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MDC 15 Newborns & Other Neonates with Conditions Originating in Perinatal Period
Neonate with Other Significant Problems


Principal or secondary diagnosis of newborn or neonate,with other significant problems, not assigned to DRG 789 through 793 or 795


A33Tetanus neonatorum
P000Newborn affected by maternal hypertensive disorders
P001Newborn affected by maternal renal and urinary tract diseases
P003Newborn affected by other maternal circulatory and respiratory diseases
P004Newborn affected by maternal nutritional disorders
P005Newborn affected by maternal injury
P006Newborn affected by surgical procedure on mother
P007Newborn affected by other medical procedures on mother, not elsewhere classified
P0081Newborn affected by periodontal disease in mother
P009Newborn affected by unspecified maternal condition
P010Newborn affected by incompetent cervix
P011Newborn affected by premature rupture of membranes
P012Newborn affected by oligohydramnios
P013Newborn affected by polyhydramnios
P014Newborn affected by ectopic pregnancy
P015Newborn affected by multiple pregnancy
P016Newborn affected by maternal death
P017Newborn affected by malpresentation before labor
P018Newborn affected by other maternal complications of pregnancy
P019Newborn affected by maternal complication of pregnancy, unspecified
P020Newborn affected by placenta previa
P021Newborn affected by other forms of placental separation and hemorrhage
P0220Newborn affected by unspecified morphological and functional abnormalities of placenta
P0229Newborn affected by other morphological and functional abnormalities of placenta
P023Newborn affected by placental transfusion syndromes
P027Newborn affected by chorioamnionitis
P028Newborn affected by other abnormalities of membranes
P029Newborn affected by abnormality of membranes, unspecified
P036Newborn affected by abnormal uterine contractions
P03810Newborn affected by abnormality in fetal (intrauterine) heart rate or rhythm before the onset of labor
P03811Newborn affected by abnormality in fetal (intrauterine) heart rate or rhythm during labor
P03819Newborn affected by abnormality in fetal (intrauterine) heart rate or rhythm, unspecified as to time of onset
P0382Meconium passage during delivery
P0389Newborn affected by other specified complications of labor and delivery
P040Newborn affected by maternal anesthesia and analgesia in pregnancy, labor and delivery
P041Newborn affected by other maternal medication
P042Newborn affected by maternal use of tobacco
P043Newborn affected by maternal use of alcohol
P0441Newborn affected by maternal use of cocaine
P0449Newborn affected by maternal use of other drugs of addiction
P045Newborn affected by maternal use of nutritional chemical substances
P046Newborn affected by maternal exposure to environmental chemical substances
P048Newborn affected by other maternal noxious substances
P049Newborn affected by maternal noxious substance, unspecified
P0500Newborn light for gestational age, unspecified weight
P0501Newborn light for gestational age, less than 500 grams
P0502Newborn light for gestational age, 500-749 grams
P0503Newborn light for gestational age, 750-999 grams
P0504Newborn light for gestational age, 1000-1249 grams
P0505Newborn light for gestational age, 1250-1499 grams
P0506Newborn light for gestational age, 1500-1749 grams
P0507Newborn light for gestational age, 1750-1999 grams
P0510Newborn small for gestational age, unspecified weight
P0511Newborn small for gestational age, less than 500 grams
P0512Newborn small for gestational age, 500-749 grams
P0513Newborn small for gestational age, 750-999 grams
P0514Newborn small for gestational age, 1000-1249 grams
P0515Newborn small for gestational age, 1250-1499 grams
P0516Newborn small for gestational age, 1500-1749 grams
P0517Newborn small for gestational age, 1750-1999 grams
P052Newborn affected by fetal (intrauterine) malnutrition not light or small for gestational age
P059Newborn affected by slow intrauterine growth, unspecified
P111Other specified brain damage due to birth injury
P113Birth injury to facial nerve
P130Fracture of skull due to birth injury
P131Other birth injuries to skull
P132Birth injury to femur
P133Birth injury to other long bones
P134Fracture of clavicle due to birth injury
P138Birth injuries to other parts of skeleton
P139Birth injury to skeleton, unspecified
P140Erb's paralysis due to birth injury
P141Klumpke's paralysis due to birth injury
P143Other brachial plexus birth injuries
P150Birth injury to liver
P151Birth injury to spleen
P152Sternomastoid injury due to birth injury
P153Birth injury to eye
P154Birth injury to face
P155Birth injury to external genitalia
P156Subcutaneous fat necrosis due to birth injury
P158Other specified birth injuries
P159Birth injury, unspecified
