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National Oncologic PET Registry (NOPR)

The following facilities have met the CMS's requirements for performing NaF-18 PET scans under National Coverage Determination CAG-00065R1.


Facility Name Date Approved State
Barnes-Jewish Hospital 03/07/2006 MO
Adler Institute for Advanced Imaging 03/07/2006 PA
Akron Regional PET Scan, LLC 03/07/2006 OH
American Radiology Services - Owings Mills 03/07/2006 MD
American Radiology Services - Waldorf 03/07/2006 MD
American Radiology Services - Frederick MD 03/07/2006 MD
American Radiology Services - Columbia MD 03/07/2006 MD
American Radiology Services - Timonium 03/07/2006 MD
Edison Imaging Center 03/07/2006 NJ
Baltimore Imaging Centers 03/07/2006 MD
Baptist Hospital PET/CT 03/07/2006 FL
PET/CT Imaging at White Marsh 03/07/2006 MD
Biomedical Research Foundation PET Imaging Ctr. 03/07/2006 LA
Bradley Regional PET Imaging 03/07/2006 TN
Broward PET Imaging Center, LLC 03/07/2006 FL
PET Imaging Institute of NJ 03/07/2006 NJ
Center for Medical Imaging - Florida Hosp. 03/07/2006 FL
Centro Sononuclear de Rio Piedras 03/07/2006 PR
Chattanooga Imaging East 03/07/2006 TN
Chester County PET Associates 03/07/2006 PA
Cincinnati PET Scan, LLC - Kenwood 03/07/2006 OH
Clinical PET of Citrus 03/07/2006 FL
Clinical PET of Ocala 03/07/2006 FL
Clinical PET of Lake City 03/07/2006 FL
Columbus Regional Hospital 03/07/2006 IN
Concord Imaging 03/07/2006 TX
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center 03/07/2006 NH
Dedicated PET Imaging 03/07/2006 OH
Diagnostic Imaging at Baywalk 03/07/2006 FL
Diablo Valley Oncology & Hematology Med. Group 03/07/2006 CA
Doylestown PET Associates 03/07/2006 PA
East Bay Medical Onc. - Hematology Assoc. Inc 03/07/2006 CA
East River Medical Imaging 03/07/2006 NY
El Camino Imaging Center 03/07/2006 NM
Excel Diagnostics Imaging Clinics 03/07/2006 TX
Florida Hospital Advanced Nuclear Imaging PET 03/07/2006 FL
Fort Jesse Imaging Center LLC 03/07/2006 IL
Fox Chase Cancer Center 03/07/2006 PA
Frederick Imaging Centers 03/07/2006 MD
Fusion Imaging Institute 03/07/2006 FL
Greater Niagra PET, LLC 03/07/2006 NY
High Point Regional Health System 03/07/2006 NC
Henry Ford, Department of Radiology 03/07/2006 MI
Highlands Oncology Group 03/07/2006 AR
Holy Name Hospital 03/07/2006 NJ
Holy Family Memorial Medical Center 03/07/2006 WI
YNHH- St. Raphael Campus 03/07/2006 CT
San Patricio MRI & CT Center 03/07/2006 PR
Imaging Center of Hartford Hospital 03/07/2006 CT
Indian Wells PET/CT Center 03/07/2006 CA
Imaging Technology Associates 03/07/2006 DC
San Francisco Magnetic Resonace Ctr. 03/07/2006 CA
Intermountain Medical Imaging 03/07/2006 ID
Kansas City Cancer Center - Kansas 03/07/2006 KS
Kansas City Cancer Center - Missouri 03/07/2006 MO
LakePointe PET 03/07/2006 OK
Kreitchman PET Center 03/07/2006 NY
Lakeshore PET Imaging, LLC 03/07/2006 IL
Las Cruces PET/CT Imaging 03/07/2006 NM
Lehigh Valley Diagnostic Imaging Pet/CT 03/07/2006 PA
LifeScan Louisville, LLC 03/07/2006 KY
Limerick PET Associates 03/07/2006 PA
LMR PET 03/07/2006 FL
Louisiana PET Imaging of Lake Charles, LLC 03/07/2006 LA
Insight Diagnostic Center - Forest Lane 03/07/2006 TX
MDI of Thousand Oaks 03/07/2006 CA
Metabolic Imaging of Laredo 03/08/2006 TX
Methodist Hospital PET Imaging Center 03/08/2006 CA
Metro Region Pet Center at Chevy Chase 03/08/2006 MD
Metro Region PET Ctr. at Woodburn Nuclear Med. 03/08/2006 VA
Michiana Hematology - Oncology, PC 03/08/2006 IN
