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MDC 8 Diseases & Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System & Connective Tissue
Bone Diseases and Arthropathies
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Bone Diseases and Arthropathies
Yes 553
No 554


B0682Rubella arthritis
E550Rickets, active
E643Sequelae of rickets
M0200Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified site
M02011Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, right shoulder
M02012Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, left shoulder
M02019Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified shoulder
M02021Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, right elbow
M02022Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, left elbow
M02029Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified elbow
M02031Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, right wrist
M02032Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, left wrist
M02039Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified wrist
M02041Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, right hand
M02042Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, left hand
M02049Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified hand
M02051Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, right hip
M02052Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, left hip
M02059Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified hip
M02061Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, right knee
M02062Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, left knee
M02069Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified knee
M02071Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, right ankle and foot
M02072Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, left ankle and foot
M02079Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, unspecified ankle and foot
M0208Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, vertebrae
M0209Arthropathy following intestinal bypass, multiple sites
M0210Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified site
M02111Postdysenteric arthropathy, right shoulder
M02112Postdysenteric arthropathy, left shoulder
M02119Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified shoulder
M02121Postdysenteric arthropathy, right elbow
M02122Postdysenteric arthropathy, left elbow
M02129Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified elbow
M02131Postdysenteric arthropathy, right wrist
M02132Postdysenteric arthropathy, left wrist
M02139Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified wrist
M02141Postdysenteric arthropathy, right hand
M02142Postdysenteric arthropathy, left hand
M02149Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified hand
M02151Postdysenteric arthropathy, right hip
M02152Postdysenteric arthropathy, left hip
M02159Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified hip
M02161Postdysenteric arthropathy, right knee
M02162Postdysenteric arthropathy, left knee
M02169Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified knee
M02171Postdysenteric arthropathy, right ankle and foot
M02172Postdysenteric arthropathy, left ankle and foot
M02179Postdysenteric arthropathy, unspecified ankle and foot
M0218Postdysenteric arthropathy, vertebrae
M0219Postdysenteric arthropathy, multiple sites
M0220Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified site
M02211Postimmunization arthropathy, right shoulder
M02212Postimmunization arthropathy, left shoulder
M02219Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified shoulder
M02221Postimmunization arthropathy, right elbow
M02222Postimmunization arthropathy, left elbow
M02229Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified elbow
M02231Postimmunization arthropathy, right wrist
M02232Postimmunization arthropathy, left wrist
M02239Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified wrist
M02241Postimmunization arthropathy, right hand
M02242Postimmunization arthropathy, left hand
M02249Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified hand
M02251Postimmunization arthropathy, right hip
M02252Postimmunization arthropathy, left hip
M02259Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified hip
M02261Postimmunization arthropathy, right knee
M02262Postimmunization arthropathy, left knee
M02269Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified knee
M02271Postimmunization arthropathy, right ankle and foot
M02272Postimmunization arthropathy, left ankle and foot
M02279Postimmunization arthropathy, unspecified ankle and foot
M0228Postimmunization arthropathy, vertebrae
M0229Postimmunization arthropathy, multiple sites
M029Reactive arthropathy, unspecified
M064Inflammatory polyarthropathy
M0760Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified site
M07611Enteropathic arthropathies, right shoulder
M07612Enteropathic arthropathies, left shoulder
M07619Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified shoulder
M07621Enteropathic arthropathies, right elbow
M07622Enteropathic arthropathies, left elbow
M07629Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified elbow
M07631Enteropathic arthropathies, right wrist
M07632Enteropathic arthropathies, left wrist
M07639Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified wrist
M07641Enteropathic arthropathies, right hand
M07642Enteropathic arthropathies, left hand
