Reducing Burden

"The entire CMS team is committed to doing our part to make sure caring professionals can do their job without the burden of unneccessary requirements."

- Administrator Seema Verma

You spoke, we listened. Here's how CPI is working to reduce provider burden.

illustration of a stethoscope

1. Spend more time with your patients, not Medicare requirements.

You said
"There are so many documentation requirements, it's keeping me from taking care of my patients."
We Heard You
We are working to reduce paperwork with simplified, streamlined Medicare documentation requirements for claims payments. If you find requirements complicated, repetitive, or unnecessary, submit your suggestions to to help us simplify requirements and let you focus your energy where it belongs - on your patients.

Visit the Simplifying Documentation Requirements page to stay up to date on the work we've done so far.

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2. Confidently bill Medicare without fear of the review process.

You said
“The Medicare claims review process worries me. I’m concerned about making a mistake that will lead to me getting penalized or not paid by CMS.”
We Heard You
We've launched a nationwide program to better target medical review, limit the number of claims requested, and put an emphasis on education and assistance in correcting claims errors. This program focuses on providers who have unusual billing patterns or billing practices that vary greatly from their peers.

Get the details on this new, targeted review process.

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3. Maximize your time with simple, user-friendly enrollment systems.

You said
"CMS systems are challenging and time consuming."
We Heard You
With your input, we’re rethinking and improving the provider enrollment system (PECOS) to be more intuitive and user-friendly. We’ve already made changes to the National Plan & Provider Enrollment System (NPPES) to make registering, viewing, and updating your National Provider Identifier (NPI) record easier and more efficient.

Log in to NPPES 3.0 to see how we’ve changed.

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4. Access Medicare requirements in real time, at the point of service.

You said
"Each Payer has a different website. Documentation requirements are too hard to find."
We Heard You
We're working with several other payers, Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors and providers to explore ways to make it easier for healthcare providers to find Medicare documentation requirements.

Read more on how we're working to improve access to requirements through the Documentation Requirement Lookup Service Initiative.


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