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ICD-10 Ombudsman and ICD-10 Coordination Center (ICC)

Welcome to the ICD-10 Coordination Center (ICC) Page.

For the first few months of the ICD-10 implementation, the ICD-10 Coordination Center served as a one-stop shop for provider questions.  Given the success of the implementation, the ICC is now closed.  

Many resources remain to help providers with ICD-10 questions.  We have a step-by-step resource list to help you locate important contacts quickly.  

For questions about coding:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services does not provide specific coding guidance, listed below are several resources that may be able to assist you:

The ICD-10 code lookup tool: 

For specific coding questions: Specific coding questions should be submitted to the American Hospital Association (the official US clearinghouse on medical coding) via

AHIMA is now also providing coding advice for a fee through their Code Check service. You can learn more information at this link:

Updated codes sets may be obtained free of charge at the following websites:

2016 ICD-10 CM:

2016 ICD-10 PCS: 

2017 ICD-10 CM:

2017 ICD-10 PCS:

ICD-10 CM Guidelines, maybe found at the following website:

For questions about General Equivalency Mappings:

Please refer to the following FAQ for more information on GEMs: 

For questions about Claims Processing and Payment or Local Coverage Determinations

Please contact your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for guidance. You can find the list of MACs at this link: 

For questions about National Coverage Determinations

For coverage determinations:

For other related ICD-10 Questions

For requests to update the ICD-10-CM codes, please note The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is responsible for the development and maintenance of ICD-10-CM. Please send your ICD-10-CM comments to: Donna Pickett, CDC

For requests to update ICD-10-PCS codes, send such recommendations to Mady Hue, CMS at

Additional information for requesting code updates trough the ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee may be found at

For recommendations or questions related to MS-DRG, you may address your concern to this resource mailbox:

For additional questions

Please contact your Regional Office if you have additional questions: