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Find resources to help you understand the ins and outs of CMS’ program integrity efforts, and read the annual reports that we submit to Congress about our center and our programs.

Reports to Congress (click to expand/collapse)

Medicare and Medicaid Integrity Programs

Read the annual reports of CMS' efforts, through the Center for Program Integrity, to combat fraud, waste and abuse of the Medicare, Medicaid and Marketplace programs.

Open Payments Program

Read annual overviews of the Open Payments program and payments reported by applicable manufacturers and group purchasing organizations to physicians and teaching hospitals.

Medicaid Program Integrity Reports (click to expand/collapse)

Comprehensive Medicaid Integrity Plan, FY 2014 – FY 2018

Explore the 5-year, comprehensive plan for ensuring the integrity of the Medicaid program by combatting fraud, waste and abuse.

State Program Integrity Review Reports, 2007 – 2019

State program integrity (PI) review reports, and respective follow-up review reports, provide CMS' assessment of the effectiveness of States' Medicaid PI efforts, including compliance with Federal statutory & regulatory requirements.

Other Program Integrity Reports (click to expand/collapse)

Fraud Prevention System Return on Investment, 2015

A one-time high-level summary of the Fraud Prevention System (FPS) savings and return on investment. The FPS helps identify and prevent inappropriate payments.


Connect with CPI as we host or attend various events throughout the year, join the conversation on Twitter around subjects that matter to all of us, or find the most appropriate vehicle to report suspected fraud, waste or abuse.