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State Data Resource Center

State Data Resource Center

The State Data Resource Center is available to assist State Medicaid Agencies with obtaining and using Medicare data for care coordination of Medicare-Medicaid enrollees (i.e., individuals enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid) and for program integrity activities. CMS awarded a contract to Acumen, LLC, to lead the State Data Resource Center.  

The State Data Resource Center (SDRC) provides information on the data available for the care coordination and program integrity activities, and assists with requesting the data. In addition, SDRC provides State Medicaid Agency staff direct access to Medicare data experts, who can assist with using the data as part of those Agencies’ care coordination and program integrity activities. States Medicaid Agencies can access this resource through the SDRC website.


The SDRC website ( houses a range of information on the Medicare data available to Agencies, the no-fee process for requesting that data, frequently asked questions about the data, and use restrictions.

Medicare Data Experts

The SDRC has also established and made available to State Agencies a team of Medicare data experts, who can advise Agencies on how to:

  • Understand Medicare data and its applicability to an Agency’s proposed intended use for care coordination and program integrity;
  • Obtain Medicare data from CMS, including gaining an approved Data Use Agreement (DUA) or addenda;
  • Link databases and creating analytic databases;
  • Address anomalies within CMS data—including assisting Agencies who may or may not be familiar with the data available at CMS and its use; and
  • Use available data, based on an Agency’s priorities for care coordination and program integrity.

Additionally, SDRC hosts periodic educational webinars related to the Medicare data and states' questions. 

Please note - if you have questions regarding a bill you have received, applying for Medicaid, how to obtain assistance with your health care costs, or billing a beneficiary, please visit:    

More Information

States interested in receiving assistance may visit the SDRC Website at