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MDC 9 Diseases & Disorders of the Skin, Subcutaneous Tissue & Breast
Yes 602
No 603


B781Cutaneous strongyloidiasis
E832Disorders of zinc metabolism
L0100Impetigo, unspecified
L0101Non-bullous impetigo
L0102Bockhart's impetigo
L0103Bullous impetigo
L0109Other impetigo
L011Impetiginization of other dermatoses
L0201Cutaneous abscess of face
L0202Furuncle of face
L0203Carbuncle of face
L0211Cutaneous abscess of neck
L0212Furuncle of neck
L0213Carbuncle of neck
L02211Cutaneous abscess of abdominal wall
L02212Cutaneous abscess of back [any part, except buttock]
L02213Cutaneous abscess of chest wall
L02214Cutaneous abscess of groin
L02215Cutaneous abscess of perineum
L02216Cutaneous abscess of umbilicus
L02219Cutaneous abscess of trunk, unspecified
L02221Furuncle of abdominal wall
L02222Furuncle of back [any part, except buttock]
L02223Furuncle of chest wall
L02224Furuncle of groin
L02225Furuncle of perineum
L02226Furuncle of umbilicus
L02229Furuncle of trunk, unspecified
L02231Carbuncle of abdominal wall
L02232Carbuncle of back [any part, except buttock]
L02233Carbuncle of chest wall
L02234Carbuncle of groin
L02235Carbuncle of perineum
L02236Carbuncle of umbilicus
L02239Carbuncle of trunk, unspecified
L0231Cutaneous abscess of buttock
L0232Furuncle of buttock
L0233Carbuncle of buttock
L02411Cutaneous abscess of right axilla
L02412Cutaneous abscess of left axilla
L02413Cutaneous abscess of right upper limb
L02414Cutaneous abscess of left upper limb
L02415Cutaneous abscess of right lower limb
L02416Cutaneous abscess of left lower limb
L02419Cutaneous abscess of limb, unspecified
L02421Furuncle of right axilla
L02422Furuncle of left axilla
L02423Furuncle of right upper limb
L02424Furuncle of left upper limb
L02425Furuncle of right lower limb
L02426Furuncle of left lower limb
L02429Furuncle of limb, unspecified
L02431Carbuncle of right axilla
L02432Carbuncle of left axilla
L02433Carbuncle of right upper limb
L02434Carbuncle of left upper limb
L02435Carbuncle of right lower limb
L02436Carbuncle of left lower limb
L02439Carbuncle of limb, unspecified
L02511Cutaneous abscess of right hand
L02512Cutaneous abscess of left hand
L02519Cutaneous abscess of unspecified hand
L02521Furuncle right hand
L02522Furuncle left hand
L02529Furuncle unspecified hand
L02531Carbuncle of right hand
L02532Carbuncle of left hand
L02539Carbuncle of unspecified hand
L02611Cutaneous abscess of right foot
L02612Cutaneous abscess of left foot
L02619Cutaneous abscess of unspecified foot
L02621Furuncle of right foot
L02622Furuncle of left foot
L02629Furuncle of unspecified foot
L02631Carbuncle of right foot
L02632Carbuncle of left foot
L02639Carbuncle of unspecified foot
L02811Cutaneous abscess of head [any part, except face]
L02818Cutaneous abscess of other sites
L02821Furuncle of head [any part, except face]
L02828Furuncle of other sites
L02831Carbuncle of head [any part, except face]
L02838Carbuncle of other sites
L0291Cutaneous abscess, unspecified
L0292Furuncle, unspecified
L0293Carbuncle, unspecified
L03011Cellulitis of right finger
L03012Cellulitis of left finger
L03019Cellulitis of unspecified finger
L03021Acute lymphangitis of right finger
L03022Acute lymphangitis of left finger
L03029Acute lymphangitis of unspecified finger
L03031Cellulitis of right toe
L03032Cellulitis of left toe
L03039Cellulitis of unspecified toe
L03041Acute lymphangitis of right toe
L03042Acute lymphangitis of left toe
L03049Acute lymphangitis of unspecified toe
L03111Cellulitis of right axilla
L03112Cellulitis of left axilla
L03113Cellulitis of right upper limb
L03114Cellulitis of left upper limb
L03115Cellulitis of right lower limb
L03116Cellulitis of left lower limb
L03119Cellulitis of unspecified part of limb
L03121Acute lymphangitis of right axilla
L03122Acute lymphangitis of left axilla
L03123Acute lymphangitis of right upper limb
L03124Acute lymphangitis of left upper limb
L03125Acute lymphangitis of right lower limb
L03126Acute lymphangitis of left lower limb
L03129Acute lymphangitis of unspecified part of limb
L03211Cellulitis of face
L03212Acute lymphangitis of face
L03221Cellulitis of neck
L03222Acute lymphangitis of neck
L03311Cellulitis of abdominal wall
L03312Cellulitis of back [any part except buttock]
L03313Cellulitis of chest wall
L03314Cellulitis of groin
L03315Cellulitis of perineum
L03316Cellulitis of umbilicus
L03317Cellulitis of buttock
L03319Cellulitis of trunk, unspecified
L03321Acute lymphangitis of abdominal wall
L03322Acute lymphangitis of back [any part except buttock]
L03323Acute lymphangitis of chest wall
L03324Acute lymphangitis of groin
L03325Acute lymphangitis of perineum
L03326Acute lymphangitis of umbilicus
L03327Acute lymphangitis of buttock
L03329Acute lymphangitis of trunk, unspecified
L03811Cellulitis of head [any part, except face]
L03818Cellulitis of other sites
L03891Acute lymphangitis of head [any part, except face]
L03898Acute lymphangitis of other sites
L0390Cellulitis, unspecified
L0391Acute lymphangitis, unspecified
L0501Pilonidal cyst with abscess
L0502Pilonidal sinus with abscess
L0591Pilonidal cyst without abscess
L0592Pilonidal sinus without abscess
L0881Pyoderma vegetans
L0882Omphalitis not of newborn
L0889Other specified local infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
L089Local infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, unspecified
L88Pyoderma gangrenosum
L928Other granulomatous disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
L980Pyogenic granuloma
L983Eosinophilic cellulitis [Wells]

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