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Welcome to ICD-10 Blog by Sean Cavanaugh, Deputy Administrator and Director, Center for Medicare

New CMS Issues a Document to Assist Providers Find Answers to their ICD-10 Questions

Recognizing that health care providers may need help with the ICD-10 transition, CMS has issued a new resource guide and contact list.

CMS Issues Clarifying Questions and Answers Related to the July 6, 2015 CMS/AMA Joint Announcement and Guidance Regarding ICD-10 Flexibilities

In response to questions from the health care community, CMS has developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that provides clarification on the most commonly asked questions related to the joint CMS/AMA announcement. Please view the FAQs, for more guidance.

CMS and AMA Announce Efforts to Help Providers Get Ready For ICD-10.  Please view the guidance, for more details.

CMS Letter to Providers about ICD-10 readiness

CMS has issued letters to Medicare Fee-for-Service providers emphasizing the importance of readiness for ICD-10 and reminding them of the resources available from CMS and other organizations to get ready.

ICD-10 Resources Flyer

CMS has released a concise guide to ICD-10 resources. The guide focuses on quick references and key steps you can take to get ready for the October 1 transition.

Clinical Concepts Guides

To help physicians and other providers get quickly up to speed, CMS has launched the ICD-10 Clinical Concepts Series for specialties. Each guide in the series compiles key information from the Road to 10 online tool in a PDF format that can be readily shared, emailed, posted to a website, and printed. The guides include common ICD-10 codes, clinical documentation tips, clinical scenarios, and links to Road to 10.

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