Michigan State University - Radiology 03/08/2006 MI
Molecular Imaging of Suburban Chicago, LLC 03/08/2006 IL
Montclair Road Imaging LLC 03/08/2006 AL
Montefiore Medical Center 03/08/2006 NY
New Century Imaging 03/08/2006 NJ
Newport Diagnostic Center 03/08/2006 CA
Northern Kentucky PET Scan, LLC 03/08/2006 KY
Northwest Alabama Cancer Ctr. Radiolog. Services 03/08/2006 AL
Northwest Cancer Center 03/08/2006 TX
NSMS - Atlantic, IA 03/08/2006 IA
NSMS - Audubon, IA 03/08/2006 IA
NSMS - Bloomfield, IA 03/10/2006 KS
NSMS - Centerville, IA 03/10/2006 IA
NSMS - Carthage, IL 03/10/2006 IL
NSMS - Clarinda, IA 03/10/2006 IA
NSMS - El Dorado, AR 03/10/2006 AR
NSMS - Edwardsville, IL 03/10/2006 IL
NSMS - Farmington, MO 03/10/2006 MO
NSMS - Janesville, WI 03/10/2006 WI
NSMS - Hiawatha, KS 03/10/2006 KS
NSMS - Macomb, IL 03/10/2006 IL
NSMS - Keokuk, IA 03/10/2006 IA
NSMS - Moberly, MO 03/10/2006 MO
NSMS - Mountain Home, AR 03/10/2006 AR
NSMS - Poplar Bluff, MO 03/10/2006 MO
NSMS - Perryville, MO 03/10/2006 MO
NSMS - Russellville, AR 03/10/2006 AR
NSMS - Virginia, MN 03/10/2006 MN
Oakwood Hospital Medical Center 03/10/2006 MI
NSMS - West Plains, MO 03/10/2006 MO
Oakwood Southshore Medical Center 03/10/2006 MI
Ocean Medical Imaging Center 03/10/2006 NJ
Orange Advanced Imaging Center 03/10/2006 CA
Pacific Coast Imaging - Irvine 03/10/2006 CA
Genesis Healthcare Partners-Genesis Imaging 03/10/2006 CA
Pacific Coast Imaging - Newport 03/10/2006 CA
Pennsylvania PET Associates 03/10/2006 PA
Palm Beach Cancer Institute 03/10/2006 FL
PET Center of Western NY 03/10/2006 NY
PET Imaging Center at Harford County 03/10/2006 MD
PET Imaging Institute of South Florida - West 03/10/2006 FL
PET Scan Arizona - Peoria 03/10/2006 AZ
PET Imaging Institute of South Florida - East 03/10/2006 FL
PET/CT Diagnostic Medical Imaging, PC 03/10/2006 NY
PET Scan Arizona - Phoenix 03/10/2006 AZ
Precision Imaging 03/10/2006 MD
PET Center Ft. Worth 03/10/2006 TX
Premium Diagnostics Center 03/10/2006 OH
Radiology Group Imaging Center, LLC 03/10/2006 IA
New York MedScan 03/10/2006 NY
Rex Healthcare 03/10/2006 NC
San Fernando Regional PET Center 03/10/2006 CA
PET/CT Imaging Center of Northwest Florida 03/10/2006 FL
SC Cancer Specialists 03/10/2006 SC
University Hospital - Cincinnati 03/10/2006 OH
Shared PET Imaging, LLC - Granger IN 03/10/2006 IN
Shared PET Imaging, LLC - Terre Haute IN 03/10/2006 IN
Shared PET Imaging, LLC - Marion OH 03/10/2006 OH
South Jersey Radiology Associates, PA 03/10/2006 NJ
Southwest PET/CT Institute-Yuma 03/10/2006 AZ
St. Francis Health Center 03/10/2006 KS
Southwoods PET Scan LLC 03/10/2006 OH
St. Louis PET Centers, LLC 03/10/2006 MO
St. Vincent's PET Center, LLC 03/10/2006 AL
Tarzana Advanced Imaging 03/10/2006 CA
The PET/CT Center of North Florida 03/10/2006 FL
Texarkana PET Imaging Institute, LP 03/10/2006 TX
The Methodist Hospital PET Center 03/10/2006 TX
The PET/CT Scanning Center 03/10/2006 NC
Thompson Cancer Survival Ctr. PET Imaging Center 03/10/2006 TN
Thunderbird MRI and PET Center 03/10/2006 AZ
Tower Imaging Roxsan 03/10/2006 CA
Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group 03/10/2006 CA
Trident PET of Fayette 03/10/2006 GA
Trident PET of Savannah 03/10/2006 GA
Trident PET of Gwinnett 03/10/2006 GA
Union Square Diagnostic Imaging 03/10/2006 NY
UCLA - Dept. of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology 03/10/2006 CA
University Radiology Group 03/10/2006 NJ
Anne Arundel Medical Center 03/10/2006 MD
US Imaging Center Corp. LLC 03/10/2006 FL
