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Appendix J PDX is its own CC or MCC

A few ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes express conditions that are normally coded in ICD-9-CM using two or more ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes. In the interest of ensuring that MS-DRG 33.0 places a patient in the same DRG regardless whether the patient record were to be coded in ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM/PCS, whenever one of these ICD-10-CM combination codes is used as principal diagnosis, the cluster of ICD-9-CM codes that would be coded on an ICD-9-CM record is considered. If one of the ICD-9-CM codes in the cluster is a CC or MCC, then the single ICD-10-CM combination code used as a prinicpal diagnosis must also imply the CC or MCC that the ICD-9-CM cluster would have presented. The ICD-10-CM diagnoses for which this implication must be made are listed here.


Part 1: PDX is its own MCC
Part 2: PDX is its own CC

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