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MDC 2 Diseases & Disorders of the Eye
Neurological Eye Disorders
Neurological Eye Disorders


A3982Meningococcal retrobulbar neuritis
G453Amaurosis fugax
H02401Unspecified ptosis of right eyelid
H02402Unspecified ptosis of left eyelid
H02403Unspecified ptosis of bilateral eyelids
H02409Unspecified ptosis of unspecified eyelid
H02421Myogenic ptosis of right eyelid
H02422Myogenic ptosis of left eyelid
H02423Myogenic ptosis of bilateral eyelids
H02429Myogenic ptosis of unspecified eyelid
H02431Paralytic ptosis of right eyelid
H02432Paralytic ptosis of left eyelid
H02433Paralytic ptosis of bilateral eyelids
H02439Paralytic ptosis unspecified eyelid
H0259Other disorders affecting eyelid function
H05211Displacement (lateral) of globe, right eye
H05212Displacement (lateral) of globe, left eye
H05213Displacement (lateral) of globe, bilateral
H05219Displacement (lateral) of globe, unspecified eye
H05251Intermittent exophthalmos, right eye
H05252Intermittent exophthalmos, left eye
H05253Intermittent exophthalmos, bilateral
H05259Intermittent exophthalmos, unspecified eye
H05261Pulsating exophthalmos, right eye
H05262Pulsating exophthalmos, left eye
H05263Pulsating exophthalmos, bilateral
H05269Pulsating exophthalmos, unspecified eye
H05821Myopathy of extraocular muscles, right orbit
H05822Myopathy of extraocular muscles, left orbit
H05823Myopathy of extraocular muscles, bilateral
H05829Myopathy of extraocular muscles, unspecified orbit
H3400Transient retinal artery occlusion, unspecified eye
H3401Transient retinal artery occlusion, right eye
H3402Transient retinal artery occlusion, left eye
H3403Transient retinal artery occlusion, bilateral
H3410Central retinal artery occlusion, unspecified eye
H3411Central retinal artery occlusion, right eye
H3412Central retinal artery occlusion, left eye
H3413Central retinal artery occlusion, bilateral
H34211Partial retinal artery occlusion, right eye
H34212Partial retinal artery occlusion, left eye
H34213Partial retinal artery occlusion, bilateral
H34219Partial retinal artery occlusion, unspecified eye
H34231Retinal artery branch occlusion, right eye
H34232Retinal artery branch occlusion, left eye
H34233Retinal artery branch occlusion, bilateral
H34239Retinal artery branch occlusion, unspecified eye
H34811Central retinal vein occlusion, right eye
H34812Central retinal vein occlusion, left eye
H34813Central retinal vein occlusion, bilateral
H34819Central retinal vein occlusion, unspecified eye
H34821Venous engorgement, right eye
H34822Venous engorgement, left eye
H34823Venous engorgement, bilateral
H34829Venous engorgement, unspecified eye
H34831Tributary (branch) retinal vein occlusion, right eye
H34832Tributary (branch) retinal vein occlusion, left eye
H34833Tributary (branch) retinal vein occlusion, bilateral
H34839Tributary (branch) retinal vein occlusion, unspecified eye
H349Unspecified retinal vascular occlusion
H401210Low-tension glaucoma, right eye, stage unspecified
H401211Low-tension glaucoma, right eye, mild stage
H401212Low-tension glaucoma, right eye, moderate stage
H401213Low-tension glaucoma, right eye, severe stage
H401214Low-tension glaucoma, right eye, indeterminate stage
H401220Low-tension glaucoma, left eye, stage unspecified
H401221Low-tension glaucoma, left eye, mild stage
H401222Low-tension glaucoma, left eye, moderate stage
H401223Low-tension glaucoma, left eye, severe stage
H401224Low-tension glaucoma, left eye, indeterminate stage
H401230Low-tension glaucoma, bilateral, stage unspecified
H401231Low-tension glaucoma, bilateral, mild stage
H401232Low-tension glaucoma, bilateral, moderate stage
H401233Low-tension glaucoma, bilateral, severe stage
H401234Low-tension glaucoma, bilateral, indeterminate stage
H401290Low-tension glaucoma, unspecified eye, stage unspecified
H401291Low-tension glaucoma, unspecified eye, mild stage
H401292Low-tension glaucoma, unspecified eye, moderate stage
H401293Low-tension glaucoma, unspecified eye, severe stage
H401294Low-tension glaucoma, unspecified eye, indeterminate stage
H4600Optic papillitis, unspecified eye
H4601Optic papillitis, right eye
H4602Optic papillitis, left eye
H4603Optic papillitis, bilateral
H4610Retrobulbar neuritis, unspecified eye
H4611Retrobulbar neuritis, right eye
H4612Retrobulbar neuritis, left eye
H4613Retrobulbar neuritis, bilateral
H462Nutritional optic neuropathy
H463Toxic optic neuropathy
H468Other optic neuritis
H469Unspecified optic neuritis
H47011Ischemic optic neuropathy, right eye
H47012Ischemic optic neuropathy, left eye
H47013Ischemic optic neuropathy, bilateral
H47019Ischemic optic neuropathy, unspecified eye
H47021Hemorrhage in optic nerve sheath, right eye
H47022Hemorrhage in optic nerve sheath, left eye
H47023Hemorrhage in optic nerve sheath, bilateral
H47029Hemorrhage in optic nerve sheath, unspecified eye
H47031Optic nerve hypoplasia, right eye
H47032Optic nerve hypoplasia, left eye
H47033Optic nerve hypoplasia, bilateral
H47039Optic nerve hypoplasia, unspecified eye
H47091Other disorders of optic nerve, not elsewhere classified, right eye
H47092Other disorders of optic nerve, not elsewhere classified, left eye
H47093Other disorders of optic nerve, not elsewhere classified, bilateral
H47099Other disorders of optic nerve, not elsewhere classified, unspecified eye
H4720Unspecified optic atrophy
H47211Primary optic atrophy, right eye
H47212Primary optic atrophy, left eye
H47213Primary optic atrophy, bilateral
H47219Primary optic atrophy, unspecified eye
H4722Hereditary optic atrophy
H47291Other optic atrophy, right eye
H47292Other optic atrophy, left eye
H47293Other optic atrophy, bilateral
H47299Other optic atrophy, unspecified eye
H47321Drusen of optic disc, right eye
H47322Drusen of optic disc, left eye
H47323Drusen of optic disc, bilateral
H47329Drusen of optic disc, unspecified eye
H47331Pseudopapilledema of optic disc, right eye
H47332Pseudopapilledema of optic disc, left eye
H47333Pseudopapilledema of optic disc, bilateral
H47339Pseudopapilledema of optic disc, unspecified eye
H4900Third [oculomotor] nerve palsy, unspecified eye
H4901Third [oculomotor] nerve palsy, right eye
H4902Third [oculomotor] nerve palsy, left eye
H4903Third [oculomotor] nerve palsy, bilateral
H4910Fourth [trochlear] nerve palsy, unspecified eye
H4911Fourth [trochlear] nerve palsy, right eye
H4912Fourth [trochlear] nerve palsy, left eye
H4913Fourth [trochlear] nerve palsy, bilateral
H4920Sixth [abducent] nerve palsy, unspecified eye
H4921Sixth [abducent] nerve palsy, right eye
H4922Sixth [abducent] nerve palsy, left eye
H4923Sixth [abducent] nerve palsy, bilateral
H4930Total (external) ophthalmoplegia, unspecified eye
H4931Total (external) ophthalmoplegia, right eye
H4932Total (external) ophthalmoplegia, left eye
H4933Total (external) ophthalmoplegia, bilateral
H4940Progressive external ophthalmoplegia, unspecified eye
H4941Progressive external ophthalmoplegia, right eye
H4942Progressive external ophthalmoplegia, left eye
H4943Progressive external ophthalmoplegia, bilateral
H49881Other paralytic strabismus, right eye
H49882Other paralytic strabismus, left eye
H49883Other paralytic strabismus, bilateral
H49889Other paralytic strabismus, unspecified eye
H499Unspecified paralytic strabismus
H5089Other specified strabismus
H518Other specified disorders of binocular movement
H52511Internal ophthalmoplegia (complete) (total), right eye
H52512Internal ophthalmoplegia (complete) (total), left eye
H52513Internal ophthalmoplegia (complete) (total), bilateral
H52519Internal ophthalmoplegia (complete) (total), unspecified eye
H53121Transient visual loss, right eye
H53122Transient visual loss, left eye
H53123Transient visual loss, bilateral
H53129Transient visual loss, unspecified eye
H53131Sudden visual loss, right eye
H53132Sudden visual loss, left eye
H53133Sudden visual loss, bilateral
H53139Sudden visual loss, unspecified eye
H5340Unspecified visual field defects
H53411Scotoma involving central area, right eye
H53412Scotoma involving central area, left eye
H53413Scotoma involving central area, bilateral
H53419Scotoma involving central area, unspecified eye
H53431Sector or arcuate defects, right eye
H53432Sector or arcuate defects, left eye
H53433Sector or arcuate defects, bilateral
H53439Sector or arcuate defects, unspecified eye
H53451Other localized visual field defect, right eye
H53452Other localized visual field defect, left eye
H53453Other localized visual field defect, bilateral
H53459Other localized visual field defect, unspecified eye
H53461Homonymous bilateral field defects, right side
H53462Homonymous bilateral field defects, left side
H53469Homonymous bilateral field defects, unspecified side
H5347Heteronymous bilateral field defects
H53481Generalized contraction of visual field, right eye
H53482Generalized contraction of visual field, left eye
H53483Generalized contraction of visual field, bilateral
H53489Generalized contraction of visual field, unspecified eye
H5352Acquired color vision deficiency
H5500Unspecified nystagmus
H5502Latent nystagmus
H5504Dissociated nystagmus
H5581Saccadic eye movements
H5700Unspecified anomaly of pupillary function
H57051Tonic pupil, right eye
H57052Tonic pupil, left eye
H57053Tonic pupil, bilateral
H57059Tonic pupil, unspecified eye
H5709Other anomalies of pupillary function

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