Rolling Oaks Radiology 03/10/2006 CA
USC PET Imaging Science Center 03/10/2006 CA
Vero Radiology Associates, Inc 03/10/2006 FL
Ventura Coast Imaging Center 03/10/2006 CA
Washington Imaging Services, LLC 03/10/2006 WA
Washington Hospital Center 03/10/2006 DC
Renown X-ray and Imaging at 75 Kirman 03/10/2006 NV
Wesley Long Hospital - Moses Cone Health System 03/10/2006 NC
Westcoast Radiology 03/10/2006 FL
Wyoming Valley PET Associates 03/10/2006 PA
Youngstown Regional PET Scan 03/10/2006 OH
Sibley Memorial Hospital 03/10/2006 DC
XRC Medical Imaging 03/10/2006 IN
Lerman Diagnostic Imaging 03/10/2006 NY
University Imaging at Science Park 03/10/2006 NY
Kadlec Medical Center/Nuclear Medicine Dept. 03/10/2006 WA
PET/CT Imaging at Swedish Cancer Institute 03/10/2006 WA
National P.E.T. Scan Duval, LLC 03/10/2006 FL
National P.E.T. Scan Pinellas, LLC 03/10/2006 FL
National P.E.T. Scan Dade, LLC 03/10/2006 FL
National P.E.T. Scan Broward, LLC 03/10/2006 FL
Scottsdale Medical Imaging, Ltd. 03/10/2006 AZ
Lakes Regional General Hospital 03/10/2006 NH
Northern California PET Imaging Center 03/10/2006 CA
Northern California PET Imaging Center - Mobile 03/10/2006 CA
Advanced Medical Imaging 03/10/2006 NJ
St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center 03/10/2006 AR
Northern California PET Imaging Center - VAPA 03/10/2006 CA
Lincoln Trail Diagnostics 03/10/2006 KY
LifeScan Imaging 03/10/2006 NJ
City of Hope 03/10/2006 CA
Hackettstown Regional Medical Center 03/10/2006 NJ
Imaging Alliance - Nashville PET, LLC 03/10/2006 TN
Molecular Imaging of Bradenton 03/10/2006 FL
Molecular Imaging of Charlotte County 03/10/2006 FL
Imaging For Life 03/10/2006 FL
Columbus Circle Imaging 03/10/2006 NY
Seattle Nuclear Medicine/Ultrasound Associates 03/10/2006 WA
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 03/10/2006 MA
Bryn Mawr Imaging Center - Pet 03/10/2006 PA
Boca Raton Community Hospital 03/10/2006 FL
Centro Tomograficio de PR, Inc. 03/10/2006 PR
Cookeville Regional Medical Center 03/10/2006 TN
Instituto Central de Diagnostico, Inc. 03/10/2006 PR
Miami Valley Hospital 03/10/2006 OH
Midwest Regional PET/CT Center 03/10/2006 SD
Mission Hospital, PET Center 03/10/2006 NC
Mobile Molecular Imaging, LLC 03/10/2006 AL
Orange County Diagnostic Rad Inc. 03/13/2006 CA
Nevada Cancer Institute Medical Group 03/13/2006 NV
Positron Emission Tomography Institute at Hampton 03/13/2006 VA
Positron Imaging Facility 03/13/2006 TX
Positron PET/CT of the Southern Tier 03/13/2006 NY
Radiology Regional Center, PA, Inc-Naples 03/13/2006 FL
Somascan, Inc 03/13/2006 PR
Somascan Plaza, Inc. 03/13/2006 PR
Southern Indiana Radiological Associates 03/13/2006 IN
South Nassau PET 03/13/2003 NY
Southern Illinois Cancer Center 03/13/2006 IL
Physicians Regional Medical Center 03/13/2006 TN
Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging 03/13/2006 TX
Tower Diagnostic Center 03/13/2003 FL
Torrance Morial Medical Center 03/13/2006 CA
University of Colorado Hospital (AOP) 03/13/2006 CO
Dan Ben-Zeev, M.D. 03/13/2006 CA
Esther Quijoy Catalya, M.D. 03/13/2006 CA
Valley PET Institute 03/13/2006 CA
Crittenton Hospital Medical Center 03/13/2006 MI
Midwest Center for Advanced Imaging 03/13/2006 IL
Medical Specialists of Palm Beaches, Inc 03/13/2006 FL
Radiology Regional Center, PA, Inc - RPET 03/13/2006 FL
Good Samaritan Hospital 03/13/2006 IN
Central Indiana Cancer Center 03/13/2006 IN
Community Memorial Hospital, Medical Imaging 03/13/2006 WI
Olympic Radiology 03/13/2006 WA
