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MDC 2 Diseases & Disorders of the Eye
Other Disorders of the Eye
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H1133Conjunctival hemorrhage, bilateral
H11411Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, right eye
H11412Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, left eye
H11413Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, bilateral
H11419Vascular abnormalities of conjunctiva, unspecified eye
H11421Conjunctival edema, right eye
H11422Conjunctival edema, left eye
H11423Conjunctival edema, bilateral
H11429Conjunctival edema, unspecified eye
H11431Conjunctival hyperemia, right eye
H11432Conjunctival hyperemia, left eye
H11433Conjunctival hyperemia, bilateral
H11439Conjunctival hyperemia, unspecified eye
H11441Conjunctival cysts, right eye
H11442Conjunctival cysts, left eye
H11443Conjunctival cysts, bilateral
H11449Conjunctival cysts, unspecified eye
H11811Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, right eye
H11812Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, left eye
H11813Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, bilateral
H11819Pseudopterygium of conjunctiva, unspecified eye
H11821Conjunctivochalasis, right eye
H11822Conjunctivochalasis, left eye
H11823Conjunctivochalasis, bilateral
H11829Conjunctivochalasis, unspecified eye
H1189Other specified disorders of conjunctiva
H119Unspecified disorder of conjunctiva
H15001Unspecified scleritis, right eye
H15002Unspecified scleritis, left eye
H15003Unspecified scleritis, bilateral
H15009Unspecified scleritis, unspecified eye
H15011Anterior scleritis, right eye
H15012Anterior scleritis, left eye
H15013Anterior scleritis, bilateral
H15019Anterior scleritis, unspecified eye
H15021Brawny scleritis, right eye
H15022Brawny scleritis, left eye
H15023Brawny scleritis, bilateral
H15029Brawny scleritis, unspecified eye
H15031Posterior scleritis, right eye
H15032Posterior scleritis, left eye
H15033Posterior scleritis, bilateral
H15039Posterior scleritis, unspecified eye
H15041Scleritis with corneal involvement, right eye
H15042Scleritis with corneal involvement, left eye
H15043Scleritis with corneal involvement, bilateral
H15049Scleritis with corneal involvement, unspecified eye
H15051Scleromalacia perforans, right eye
H15052Scleromalacia perforans, left eye
H15053Scleromalacia perforans, bilateral
H15059Scleromalacia perforans, unspecified eye
H15091Other scleritis, right eye
H15092Other scleritis, left eye
H15093Other scleritis, bilateral
H15099Other scleritis, unspecified eye
H15101Unspecified episcleritis, right eye
H15102Unspecified episcleritis, left eye
H15103Unspecified episcleritis, bilateral
H15109Unspecified episcleritis, unspecified eye
H15111Episcleritis periodica fugax, right eye
H15112Episcleritis periodica fugax, left eye
H15113Episcleritis periodica fugax, bilateral
H15119Episcleritis periodica fugax, unspecified eye
H15121Nodular episcleritis, right eye
H15122Nodular episcleritis, left eye
H15123Nodular episcleritis, bilateral
H15129Nodular episcleritis, unspecified eye
H15811Equatorial staphyloma, right eye
H15812Equatorial staphyloma, left eye
H15813Equatorial staphyloma, bilateral
H15819Equatorial staphyloma, unspecified eye
H15821Localized anterior staphyloma, right eye
H15822Localized anterior staphyloma, left eye
H15823Localized anterior staphyloma, bilateral
H15829Localized anterior staphyloma, unspecified eye
H15831Staphyloma posticum, right eye
H15832Staphyloma posticum, left eye
H15833Staphyloma posticum, bilateral
H15839Staphyloma posticum, unspecified eye
H15841Scleral ectasia, right eye
H15842Scleral ectasia, left eye
H15843Scleral ectasia, bilateral
H15849Scleral ectasia, unspecified eye
H15851Ring staphyloma, right eye
H15852Ring staphyloma, left eye
H15853Ring staphyloma, bilateral
H15859Ring staphyloma, unspecified eye
H1589Other disorders of sclera
H159Unspecified disorder of sclera
H16021Ring corneal ulcer, right eye
H16022Ring corneal ulcer, left eye
H16023Ring corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16029Ring corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16041Marginal corneal ulcer, right eye
H16042Marginal corneal ulcer, left eye
H16043Marginal corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16049Marginal corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16051Mooren's corneal ulcer, right eye
H16052Mooren's corneal ulcer, left eye
H16053Mooren's corneal ulcer, bilateral
H16059Mooren's corneal ulcer, unspecified eye
H16101Unspecified superficial keratitis, right eye
H16102Unspecified superficial keratitis, left eye
H16103Unspecified superficial keratitis, bilateral
H16109Unspecified superficial keratitis, unspecified eye
H16111Macular keratitis, right eye