M07649Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified hand
M07651Enteropathic arthropathies, right hip
M07652Enteropathic arthropathies, left hip
M07659Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified hip
M07661Enteropathic arthropathies, right knee
M07662Enteropathic arthropathies, left knee
M07669Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified knee
M07671Enteropathic arthropathies, right ankle and foot
M07672Enteropathic arthropathies, left ankle and foot
M07679Enteropathic arthropathies, unspecified ankle and foot
M0768Enteropathic arthropathies, vertebrae
M0769Enteropathic arthropathies, multiple sites
M1000Idiopathic gout, unspecified site
M10011Idiopathic gout, right shoulder
M10012Idiopathic gout, left shoulder
M10019Idiopathic gout, unspecified shoulder
M10021Idiopathic gout, right elbow
M10022Idiopathic gout, left elbow
M10029Idiopathic gout, unspecified elbow
M10031Idiopathic gout, right wrist
M10032Idiopathic gout, left wrist
M10039Idiopathic gout, unspecified wrist
M10041Idiopathic gout, right hand
M10042Idiopathic gout, left hand
M10049Idiopathic gout, unspecified hand
M10051Idiopathic gout, right hip
M10052Idiopathic gout, left hip
M10059Idiopathic gout, unspecified hip
M10061Idiopathic gout, right knee
M10062Idiopathic gout, left knee
M10069Idiopathic gout, unspecified knee
M10071Idiopathic gout, right ankle and foot
M10072Idiopathic gout, left ankle and foot
M10079Idiopathic gout, unspecified ankle and foot
M1008Idiopathic gout, vertebrae
M1009Idiopathic gout, multiple sites
M1010Lead-induced gout, unspecified site
M10111Lead-induced gout, right shoulder
M10112Lead-induced gout, left shoulder
M10119Lead-induced gout, unspecified shoulder
M10121Lead-induced gout, right elbow
M10122Lead-induced gout, left elbow
M10129Lead-induced gout, unspecified elbow
M10131Lead-induced gout, right wrist
M10132Lead-induced gout, left wrist
M10139Lead-induced gout, unspecified wrist
M10141Lead-induced gout, right hand
M10142Lead-induced gout, left hand
M10149Lead-induced gout, unspecified hand
M10151Lead-induced gout, right hip
M10152Lead-induced gout, left hip
M10159Lead-induced gout, unspecified hip
M10161Lead-induced gout, right knee
M10162Lead-induced gout, left knee
M10169Lead-induced gout, unspecified knee
M10171Lead-induced gout, right ankle and foot
M10172Lead-induced gout, left ankle and foot
M10179Lead-induced gout, unspecified ankle and foot
M1018Lead-induced gout, vertebrae
M1019Lead-induced gout, multiple sites
M1020Drug-induced gout, unspecified site
M10211Drug-induced gout, right shoulder
M10212Drug-induced gout, left shoulder
M10219Drug-induced gout, unspecified shoulder
M10221Drug-induced gout, right elbow
M10222Drug-induced gout, left elbow
M10229Drug-induced gout, unspecified elbow
M10231Drug-induced gout, right wrist
M10232Drug-induced gout, left wrist
M10239Drug-induced gout, unspecified wrist
M10241Drug-induced gout, right hand
M10242Drug-induced gout, left hand
M10249Drug-induced gout, unspecified hand
M10251Drug-induced gout, right hip
M10252Drug-induced gout, left hip
M10259Drug-induced gout, unspecified hip
M10261Drug-induced gout, right knee
M10262Drug-induced gout, left knee
M10269Drug-induced gout, unspecified knee
M10271Drug-induced gout, right ankle and foot
M10272Drug-induced gout, left ankle and foot
M10279Drug-induced gout, unspecified ankle and foot
M1028Drug-induced gout, vertebrae
M1029Drug-induced gout, multiple sites
M1040Other secondary gout, unspecified site
M10411Other secondary gout, right shoulder
M10412Other secondary gout, left shoulder
M10419Other secondary gout, unspecified shoulder
M10421Other secondary gout, right elbow
M10422Other secondary gout, left elbow
M10429Other secondary gout, unspecified elbow
M10431Other secondary gout, right wrist
M10432Other secondary gout, left wrist
M10439Other secondary gout, unspecified wrist
M10441Other secondary gout, right hand
M10442Other secondary gout, left hand
M10449Other secondary gout, unspecified hand
M10451Other secondary gout, right hip
M10452Other secondary gout, left hip
M10459Other secondary gout, unspecified hip
M10461Other secondary gout, right knee
M10462Other secondary gout, left knee
M10469Other secondary gout, unspecified knee
M10471Other secondary gout, right ankle and foot
M10472Other secondary gout, left ankle and foot
M10479Other secondary gout, unspecified ankle and foot
M1048Other secondary gout, vertebrae
M1049Other secondary gout, multiple sites
M109Gout, unspecified
M1100Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified site
M11011Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, right shoulder
M11012Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, left shoulder
M11019Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified shoulder
M11021Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, right elbow
M11022Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, left elbow
M11029Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified elbow
M11031Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, right wrist
M11032Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, left wrist
M11039Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified wrist
M11041Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, right hand
M11042Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, left hand
M11049Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified hand
M11051Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, right hip