Capitol Imaging 03/13/2006 CA
National Medical Imaging - Bryn Mawr 03/13/2006 PA
National Medical Imaging - Philadelphia 03/13/2006 PA
Florida Institute for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging 03/13/2006 FL
University of VA Health System, Radiology 03/13/2006 VA
Roseville PET & Nuclear Medicine Imaging 03/13/2006 CA
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 03/13/2006 NY
Northeast PET Imaging Center 03/13/2006 PA
Joliet Oncology-Hematology Assoc., LTD 03/13/2006 IL
Saint Luke's Hospital 03/13/2006 MO
Mercy Medical Center 03/13/2006 OH
Dayton Medical Imaging Center 03/13/2006 OH
Community Radiology of Virginia 03/13/2006 VA
Bab Radiology - Hauppauge 03/13/2006 NY
Bab Radiology - Huntington 03/13/2006 NY
Center for Diagnostic Imaging - Mendota Heights 03/13/2006 MN
Huntsville Hospital Imaging Center 03/13/2006 AL
Highway Imaging Associates, LLP 03/13/2006 NY
Park South Imaging Center 03/13/2006 FL
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center 03/13/2006 LA
Hinsdale PET Scan, LLC 03/13/2006 IL
Indianapolis Regional PET Scan, LLC 03/13/2006 IN
Del Amo PET Imaging Center 03/13/2006 CA
Robert D. Russo, & Associates Radiology, PC 03/13/2006 CT
Community Cancer Center 05/03/2006 OR
Grenada Diagnostic Radiology 05/03/2006 MS
High Tech Medical Park 05/03/2006 IL
Indiana Regional PET Imaging 05/03/2006 IN
Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging, Inc 05/03/2006 FL
James PET/CT Imaging Center 05/03/2006 OH
Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital 05/03/2006 NE
Lancaster PET Imaging 05/03/2006 PA
Maplewood Cancer Center-MOHPA 05/03/2006 MN
Titusville Area Hospital 05/03/2006 PA
Memorial Hospital 05/03/2006 PA
Mercy Regional Health Center 05/03/2006 KS
Northwest Indiana PET/CT Center 05/03/2006 AL
Northshore Regional PET Scan, LLC 05/03/2006 IL
PET Fusion Imaging 05/03/2006 IN
River Oaks Imaging & Diagnostics 05/03/2006 TX
Regional PET Scan, LLC - Beachwood 05/03/2006 OH
Regional PET Scan, LLC - Fairview 05/03/2006 OH
Regional PET Scan, LLC - Ridgepark 05/03/2006 OH
Swedish Medical Center 05/03/2006 CO
Toledo Regional PET Scan, LLC 05/03/2006 OH
Tucson PET Imaging 05/03/2006 AZ
University MRI 05/03/2006 FL
Christian Hospital 05/03/2006 MO
DRA Imaging PC 05/03/2006 NY
Cleveland Clinic Star Imaging 05/03/2006 OH
Rhode Island PET Services - St Josephs 05/03/2006 RI
Rhode Island PET Services - Landmark 05/03/2006 RI
Rhode Island PET Services - Roger Williams 05/03/2006 RI
Forest City Diagnosic Imaging 05/03/2006 IL
New England Molecular Imaging - York 05/03/2006 ME
Pavillion Imaging 05/03/2006 CO
Lifescan Chicago 05/03/2006 IL
Southeast Medical Imaging 05/03/2006 PA
The Western Pennsylvania Hospital 05/03/2006 PA
Southtowns PET/CT 05/03/2006 NY
Main Street Radiology - Bayside 05/03/2006 NY
West VA Univ Center for Advanced Imaging 05/03/2006 WV
Twin Lakes Medical Specialist PA 05/03/2006 AR
Margaret R. Pardee Memorial Hospital 05/03/2006 NC
Sierra Imaging 05/03/2006 AZ
Aspirus Wausau Hospital 05/03/2006 WI
Cleveland Clinic 05/03/2006 OH
Loyola University Health System 05/03/2006 IL
PET Fusion Center 05/03/2006 LA
Ingalls Family Care center 05/03/2006 IL
United Regional Medical Center 05/03/2006 TN
Meridian North Imaging Center 05/03/2006 IN
Hasnat Ahmed, MD 05/03/2006 CA
Joel Bernstein, MD 05/03/2006 CA
Cancer Center Oncology Med. Group 05/06/2006 CA
Firelands Regional Medical Center 05/03/2006 OH
Richard Just, MD 05/03/2006 CA
United Radiology - Greenbelt 05/03/2006 MD
