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Provider Customer Service Program


National Performance scores for January 2018 are now available at Contracting/FFSProvCustSvcGen/Performance-Data.html.

Welcome to the Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) Provider Customer Service Program (PCSP) web page.  It is designed to assist the Medicare FFS contractors (the contractors) in strengthening and enhancing their PCSPs in order to support the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) efforts to improve the provider experience.  By ensuring high quality, accurate and timely responses to provider inquiries, consistent and accurate provider outreach and education, and offering multiple, easy-to-use features in their provider self-service technologies, contractors can better serve the provider community.  The PCSP web pages also provide the contractors with up-to-date PCSP information and national statistical data. 

Contractor and CMS Communication

There are several ways in which CMS and the contractors can communicate on a consistent basis about the PCSP:

MLN Connects MAC Electronic Mailing List

CMS uses this electronic mailing list to distribute to contractors important, time-sensitive Medicare program information for providers, upcoming provider communications events, and other announcements.  In turn, contractors disseminate this information directly to their providers via their electronic mailing lists and post it on their provider education websites.

Currently, on a weekly basis, CMS disseminates the link to the MLN Connects™, an official Medicare Learning Network ® (MLN) branded CMS product that contains a week’s worth of news for Medicare providers.  Contractors may find archived editions at the MLN Connects Archive.  However, for dissemination and posting of MLN Connects, contractors must use the embedded link sent through the MLNConnectsMAC electronic mailing list.

PCSP Contractor User Group (PCUG)  

The PCUG conference call is held monthly with CMS and contractor staff.  This call allows CMS to update contractors on issues, directives and policies impacting the PCSP and provides a forum for contractors to ask questions and share ideas. The call takes place on the second Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PM Eastern Time.

Provider Services Mailbox  

The Provider Services mailbox is available to contractor PCSP staff to submit PCSP related comments, suggestions, questions and/or to respond to CMS PCSP requests.

If you are a Medicare fee-for-service provider/supplier and are looking for the most up-to date outreach and education information, please visit the Medicare Learning Network ® (MLN).