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FY 2015 Proposed Rule Tables
Type of File

Below are the data tables for the FY 2015 Proposed Rule. The data files and impact file for the FY 2015 proposed rule are located on a separate list.

  1. Table 1A-1E: This excel spreadsheet contains the proposed FY 2015 Operating and Capital National and Puerto Rico Specific Standardized Amounts.
  2. Proposed FY 2015 Wage Index Tables: Contains two zip files. One zip file with proposed wage index tables using FY 2014 CBSA Delineations (Contains Tables 2-1, 3A-1, 3B-1, 4A-1, 4B-1, 4C-1, 4D-1, 4E-1, 4F-1, 9A-1, 9C-1). Second zip file containing proposed wage index tables using proposed FY 2015 CBSA Delineations (Contains Tables 2-2, 3A-2, 3B-2, 4A-2, 4B-2, 4C-2, 4D-2, 4E-2, 4F-2, 4J, 9A-2, 9C-2).
  3. Table 5: List of proposed MS-DRGs, Relative Weighting Factors and Geometric and Arithmetic Mean Length of Stay
  4. Tables 6I-6K: Table 6I Complete MCC list; Table 6J Complete CC list; Table 6K Complete list of CC exclusions for the MS-DRGs
  5. Tables 7A and 7B: Tables 7A and 7B contain the number of discharges, and selected percentile lengths of stay for both MS-DRGs, version 31 and MS-DRGs, version 32
  6. Tables 8A, 8B, and 8C: Tables 8A and 8B contain the proposed FY 2015 IPPS operating and capital statewide average cost-to-charge-ratios as published in the Federal Register. Tables 8C contains the proposed FY 2015 LTCH statewide average cost-to-charge-ratios as published in the Federal Register.
  7. Table 10: Contains the proposed cost thresholds by MS-DRG for the cost criteria for new technology add on payment applications for applications for FY 2016.
  8. Table 14: List of Hospitals with Fewer than 1,600 Medicare Discharges Based on the December 2013 update of the FY 2013 MedPAR file and Potentially Eligible Hospitals’ FY 2015 Low-Volume Payment Adjustment for Discharges Occurring Before April 1, 2015 (Eligibility for the low-volume payment adjustment is also dependent upon meeting the mileage criteria specified at § 412.101(b)(2)(ii) of the regulations.)
  9. Table 15: Proposed FY 2015 Readmissions Adjustment Factors
  10. Table 16: Proposed Updated Proxy Hospital Inpatient Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program Adjustment Factors for FY 2015
  11. Table 17: FY 2015 Preliminary Analysis of the Hospital Acquired Conditions Reduction Program
  12. Table 18: Proposed FY 2015 Medicare DSH Uncompensated Care Payment Factor 3