates the education classes or group meetings at your local clinic, adult education institution, civic club, or YMCA.
  • Engage your local church or place of worship to share materials and an educational session.
  • Host an educational Web conference featuring C2C resources and products. Develop a session for a meeting or conference and consider using the C2C presentation.
  • Host a workshop to help people understand how to make the most of their health coverage.
  • Hold a “Meet Your Provider” open house. Use C2C materials to talk with patients about how to prepare for their visit and what questions to ask.
  • Send us stories or videos of how your organization uses C2C resources to
C2C Community Presentation

Consider using community presentation materials to help people learn about the C2C initiative and how to make the most their coverage.

For additional C2C resources in multiple languages, visit

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