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As HIPAA covered entities, States also must comply with use of the ICD-10 codes sets by the October 1, 2015, compliance date.

To help States implement ICD-10, CMS has developed an ICD-10 training package for State Medicaid agencies. The complete package includes 12 training segments that address Federal requirements and other aspects of ICD-10 implementation.

The training is a high-level review, intended primarily for State Medicaid managers, that focuses on assessment and planning, not the "nuts and bolts" of implementation. The 12 segments include:

  1. What Is ICD-10?
  2. Regulatory Requirements
  3. Benefits of Using ICD-10
  4. Further Movement Along the MITA Roadmap – Use of Clinical Data and Interoperability
  5. Effective Implementation of ICD-10
  6. Potential Programmatic and Technical Problems
  7. Impact on MITA Business Processes
  8. Forming the Implementation Team
  9. The Implementation Team that Gets It Right
  10. Where Are You In This Process and Timeline?
  11. Partner and Vendor Considerations
  12. Post Compliance Date Actions and Education and Training Processes


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State Medicaid Interactive Map


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