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MDC 02 Diseases & Disorders of the Eye
Acute Major Eye Infections
Yes 121
No 122




H04011Acute dacryoadenitis, right lacrimal gland
H04012Acute dacryoadenitis, left lacrimal gland
H04013Acute dacryoadenitis, bilateral lacrimal glands
H04019Acute dacryoadenitis, unspecified lacrimal gland
H04321Acute dacryocystitis of right lacrimal passage
H04322Acute dacryocystitis of left lacrimal passage
H04323Acute dacryocystitis of bilateral lacrimal passages
H04329Acute dacryocystitis of unspecified lacrimal passage
H04331Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of right lacrimal passage
H04332Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of left lacrimal passage
H04333Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of bilateral lacrimal passages
H04339Acute lacrimal canaliculitis of unspecified lacrimal passage
H05011Cellulitis of right orbit
H05012Cellulitis of left orbit
H05013Cellulitis of bilateral orbits
H05019Cellulitis of unspecified orbit
H05021Osteomyelitis of right orbit
H05022Osteomyelitis of left orbit
H05023Osteomyelitis of bilateral orbits
H05029Osteomyelitis of unspecified orbit
H05031Periostitis of right orbit
H05032Periostitis of left orbit
H05033Periostitis of bilateral orbits
H05039Periostitis of unspecified orbit
H05041Tenonitis of right orbit
H05042Tenonitis of left orbit
H05043Tenonitis of bilateral orbits
H05049Tenonitis of unspecified orbit
H16001Unspecified corneal ulcer, right eye
H16002Unspecified corneal ulcer, left eye
H16003Unspecified corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16009Unspecified corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16011Central corneal ulcer, right eye
H16012Central corneal ulcer, left eye
H16013Central corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16019Central corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16031Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, right eye
H16032Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, left eye
H16033Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, bilateral
H16039Corneal ulcer with hypopyon, unspecified eye
H16061Mycotic corneal ulcer, right eye
H16062Mycotic corneal ulcer, left eye
H16063Mycotic corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16069Mycotic corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16071Perforated corneal ulcer, right eye
H16072Perforated corneal ulcer, left eye
H16073Perforated corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16079Perforated corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16311Corneal abscess, right eye
H16312Corneal abscess, left eye
H16313Corneal abscess, bilateral
H16319Corneal abscess, unspecified eye
H21331Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, right eye
H21332Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, left eye
H21333Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, bilateral
H21339Parasitic cyst of iris, ciliary body or anterior chamber, unspecified eye
H33121Parasitic cyst of retina, right eye
H33122Parasitic cyst of retina, left eye
H33123Parasitic cyst of retina, bilateral
H33129Parasitic cyst of retina, unspecified eye
H44001Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, right eye
H44002Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, left eye
H44003Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, bilateral
H44009Unspecified purulent endophthalmitis, unspecified eye
H44011Panophthalmitis (acute), right eye
H44012Panophthalmitis (acute), left eye
H44013Panophthalmitis (acute), bilateral
H44019Panophthalmitis (acute), unspecified eye
H44021Vitreous abscess (chronic), right eye
H44022Vitreous abscess (chronic), left eye
H44023Vitreous abscess (chronic), bilateral
H44029Vitreous abscess (chronic), unspecified eye
H44121Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, right eye
H44122Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, left eye
H44123Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, bilateral
H44129Parasitic endophthalmitis, unspecified, unspecified eye
H4419Other endophthalmitis

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