H16112Macular keratitis, left eye
H16113Macular keratitis, bilateral
H16119Macular keratitis, unspecified eye
H16121Filamentary keratitis, right eye
H16122Filamentary keratitis, left eye
H16123Filamentary keratitis, bilateral
H16129Filamentary keratitis, unspecified eye
H16131Photokeratitis, right eye
H16132Photokeratitis, left eye
H16133Photokeratitis, bilateral
H16139Photokeratitis, unspecified eye
H16141Punctate keratitis, right eye
H16142Punctate keratitis, left eye
H16143Punctate keratitis, bilateral
H16149Punctate keratitis, unspecified eye
H16201Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16202Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16203Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16209Unspecified keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16211Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16212Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16213Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16219Exposure keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16221Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjogren's, right eye
H16222Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjogren's, left eye
H16223Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjogren's, bilateral
H16229Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, not specified as Sjogren's, unspecified eye
H16231Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16232Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16233Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16239Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16241Ophthalmia nodosa, right eye
H16242Ophthalmia nodosa, left eye
H16243Ophthalmia nodosa, bilateral
H16249Ophthalmia nodosa, unspecified eye
H16251Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16252Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16253Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16259Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16261Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, right eye
H16262Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, left eye
H16263Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, bilateral
H16269Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, with limbar and corneal involvement, unspecified eye
H16291Other keratoconjunctivitis, right eye
H16292Other keratoconjunctivitis, left eye
H16293Other keratoconjunctivitis, bilateral
H16299Other keratoconjunctivitis, unspecified eye
H16301Unspecified interstitial keratitis, right eye
H16302Unspecified interstitial keratitis, left eye
H16303Unspecified interstitial keratitis, bilateral
H16309Unspecified interstitial keratitis, unspecified eye
H16321Diffuse interstitial keratitis, right eye
H16322Diffuse interstitial keratitis, left eye
H16323Diffuse interstitial keratitis, bilateral
H16329Diffuse interstitial keratitis, unspecified eye
H16331Sclerosing keratitis, right eye
H16332Sclerosing keratitis, left eye
H16333Sclerosing keratitis, bilateral
H16339Sclerosing keratitis, unspecified eye
H16391Other interstitial and deep keratitis, right eye
H16392Other interstitial and deep keratitis, left eye
H16393Other interstitial and deep keratitis, bilateral
H16399Other interstitial and deep keratitis, unspecified eye
H16401Unspecified corneal neovascularization, right eye
H16402Unspecified corneal neovascularization, left eye
H16403Unspecified corneal neovascularization, bilateral
H16409Unspecified corneal neovascularization, unspecified eye
H16411Ghost vessels (corneal), right eye
H16412Ghost vessels (corneal), left eye
H16413Ghost vessels (corneal), bilateral
H16419Ghost vessels (corneal), unspecified eye
H16421Pannus (corneal), right eye
H16422Pannus (corneal), left eye
H16423Pannus (corneal), bilateral
H16429Pannus (corneal), unspecified eye
H16431Localized vascularization of cornea, right eye
H16432Localized vascularization of cornea, left eye
H16433Localized vascularization of cornea, bilateral
H16439Localized vascularization of cornea, unspecified eye
H16441Deep vascularization of cornea, right eye
H16442Deep vascularization of cornea, left eye
H16443Deep vascularization of cornea, bilateral
H16449Deep vascularization of cornea, unspecified eye
H168Other keratitis
H169Unspecified keratitis
H1700Adherent leukoma, unspecified eye
H1701Adherent leukoma, right eye
H1702Adherent leukoma, left eye
H1703Adherent leukoma, bilateral
H1710Central corneal opacity, unspecified eye
H1711Central corneal opacity, right eye
H1712Central corneal opacity, left eye
H1713Central corneal opacity, bilateral
H17811Minor opacity of cornea, right eye
H17812Minor opacity of cornea, left eye
H17813Minor opacity of cornea, bilateral
H17819Minor opacity of cornea, unspecified eye
