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Center for Medicare

Cynthia Tudor

Deputy Center Director
Phone:  | 410-786-6499 Baltimore

Cynthia Tudor is the Deputy Center Director, Parts C and D, of the Center for Medicare at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in Baltimore, Maryland.  As Acting Director, Cynthia has responsibility for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Programs. This includes oversight responsibility, operations, and policy development for the health and drug plans enrolling over 38 million Medicare beneficiaries.  

Prior to this position, Cynthia was the Director for the Medicare Drug Benefit and C&D Data Group (MDBG) which is responsible for most activities related to the implementation and operation of the drug benefit (Part D) for CMS, including the Coverage Gap Discount Program and Quality Bonus Payments under the Parts C and D stars program.  Cynthia’s Part D operational responsibilities included applications, formulary development, contracting, day-to-day operations, and benefits policy.  Cynthia was also responsible for developing and analyzing Medicare Advantage (Part C) and Part D data and development of performance and quality metrics.

Prior to serving at CM, Dr. Tudor led the implementation and operations of Risk Adjustment (RA) payments to Medicare Advantage organizations. Beginning at the Office of Research and Demonstrations at CMS, Dr. Tudor led a team of researchers who were responsible for the development of multiple approaches for risk adjustment. Dr. Tudor then led the development of data collection from plans, the validated risk adjusted payments, and determined the impacts of risk adjustment on health plans. Dr. Tudor also led the development of the risk adjuster for the Medicare drug benefit.

Before coming to CMS, Dr. Tudor served as a consultant to MedStat in such areas as Medicaid pharmaceutical costs, use of home health services by Medicare beneficiaries, and quality of care assessment in Medicaid nursing facilities and in CHAMPUS outpatient mental health services. Dr. Tudor also served as the leader at the Association of American Medical Colleges in their surveys of prospective, matriculating, and graduating medical students.  

Dr. Tudor received her doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University and received post-doctoral training at the University of Maryland Medical School, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. She is a Georgia native.