Michael Kipper, MD 05/03/2006 CA
McLaren Regional Medical Center 05/03/2006 MI
United Radiology - Rockville 05/03/2006 MD
Lapeer Regional Medical Center 05/03/2006 MI
Bay Regional Medical Center 05/03/2006 MI
Scottsdale Medical Imaging, Ltd.-SW Diagnostics 05/03/2006 AZ
Valley Medical Oncology Consultants, Inc. 05/03/2006 CA
PET Imaging of Dallas - Northeast 05/03/2006 TX
PET Imaging of Dallas 05/03/2006 TX
PET Imaging of ELMC 05/03/2006 CO
PET Imaging of Houston - Southeast 05/03/2006 TX
Zwanger -Pesiri 05/03/2006 NY
Las Calinas PET Imaging, LLP 05/03/2006 TX
Iowa Blood & Cancer Care, PLC 05/03/2006 IA
Hackensack University Medical Center 05/03/2006 NJ
McLeod PET Imaging Center 05/03/2006 SC
Center for Diagnostic Imaging 05/03/2006 FL
PET Imaging of Houston - West 05/03/2006 TX
Charleston Radiologists, PA 05/03/2006 SC
PET Imaging of Oklahoma City 05/03/2006 OK
PET Imaging of Sugarland 05/03/2006 TX
University Hospitals of Cleveland 05/03/2006 OH
Tarrant Diagnostic Imaging 05/03/2006 TX
PET Imaging of The Woodlands 05/03/2006 TX
Wyandot Memorial Hospital 05/03/2006 OH
Oregon Health & Science University 05/03/2006 OR
Hudson Valley PET Imaging, LLC 05/03/2006 NY
Sinai Hospital of Baltimore 05/03/2006 MD
Associates in Radiology of Plattsburgh, NY 05/03/2006 NY
Affiliated PET Systems - Rockville 05/03/2006 MD
Lake Medical Imaging & Breast Center 05/03/2006 FL
Affiliated PET Systems - Silver Spring 05/03/2006 MD
Lake Imaging Center 05/06/2006 FL
Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center 05/03/2006 WV
Clinical PET of Leesburg 05/03/2006 FL
Greene Medical Imaging PC 05/03/2006 NY
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - Norwood Hospital 05/03/2006 MA
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - New England Med Ctr 05/03/2006 MA
Elkhart General Hospital 05/03/2006 IN
Austin, Radiological Assn - Midtown 05/03/2006 TX
Global PET Imaging, LLC 05/03/2006 IL
PET Imaging of San Francisco 05/03/2006 CA
PET/CT Imaging of Berkeley 05/03/2006 CA
Western Maryland Health System - Sacred Heart Campus 05/03/2006 MD
Desert PET Imaging, LLC 05/03/2006 CA
Utah Cancer Specialist 05/03/2006 UT
Washington Radiology Associates, PC 05/03/2006 DC
Advanced Imaging Concepts, PL 05/03/2006 FL
Mansfield Imaging Center 05/03/2006 OH
University of Kansas Hospital 05/03/2006 KS
PET Imaging of SWLA LLC 05/03/2006 LA
Community Imaging Partners of Frederick 05/03/2006 MD
Community Imaging Partners of Olney 05/03/2006 MD
Methodist West Hospital PET Imaging Center 05/03/2006 TN
Imaging Central LLC 05/03/2006 OH
Advanced Radiology-Harford Imaging 05/03/2006 MD
Advanced Radiology-Cross Roads 05/03/2006 MD
Advanced Radiology-PET Imaging of MD 05/03/2006 MD
Cancer & Blood Disease Center 05/03/2006 FL
Huntington Outpatient Imaging Center, INC 05/03/2006 CA
Universal Imaging INC 05/03/2006 MI
Berger Health System 05/03/2006 OH
Contemporary Imaging-Trenton 05/03/2006 MI
Cancer Center of the Carolinas 05/03/2006 SC
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center 05/03/2006 IL
Sacred Heart - St Mary's Hospitals INC 05/03/2006 WI
Capital Region Radiation Therapy & Imaging 05/03/2006 MO
Aztech Radiology-Apache Trail 05/03/2006 AZ
Aztech Radiology-Casa Grande 05/03/2006 AZ
Missouri Cancer Associates 05/03/2006 MO
White River Medical Center 05/03/2006 AR
Englewood Hospital & Medical Center 05/03/2006 NJ
Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers - South 05/03/2006 CO
Regional Imaging & Therapeutic Radiology Svcs 05/03/2006 NY
Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers - North 05/03/2006 CO
Molecular Imaging - Bethesda North 05/03/2006 OH
Kettering Medical Center 05/03/2006 OH
Columbus Medical Institute of NY 05/03/2006 NY
Meadville Medical Center 05/03/2006 PA
Singing River Hospital 05/03/2006 MS
Chambersburg Hospital - Radiology 05/03/2006 PA
Sharon Regional Health System 05/03/2006 PA
Northern Ohio Imaging Center 05/03/2006 OH
The Emory Clinic 05/03/2006 GA
Alegent Health Bergan Mercy Medical Center 05/03/2006 NE
University Center Imaging 05/03/2006 OH
Elk Regional Health Center 05/03/2006 PA
Health Park Hospital 05/03/2006 AR
Johnsonburg Health Center 05/03/2000 PA
Jane Phillips Medical Center 05/03/2006 OK
NEO-PET CRC Imaging 05/03/2006 OH
PET Imaging Center of Delaware County - DCMH 05/03/2006 PA
North Main Imaging Center 05/03/2006 OH
PET Imaging Center of Delaware County - Springfield 05/03/2006 PA
Sinai-Grace Hospital 05/03/2006 MI
East Memphis PET Imaging 05/03/2006 TN
UPMC - PET Imaging Facility 05/03/2006 PA
David C. Pratt Cancer Center 05/03/2006 MO
Rhode Island Hospital 05/03/2006 RI
Lewistown Hospital 05/03/2006 PA
Jameson Hospital 05/03/2006 PA
Lawrence Memorial Hospital 05/03/2006 KS
Arlington Heights Radiology Center, LLC 05/03/2006 IL
Oregon Imaging Center 05/03/2006 OR
North Texas PET Imaging 05/03/2006 TX
Morristown Memorial Hospital 05/03/2006 NJ
Baton Rouge Radiology Group 05/03/2006 LA
Decatur Health Imaging, LLC 05/03/2006 AL
Winchester Medical Center 05/03/2006 VA
Health Imaging Services, LLC 05/03/2006 AL
North Carolina Baptist Hospital 05/03/2006 NC
PET Imaging of Brevard 05/03/2006 FL
PET/CT Imaging of the Mainline 05/03/2006 PA
PET/CT Imaging of Ramapa Radiology 05/03/2006 NY
Saint Barnabas Outpatient Center 05/03/2006 NJ
New England Molecular Imaging - Mercy Hospital 05/03/2006 ME
Medical University of South Carolina PET/CT 05/03/2006 SC
Akron General Medical Center 05/03/2006 OH
New England Molecular Imaging - Penobscot Bay 05/03/2006 ME
New England Molecular Imaging - Central Maine 05/03/2006 ME
Imaging Consultants Inc - Berkshire 05/03/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Boston PET 05/03/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Boston Medical 05/03/2006 MA
Baptist Memorial Hospital PET Center 05/03/2006 TN
Ann G Fetters Diagnostic Imaging Center 05/03/2006 CA
Inland Imaging, LLC 05/03/2006 WA
University of Chicago Hospitals 05/03/2006 IL
Tennessee Oncology PET Services 05/03/2006 TN
Tennessee PET Scan 05/03/2006 TN
Texas Oncology - Harris Center HEB 05/03/2006 TX
Greater Dayton Cancer Center 05/03/2006 OH
Martha Jefferson Hospital 05/03/2006 VA
Modern Diagnostic Imaging 05/03/2006 AZ
Christiana Care Nuclear Medicine/PET 05/03/2006 DE
Advanced Imaging of Port Charlotte LLC 05/03/2006 FL
South Carolina Oncology Associates 05/03/2006 SC
Access Health Imaging 05/03/2006 AR
PET/CT Services of Florida - Beverly Hills 05/03/2006 FL
PET/CT Services of Florida - Ocala 05/03/2006 FL
Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center 05/03/2006 OH
Papastavros Associates Medical Imaging 05/03/2006 DE
PET Imaging of Willowbrook 05/03/2006 TX
PET Imaging of Northern Colorado 05/03/2006 CO
Temecula Valley Advanced Imaging 05/03/2006 CA
Saint Anthony Memorial Health Center 05/03/2006 IN
Clinton Crossings Imaging 05/03/2006 NY
NSMS - Shelby County 05/03/2006 WI
Verrazano Radiology, PC 05/03/2006 NY
