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CMS Standardized Provider Inquiry Chart

The CMS Standardized Provider Inquiry Chart provides common inquiry categories and definitions for contractors to use when tracking and reporting the nature of provider inquiry types for telephone and written inquiries. These categories are to be used to capture the reason for the inquiry. Standardized Provider Inquiry Chart (PDF).

Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

The Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist outlines the steps contractors will take to provide the best possible customer service when their contact center operations are impacted by natural disasters or technical issues.  Contractors can access the checklist at Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist (PDF)  

Provider Customer Service Program Activity Report (PAR) 

The PAR template has been updated. MACs are required to prepare and submit an annual PAR in accordance with section 20.7.2 of the Medicare Contractor Beneficiary and Provider Communications Manual, Chapter 6. The November 2021 PAR template shall be used by MAC with the deliverable due date of November 1, 2021 and later. If the PAR is due prior to November 2021, use the 11/2020 PAR template. 

PAR Template 11/2020 (PDF)

PAR Template 11/2021 (PDF)

Provider Service Plan (PSP) Template

Newly awarded MACs shall submit a one-time PSP in accordance with the deliverable schedule. Contractors shall use the most recent template dated December 2015.  PSP Template 12/2015 (PDF)

MAC Websites, Secure Internet Portals, & Electronic Mailing Lists

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Feedback Mechanism

Publication 100-9, Chapter 6, Section 50.2.3 (PDF) of the Internet Only Manual (IOM) requires contractors to post how providers can send comments to CMS about their contractors. Below lists the jurisdictions and their CMS contact.

MAC CMS E-mail Address
J6, J8, J15
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