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Chronic Care Management Services

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The Chronic Care Management Resource
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Connected Care: The Chronic Care Management Resource

Karen L. Smith, MD, FAAFP Spotlight

Watch this short video, in which Karen L. Smith, MD, FAAFP shares her experience offering Chronic Care Management (CCM) services to Medicare patients.

An estimated 117 million adults have one or more chronic health conditions, and one in four adults have two or more chronic health conditions. Through the Connected Care campaign, the CMS Office of Minority Health and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy at the Health Resources & Services Administration will raise awareness of the benefits of CCM for patients with multiple chronic conditions and provide health care professionals with resources to implement CCM.

Three doctors talking to one another

Get tools and resources to help your health care practice implement and successfully bill for CCM.

Two people kayaking

Get information about CCM to make decisions about your health care.

A doctor talking to a group of patients who are smiling

Access Connected Care resources to increase awareness about CCM in your community.