Data Tools

Data Tools

Our user-friendly data tools will help you and your community explore health disparities and help practices and health systems improve their collection of standardized demographic data.

colored map of the United States indicating geographical distribution of Medicare Disparities

Mapping Medicare Disparities Tool

Use our interactive mapping tool to identify health disparities between subgroups of Medicare beneficiaries. The tool presents health-related measures from Medicare claims by sex, age, dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid, race and ethnicity, and state and county.

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Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Clearinghouse

Use our SGM Clearinghouse to find information about national surveys and data systems that collect SGM data, funding announcements, research opportunities, and other handy aids for working with federal data for sexual and gender minority populations.

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Inventory of Resources for Standardized Demographic and Language Data Collection (PDF)

Collecting standardized patient demographic and language data across the health care systems is an important first step towards improving population health. Browse through the resources on standardized data collection, which include standards, reports, guides, toolkits, and articles.

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