H17821Peripheral opacity of cornea, right eye
H17822Peripheral opacity of cornea, left eye
H17823Peripheral opacity of cornea, bilateral
H17829Peripheral opacity of cornea, unspecified eye
H1789Other corneal scars and opacities
H179Unspecified corneal scar and opacity
H18001Unspecified corneal deposit, right eye
H18002Unspecified corneal deposit, left eye
H18003Unspecified corneal deposit, bilateral
H18009Unspecified corneal deposit, unspecified eye
H18011Anterior corneal pigmentations, right eye
H18012Anterior corneal pigmentations, left eye
H18013Anterior corneal pigmentations, bilateral
H18019Anterior corneal pigmentations, unspecified eye
H18021Argentous corneal deposits, right eye
H18022Argentous corneal deposits, left eye
H18023Argentous corneal deposits, bilateral
H18029Argentous corneal deposits, unspecified eye
H18031Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, right eye
H18032Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, left eye
H18033Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, bilateral
H18039Corneal deposits in metabolic disorders, unspecified eye
H18041Kayser-Fleischer ring, right eye
H18042Kayser-Fleischer ring, left eye
H18043Kayser-Fleischer ring, bilateral
H18049Kayser-Fleischer ring, unspecified eye
H18051Posterior corneal pigmentations, right eye
H18052Posterior corneal pigmentations, left eye
H18053Posterior corneal pigmentations, bilateral
H18059Posterior corneal pigmentations, unspecified eye
H18061Stromal corneal pigmentations, right eye
H18062Stromal corneal pigmentations, left eye
H18063Stromal corneal pigmentations, bilateral
H18069Stromal corneal pigmentations, unspecified eye
H1810Bullous keratopathy, unspecified eye
H1811Bullous keratopathy, right eye
H1812Bullous keratopathy, left eye
H1813Bullous keratopathy, bilateral
H1820Unspecified corneal edema
H18211Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, right eye
H18212Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, left eye
H18213Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, bilateral
H18219Corneal edema secondary to contact lens, unspecified eye
H18221Idiopathic corneal edema, right eye
H18222Idiopathic corneal edema, left eye
H18223Idiopathic corneal edema, bilateral
H18229Idiopathic corneal edema, unspecified eye
H18231Secondary corneal edema, right eye
H18232Secondary corneal edema, left eye
H18233Secondary corneal edema, bilateral
H18239Secondary corneal edema, unspecified eye
H1830Unspecified corneal membrane change
H18311Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, right eye
H18312Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, left eye
H18313Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, bilateral
H18319Folds and rupture in Bowman's membrane, unspecified eye
H18321Folds in Descemet's membrane, right eye
H18322Folds in Descemet's membrane, left eye
H18323Folds in Descemet's membrane, bilateral
H18329Folds in Descemet's membrane, unspecified eye
H18331Rupture in Descemet's membrane, right eye
H18332Rupture in Descemet's membrane, left eye
H18333Rupture in Descemet's membrane, bilateral
H18339Rupture in Descemet's membrane, unspecified eye
H1840Unspecified corneal degeneration
H18411Arcus senilis, right eye
H18412Arcus senilis, left eye
H18413Arcus senilis, bilateral
H18419Arcus senilis, unspecified eye
H18421Band keratopathy, right eye
H18422Band keratopathy, left eye
H18423Band keratopathy, bilateral
H18429Band keratopathy, unspecified eye
H1843Other calcerous corneal degeneration
H18441Keratomalacia, right eye
H18442Keratomalacia, left eye
H18443Keratomalacia, bilateral
H18449Keratomalacia, unspecified eye
H18451Nodular corneal degeneration, right eye
H18452Nodular corneal degeneration, left eye
H18453Nodular corneal degeneration, bilateral
H18459Nodular corneal degeneration, unspecified eye
H18461Peripheral corneal degeneration, right eye
H18462Peripheral corneal degeneration, left eye
H18463Peripheral corneal degeneration, bilateral
H18469Peripheral corneal degeneration, unspecified eye
H1849Other corneal degeneration
H1850Unspecified hereditary corneal dystrophies
H1851Endothelial corneal dystrophy
H1852Epithelial (juvenile) corneal dystrophy
H1853Granular corneal dystrophy
H1854Lattice corneal dystrophy
H1855Macular corneal dystrophy
H1859Other hereditary corneal dystrophies
H18601Keratoconus, unspecified, right eye
H18602Keratoconus, unspecified, left eye
H18603Keratoconus, unspecified, bilateral
H18609Keratoconus, unspecified, unspecified eye
H18611Keratoconus, stable, right eye
H18612Keratoconus, stable, left eye
H18613Keratoconus, stable, bilateral
H18619Keratoconus, stable, unspecified eye
H18621Keratoconus, unstable, right eye
H18622Keratoconus, unstable, left eye
H18623Keratoconus, unstable, bilateral