Imaging Consultants Inc - Brockton Hospital 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Cape Cod 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Falmouth 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Holyoke 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Jordan 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Mercy Medical 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Lawrence Memorial 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Milford 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Quincy 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Saints Memorial 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Truesdale 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Twin City 05/04/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Worcester 05/04/2006 MA
Sentara Mobile PET/CT - Lake Wright 05/04/2006 VA
Sentara Mobile PET/CT - Princess Anne 05/04/2006 VA
NSMS - Flora, IL 05/04/2006 IL
NSMS - Belleville, IL 05/04/2006 WI
SSM DePaul Health Center 05/04/2006 MO
NSMS - Breese, IL 05/04/2006 IL
Memorial MRI and Diagnostic 05/11/2006 TX
Adventist Health PET/CT - Sonora 05/11/2006 CA
Mease Outpatient Imaging 05/11/2006 FL
Bardmoor Outpatient Center 05/11/2006 FL
Trinity Outpatient Center 05/11/2006 FL
Valley Radiology Imaging at Samaritan 05/11/2006 CA
Forest Hills PET Imaging 05/11/2006 NY
Yagnesh Oza, MD 05/12/2006 IL
Moffitt Cancer Center 05/12/2006 FL
PrimeMed Imaging 05/12/2006 PA
Rockville PET Imaging, P.C 05/12/2006 NY
Rapid City Regional Hospital Medical Imaging Serv 05/12/2006 SD
Porter Adventist Hospital 05/12/2006 CO
Billings MRI Center 05/12/2006 MT
Northeastern PA Imaging Center 05/12/2006 PA
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center 05/12/2006 WI
Palm Beach Cancer Institute - West Palm Beach 05/12/2006 FL
Bryn Mawr Imaging Center 05/12/2006 PA
Oncology Alliance 05/12/2006 WI
Shared PET Maimonides 05/12/2006 NY
Akron City Hospital 05/12/2006 OH
Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center 05/12/2006 CA
Rome Imaging Center 05/12/2006 GA
Hawaii PET Imaging 05/12/2006 HI
Osceola Cancer Center 05/12/2006 FL
Valley Radiologists Ltd. - Paseo II Office 06/13/2006 AZ
The Johns Hopkins PET Center 06/13/2006 MD
Maklansky, Grunter, Kurzban, Cohen, ZImmer, Hyman 06/13/2006 NY
Methodist Medical Center of Illinois 06/13/2006 IL
Middletown Regional Hospital 06/13/2006 OH
Waukesha Memorial Hospital 06/13/2006 WI
Battle Creek Health System 06/13/2006 MI
Orlando Regional Medical Center 06/13/2006 FL
Carolinas HealthCare System-NorthEast 06/13/2006 NC
Advance PET Imaging 06/13/2006 NY
Premier Medical Imaging 06/13/2006 OH
Premier PET Imaging of Wichita 06/13/2006 KS
Olympic Medical Center 06/13/2006 WA
Health Center Northwest 06/13/2006 MT
Premier PET Imaging of Jacksonville 06/13/2006 FL
Ashland Bellefonte Cancer Center 06/13/2006 KY
Tower Imaging BBD 06/13/2006 FL
The PET Center of Oxford 06/13/2006 AL
Shared PET Mem Lighthouse 06/13/2006 IN
Shared PET Hope Cancer Center 06/13/2006 IN
Athens Regional Medical Center 06/13/2006 GA
Muskogee PET & Nuclear Imaging 06/13/2006 OK
Lubbock Imaging Center 06/13/2006 TX
Memorial Medical Center 06/13/2006 IL
Medical Center of Plano 06/13/2006 TX
Carolinas Medical Center 06/13/2006 NC
Redwood Regional Medical Group dba Santa Rosa Radi 06/13/2006 CA
River Radiology 06/13/2006 NY
Piedmont Medical Center 06/13/2006 SC
Mid American Imaging-Salem 06/13/2006 OH
Alliance Imaging-Sparks 06/13/2006 AR
Radiology Imaging Associates 06/13/2006 FL
NSMS - Ottawa, IL 06/13/2006 WI
