Medicaid Program Integrity Education Infographics

The educational infographics contained on this page are intended to provide topic-based information in an easy to read format for all audiences.  

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The Medicare and Medicaid infographic (PDF) provides a brief overview of the two government programs that help people pay for health care; and how they differ.

The Medicaid Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) infographic (PDF) describes the importance of regular wellness checks for children enrolled in Medicaid.

Electronic Health Records Increasing the Quality of Care (PDF) infographic provides an overview of what electronic health records are and their importance.

The State-Directed Care vs. Self-Directed Care (PDF) discusses the differences between the two types of Medicaid services.

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation (PDF) covers the differences between what could and couldn't be classified as Emergency and Non-Emergency transportation in Medicaid.

Discharge Planning Protects You (PDF) infographic discusses the steps involved in a patient care plan after discharge. 

Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care (PDF) describes the similarities and differences between the two types. 

The Don'ts of Medicaid (PDF) provides information about the rules of Medicaid that beneficiaries need to know and follow to avoid misuse. 

Custodial Care vs. Skilled Care (PDF) covers the differences between the two as they relate to Long Term Care. 

Do You Know About Drug Diversion (PDF) explains the deflection of prescriptions drugs from medical sources into the illegal market. 

There Are Many Types of Medicaid Fraud (PDF) details some of the most common examples of Medicaid fraud. 

Want to learn more about protecting your Medicaid information?  Protect Your Medicaid Card and Number Protect Yourself (PDF) gives some do's and don'ts tips for protecting yourself from Medicaid fraud.

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