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MDC 16 Diseases & Disorders of Blood, Blood Forming Organs, Immunologic Disorders
Coagulation Disorders
Coagulation Disorders


D65Disseminated intravascular coagulation [defibrination syndrome]
D66Hereditary factor VIII deficiency
D67Hereditary factor IX deficiency
D680Von Willebrand's disease
D681Hereditary factor XI deficiency
D682Hereditary deficiency of other clotting factors
D68311Acquired hemophilia
D68318Other hemorrhagic disorder due to intrinsic circulating anticoagulants, antibodies, or inhibitors
D6832Hemorrhagic disorder due to extrinsic circulating anticoagulants
D684Acquired coagulation factor deficiency
D688Other specified coagulation defects
D689Coagulation defect, unspecified
D690Allergic purpura
D691Qualitative platelet defects
D692Other nonthrombocytopenic purpura
D693Immune thrombocytopenic purpura
D6941Evans syndrome
D6942Congenital and hereditary thrombocytopenia purpura
D6949Other primary thrombocytopenia
D6951Posttransfusion purpura
D6959Other secondary thrombocytopenia
D696Thrombocytopenia, unspecified
D698Other specified hemorrhagic conditions
D699Hemorrhagic condition, unspecified
D7582Heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
R233Spontaneous ecchymoses

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