P190Metabolic acidemia in newborn first noted before onset of labor
P191Metabolic acidemia in newborn first noted during labor
P192Metabolic acidemia noted at birth
P199Metabolic acidemia, unspecified
P221Transient tachypnea of newborn
P228Other respiratory distress of newborn
P229Respiratory distress of newborn, unspecified
P2810Unspecified atelectasis of newborn
P2811Resorption atelectasis without respiratory distress syndrome
P2819Other atelectasis of newborn
P282Cyanotic attacks of newborn
P283Primary sleep apnea of newborn
P284Other apnea of newborn
P2881Respiratory arrest of newborn
P2889Other specified respiratory conditions of newborn
P289Respiratory condition of newborn, unspecified
P290Neonatal cardiac failure
P2911Neonatal tachycardia
P2912Neonatal bradycardia
P292Neonatal hypertension
P294Transient myocardial ischemia in newborn
P2989Other cardiovascular disorders originating in the perinatal period
P299Cardiovascular disorder originating in the perinatal period, unspecified
P375Neonatal candidiasis
P391Neonatal conjunctivitis and dacryocystitis
P510Massive umbilical hemorrhage of newborn
P518Other umbilical hemorrhages of newborn
P519Umbilical hemorrhage of newborn, unspecified
P540Neonatal hematemesis
P546Neonatal vaginal hemorrhage
P548Other specified neonatal hemorrhages
P549Neonatal hemorrhage, unspecified
P550Rh isoimmunization of newborn
P551ABO isoimmunization of newborn
P580Neonatal jaundice due to bruising
P581Neonatal jaundice due to bleeding
P582Neonatal jaundice due to infection
P583Neonatal jaundice due to polycythemia
P5841Neonatal jaundice due to drugs or toxins transmitted from mother
P5842Neonatal jaundice due to drugs or toxins given to newborn
P585Neonatal jaundice due to swallowed maternal blood
P588Neonatal jaundice due to other specified excessive hemolysis
P589Neonatal jaundice due to excessive hemolysis, unspecified
P590Neonatal jaundice associated with preterm delivery
P611Polycythemia neonatorum
P613Congenital anemia from fetal blood loss
P614Other congenital anemias, not elsewhere classified
P615Transient neonatal neutropenia
P618Other specified perinatal hematological disorders
P619Perinatal hematological disorder, unspecified
P700Syndrome of infant of mother with gestational diabetes
P701Syndrome of infant of a diabetic mother
P708Other transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn
P709Transitory disorder of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn, unspecified
P720Neonatal goiter, not elsewhere classified
P722Other transitory neonatal disorders of thyroid function, not elsewhere classified
P728Other specified transitory neonatal endocrine disorders
P729Transitory neonatal endocrine disorder, unspecified
P745Transitory tyrosinemia of newborn
P746Transitory hyperammonemia of newborn
P748Other transitory metabolic disturbances of newborn
P749Transitory metabolic disturbance of newborn, unspecified
P761Transitory ileus of newborn
P768Other specified intestinal obstruction of newborn
P769Intestinal obstruction of newborn, unspecified
P781Other neonatal peritonitis
P782Neonatal hematemesis and melena due to swallowed maternal blood
P783Noninfective neonatal diarrhea
P7881Congenital cirrhosis (of liver)
P7882Peptic ulcer of newborn
P7883Newborn esophageal reflux
P7889Other specified perinatal digestive system disorders
P789Perinatal digestive system disorder, unspecified
P800Cold injury syndrome
P808Other hypothermia of newborn
P809Hypothermia of newborn, unspecified
P810Environmental hyperthermia of newborn
P818Other specified disturbances of temperature regulation of newborn
P819Disturbance of temperature regulation of newborn, unspecified
P830Sclerema neonatorum
P8330Unspecified edema specific to newborn
P8339Other edema specific to newborn
P834Breast engorgement of newborn
P835Congenital hydrocele
P839Condition of the integument specific to newborn, unspecified
P84Other problems with newborn
P9160Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy [HIE], unspecified
P9161Mild hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy [HIE]
P941Congenital hypertonia
P942Congenital hypotonia
P948Other disorders of muscle tone of newborn
P949Disorder of muscle tone of newborn, unspecified
P960Congenital renal failure
P963Wide cranial sutures of newborn
P965Complication to newborn due to (fetal) intrauterine procedure
P9681Exposure to (parental) (environmental) tobacco smoke in the perinatal period
P9683Meconium staining
P9689Other specified conditions originating in the perinatal period
P969Condition originating in the perinatal period, unspecified
Q860Fetal alcohol syndrome (dysmorphic)
Q861Fetal hydantoin syndrome
Q862Dysmorphism due to warfarin
Q868Other congenital malformation syndromes due to known exogenous causes

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