Highlights of the Program

The Phase I Medicare Health Support Programs tested a range of program models serving diverse populations in urban and rural areas. All program operations have ended as of August 31, 2008.

  • The awardees and the regions they served were:
    • Green Ribbon Health - Central Florida (program ended 8/15/08)
    • XL Health Corporation - Tennessee (program ended 7/31/08)
    • Aetna Health Management, LLC - Chicago, Illinois (program ended 8/31/08)
    • LifeMasters Support SelfCare, Inc. - Oklahoma (program ended 12/31/06)
    • McKesson Health Solutions, LLC - Mississippi (program ended 5/31/07)
    • CIGNA Healthcare - Northwest Georgia (program ended 01/14/07)
    • Health Dialog Services Corporation - Western Pennsylvania¬† (program ended 8/14/08)
    • American Healthways Inc. - Washington D.C. (program ended 7/31/08)
  • CMS is currently evaluating the results.¬† Per the statute, the final report is due no later than February 2013.
  • The Phase I programs served approximately 100,000 chronically ill beneficiaries.
  • The programs were intended to help increase adherence to evidence-based care, reduce unnecessary hospital stays and emergency room visits, and help participants avoid costly and debilitating complications and co-morbidities.
  • The programs offered self-care guidance and support to chronically ill beneficiaries to help them manage their health, adhere to their physicians' plan of care, and assure that they obtain medical care that they need to reduce their health risks.
  • The programs included collaboration with participants' providers to enhance communication of relevant clinical information.
  • The Program design incorporated a performance-based approach which included standards for quality improvement, savings to Medicare, and increased beneficiary satisfaction.

The results of the independent evaluation will be used to determine if a program (or program component) meets the statutory conditions for expansion.

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