H18629Keratoconus, unstable, unspecified eye
H1870Unspecified corneal deformity
H18711Corneal ectasia, right eye
H18712Corneal ectasia, left eye
H18713Corneal ectasia, bilateral
H18719Corneal ectasia, unspecified eye
H18721Corneal staphyloma, right eye
H18722Corneal staphyloma, left eye
H18723Corneal staphyloma, bilateral
H18729Corneal staphyloma, unspecified eye
H18731Descemetocele, right eye
H18732Descemetocele, left eye
H18733Descemetocele, bilateral
H18739Descemetocele, unspecified eye
H18791Other corneal deformities, right eye
H18792Other corneal deformities, left eye
H18793Other corneal deformities, bilateral
H18799Other corneal deformities, unspecified eye
H18811Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, right eye
H18812Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, left eye
H18813Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, bilateral
H18819Anesthesia and hypoesthesia of cornea, unspecified eye
H18821Corneal disorder due to contact lens, right eye
H18822Corneal disorder due to contact lens, left eye
H18823Corneal disorder due to contact lens, bilateral
H18829Corneal disorder due to contact lens, unspecified eye
H18831Recurrent erosion of cornea, right eye
H18832Recurrent erosion of cornea, left eye
H18833Recurrent erosion of cornea, bilateral
H18839Recurrent erosion of cornea, unspecified eye
H18891Other specified disorders of cornea, right eye
H18892Other specified disorders of cornea, left eye
H18893Other specified disorders of cornea, bilateral
H18899Other specified disorders of cornea, unspecified eye
H189Unspecified disorder of cornea
H2000Unspecified acute and subacute iridocyclitis
H20011Primary iridocyclitis, right eye
H20012Primary iridocyclitis, left eye
H20013Primary iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20019Primary iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20021Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, right eye
H20022Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, left eye
H20023Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20029Recurrent acute iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20031Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, right eye
H20032Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, left eye
H20033Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20039Secondary infectious iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20041Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, right eye
H20042Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, left eye
H20043Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20049Secondary noninfectious iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H20051Hypopyon, right eye
H20052Hypopyon, left eye
H20053Hypopyon, bilateral
H20059Hypopyon, unspecified eye
H2010Chronic iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H2011Chronic iridocyclitis, right eye
H2012Chronic iridocyclitis, left eye
H2013Chronic iridocyclitis, bilateral
H2020Lens-induced iridocyclitis, unspecified eye
H2021Lens-induced iridocyclitis, right eye
H2022Lens-induced iridocyclitis, left eye
H2023Lens-induced iridocyclitis, bilateral
H20811Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, right eye
H20812Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, left eye
H20813Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, bilateral
H20819Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, unspecified eye
H20821Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, right eye
H20822Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, left eye
H20823Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, bilateral
H20829Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, unspecified eye
H209Unspecified iridocyclitis
H2100Hyphema, unspecified eye
H2101Hyphema, right eye
H2102Hyphema, left eye
H2103Hyphema, bilateral
H211X1Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, right eye
H211X2Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, left eye
H211X3Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, bilateral
H211X9Other vascular disorders of iris and ciliary body, unspecified eye
H21211Degeneration of chamber angle, right eye
H21212Degeneration of chamber angle, left eye
H21213Degeneration of chamber angle, bilateral
H21219Degeneration of chamber angle, unspecified eye
H21221Degeneration of ciliary body, right eye
H21222Degeneration of ciliary body, left eye
H21223Degeneration of ciliary body, bilateral
H21229Degeneration of ciliary body, unspecified eye
H21231Degeneration of iris (pigmentary), right eye
H21232Degeneration of iris (pigmentary), left eye
H21233Degeneration of iris (pigmentary), bilateral

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