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CMS Issues a Document to Assist Providers Find Answers to their ICD-10 Questions

Recognizing that health care providers may need help with the ICD-10 transition, CMS has issued a new resource guide and contact list.

ICD-10 Ombudsman on CMS Transition Support

Help is available if you have problems with ICD-10:

New and Updated CMS Resources

The new ICD-10 Specialty Resources Guide offer providers ICD-10 coding resources, including case studies, webcasts, and concepts guides for common health conditions and medical specialties selected.  

CMS has updated and created key resources for use after the October 1, 2015, transition date:

Updated CMS-AMA Flexibility Guidance

On September 22, CMS released updated FAQs about the CMS-AMA flexibility guidance for Medicare FFS providers announced on July 6.

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