M11052Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, left hip
M11059Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified hip
M11061Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, right knee
M11062Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, left knee
M11069Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified knee
M11071Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, right ankle and foot
M11072Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, left ankle and foot
M11079Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, unspecified ankle and foot
M1108Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, vertebrae
M1109Hydroxyapatite deposition disease, multiple sites
M1110Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified site
M11111Familial chondrocalcinosis, right shoulder
M11112Familial chondrocalcinosis, left shoulder
M11119Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified shoulder
M11121Familial chondrocalcinosis, right elbow
M11122Familial chondrocalcinosis, left elbow
M11129Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified elbow
M11131Familial chondrocalcinosis, right wrist
M11132Familial chondrocalcinosis, left wrist
M11139Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified wrist
M11141Familial chondrocalcinosis, right hand
M11142Familial chondrocalcinosis, left hand
M11149Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified hand
M11151Familial chondrocalcinosis, right hip
M11152Familial chondrocalcinosis, left hip
M11159Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified hip
M11161Familial chondrocalcinosis, right knee
M11162Familial chondrocalcinosis, left knee
M11169Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified knee
M11171Familial chondrocalcinosis, right ankle and foot
M11172Familial chondrocalcinosis, left ankle and foot
M11179Familial chondrocalcinosis, unspecified ankle and foot
M1118Familial chondrocalcinosis, vertebrae
M1119Familial chondrocalcinosis, multiple sites
M1120Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified site
M11211Other chondrocalcinosis, right shoulder
M11212Other chondrocalcinosis, left shoulder
M11219Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified shoulder
M11221Other chondrocalcinosis, right elbow
M11222Other chondrocalcinosis, left elbow
M11229Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified elbow
M11231Other chondrocalcinosis, right wrist
M11232Other chondrocalcinosis, left wrist
M11239Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified wrist
M11241Other chondrocalcinosis, right hand
M11242Other chondrocalcinosis, left hand
M11249Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified hand
M11251Other chondrocalcinosis, right hip
M11252Other chondrocalcinosis, left hip
M11259Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified hip
M11261Other chondrocalcinosis, right knee
M11262Other chondrocalcinosis, left knee
M11269Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified knee
M11271Other chondrocalcinosis, right ankle and foot
M11272Other chondrocalcinosis, left ankle and foot
M11279Other chondrocalcinosis, unspecified ankle and foot
M1128Other chondrocalcinosis, vertebrae
M1129Other chondrocalcinosis, multiple sites
M1180Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified site
M11811Other specified crystal arthropathies, right shoulder
M11812Other specified crystal arthropathies, left shoulder
M11819Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified shoulder
M11821Other specified crystal arthropathies, right elbow
M11822Other specified crystal arthropathies, left elbow
M11829Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified elbow
M11831Other specified crystal arthropathies, right wrist
M11832Other specified crystal arthropathies, left wrist
M11839Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified wrist
M11841Other specified crystal arthropathies, right hand
M11842Other specified crystal arthropathies, left hand
M11849Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified hand
M11851Other specified crystal arthropathies, right hip
M11852Other specified crystal arthropathies, left hip
M11859Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified hip
M11861Other specified crystal arthropathies, right knee
M11862Other specified crystal arthropathies, left knee
M11869Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified knee
M11871Other specified crystal arthropathies, right ankle and foot
M11872Other specified crystal arthropathies, left ankle and foot
M11879Other specified crystal arthropathies, unspecified ankle and foot
M1188Other specified crystal arthropathies, vertebrae
M1189Other specified crystal arthropathies, multiple sites
M119Crystal arthropathy, unspecified
M1200Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified site
M12011Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], right shoulder
M12012Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], left shoulder
M12019Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified shoulder
M12021Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], right elbow
M12022Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], left elbow
M12029Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified elbow
M12031Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], right wrist
M12032Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], left wrist
M12039Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified wrist
M12041Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], right hand
M12042Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], left hand
M12049Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified hand
M12051Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], right hip
M12052Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], left hip
M12059Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified hip
M12061Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], right knee
M12062Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], left knee
M12069Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified knee
M12071Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], right ankle and foot
M12072Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], left ankle and foot
M12079Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], unspecified ankle and foot
M1208Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], other specified site
M1209Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud], multiple sites
M1210Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified site
M12111Kaschin-Beck disease, right shoulder
M12112Kaschin-Beck disease, left shoulder
M12119Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified shoulder
M12121Kaschin-Beck disease, right elbow
M12122Kaschin-Beck disease, left elbow
M12129Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified elbow
M12131Kaschin-Beck disease, right wrist
M12132Kaschin-Beck disease, left wrist
M12139Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified wrist
M12141Kaschin-Beck disease, right hand
M12142Kaschin-Beck disease, left hand
M12149Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified hand
M12151Kaschin-Beck disease, right hip
M12152Kaschin-Beck disease, left hip
M12159Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified hip
M12161Kaschin-Beck disease, right knee
M12162Kaschin-Beck disease, left knee
M12169Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified knee
M12171Kaschin-Beck disease, right ankle and foot
M12172Kaschin-Beck disease, left ankle and foot
M12179Kaschin-Beck disease, unspecified ankle and foot
M1218Kaschin-Beck disease, vertebrae
M1219Kaschin-Beck disease, multiple sites
M1220Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified site
M12211Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), right shoulder
M12212Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), left shoulder
M12219Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified shoulder
M12221Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), right elbow
M12222Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), left elbow
M12229Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified elbow
M12231Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), right wrist
M12232Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), left wrist
M12239Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified wrist
M12241Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), right hand
M12242Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), left hand
M12249Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified hand
M12251Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), right hip
M12252Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), left hip
M12259Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified hip
M12261Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), right knee
M12262Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), left knee
M12269Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified knee
M12271Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), right ankle and foot
M12272Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), left ankle and foot
M12279Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), unspecified ankle and foot
M1228Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), other specified site
M1229Villonodular synovitis (pigmented), multiple sites
M1230Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified site
M12311Palindromic rheumatism, right shoulder
M12312Palindromic rheumatism, left shoulder
M12319Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified shoulder
M12321Palindromic rheumatism, right elbow
M12322Palindromic rheumatism, left elbow
M12329Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified elbow
M12331Palindromic rheumatism, right wrist
M12332Palindromic rheumatism, left wrist
M12339Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified wrist
M12341Palindromic rheumatism, right hand
M12342Palindromic rheumatism, left hand
M12349Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified hand
M12351Palindromic rheumatism, right hip
M12352Palindromic rheumatism, left hip
M12359Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified hip
M12361Palindromic rheumatism, right knee
M12362Palindromic rheumatism, left knee
M12369Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified knee
M12371Palindromic rheumatism, right ankle and foot
M12372Palindromic rheumatism, left ankle and foot
M12379Palindromic rheumatism, unspecified ankle and foot
M1238Palindromic rheumatism, other specified site
M1239Palindromic rheumatism, multiple sites
M1240Intermittent hydrarthrosis, unspecified site

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