State Program Integrity Review Reports List

Comprehensive State program integrity (PI) review reports (& respective follow-up review reports) provide CMS' assessment of the effectiveness of the State's PI efforts, including its compliance with Federal statutory & regulatory requirements. They also assist in identifying effective State PI activities which may be noteworthy & shared with other States. Focused PI review reports provide information on reviews conducted to examine specific areas of PI concern in one or more states.

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Date Fiscal Year State/ Territory Type of Report
2007-11-01 2007 Connecticut Comprehensive
2008-03-01 2007 Nevada Comprehensive
2008-05-01 2007 Arkansas Comprehensive
2008-06-01 2007 Delaware Comprehensive
2008-07-01 2007 Missouri Comprehensive
2008-07-01 2008 Oklahoma Comprehensive
2008-07-01 2007 Michigan Comprehensive
2008-09-01 2007 Oregon Comprehensive
2008-11-01 2008 Iowa Comprehensive
2008-11-01 2007 Virginia Comprehensive
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