Western Baptist Hospital 06/13/2006 KY
St. Anthony Regional Hospital 06/13/2006 IA
Alliance Imaging-Sequoia Hospital 06/13/2006 CA
Alliance Imaging-Tri City Med Ctr 06/13/2006 CA
Alliance Imaging - Southwest Medical Imaging 06/13/2006 AZ
Alliance Imaging-North Idaho Imaging 06/13/2006 ID
Froedtert Hospital 06/13/2006 WI
Alliance Imaging-Flagstaff Medical Center 06/13/2006 AZ
South Florida Oncology and Hematology Consultants 06/13/2006 FL
Alliance Imaging-Sierra Vista 06/13/2006 AZ
Alliance Imaging-St. Joseph Eureka 06/13/2006 CA
Alliance Imaging-Corvallis Clinic 06/13/2006 OR
Alliance Imaging-Verde Valley Med Ctr 06/13/2006 AZ
Alliance Imaging-Union Hosp Cecil 06/13/2006 MD
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital - Ann Arbor 06/13/2006 MI
St. Clare Medical Center 06/13/2006 IN
Southeast GYN, Oncology PET 06/13/2006 FL
Southwest Cancer Care Medical Group 06/13/2006 CA
Radiology Associates of Venice and Englewood, P.A. 06/13/2006 FL
Langlade Memorial Hospital Oncology 06/13/2006 WI
North Shore Hematology Oncology Associates PC 06/13/2006 NY
Providence Holy Cross Imaging Center 06/13/2006 CA
Alaska Open Imaging Center, LLC 06/13/2006 AK
Temecula Valley Nuclear Medicine 06/13/2006 CA
Hematology Oncology Assoc. of the Treasure Coast 06/13/2006 FL
The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders 06/13/2006 TX
Alliance Imaging-South Coast Med Ctr 06/13/2006 CA
University of Michigan, Department of Radiology 06/13/2006 MI
The Medical Center at Bowling Green 06/13/2006 KY
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center 06/13/2006 MD
Clearfield Hospital 06/13/2006 PA
Carmichael Imaging, LLC 06/13/2006 AL
Clinical Pet of Hernando 06/13/2006 FL
Clinical PET of Zepherhills 06/13/2006 FL
Santa Monica Bay Physicians 06/13/2006 CA
Missouri Baptist Medical Center 06/13/2006 MO
Radiology Associates of Tallahassee, P.A. 06/13/2006 FL
Medical Group of North County 06/13/2006 CA
Somerset Community Hospital 06/13/2006 PA
Elmbrook Memorial Hospital 06/13/2006 WI
San Luis Diagnostic Medical Associates 06/13/2006 CA
Cancer Care Centers of S.Texas,P.A.(New Braunfels) 06/13/2006 TX
Cancer Care Centers of S.Texas,P.A.(San Antonio) 06/13/2006 TX
Pacific Medical Imaging and Oncology Center, Inc. 06/13/2006 CA
Cancer Care Centers of S.Texas,P.A.(Kerrville) 06/13/2006 TX
San Antonio Molecular Imaging SAMI 06/13/2006 TX
Northern IL Cancer Tx Center 06/13/2006 IL
Cancer Care Center 06/13/2006 IN
Southeast Texas PET Imaging 06/13/2006 TX
Sun City West PET Scan 06/13/2006 AZ
Diagnos, Inc. DBA Diagnos PET/CT Imaging 06/13/2006 TX
Alliance Imaging-Washington Hosp 06/13/2006 CA
Alliance Imaging-Corona Reg Hosp 06/14/2006 CA
Alliance Imaging-Downey Reg Med Ctr 06/14/2006 CA
Alliance Imaging-Visalia Med Clinic 06/14/2006 CA
Alliance Imaging-Anaheim Memorial Med Ctr 06/14/2006 CA
Glendale Diagnostic Imaging Network Medical Office 06/14/2006 CA
Elizabethtown Hematology-Oncology PLC 06/14/2006 KY
Advanced Imaging at Baybrook 06/14/2006 NY
Suburban Imaging - Coon Rapids 06/14/2006 MN
Covenant Medical Center 06/14/2006 IA
InnerVision Advanced Medical Imaging 06/14/2006 IN
Thousand Oaks Diagnostic Imaging Center 06/14/2006 CA
UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - PET Facility 06/14/2006 TX
Emory University Hospital 06/14/2006 GA
Glendale MRI Institute 06/14/2006 CA
North Central Imaging 06/14/2006 TX
Caromont Imaging Services 06/14/2006 NC
Alamance Regional Medical Center 06/14/2006 NC
Verrazano Radiology 06/14/2006 NY
Ortonville Area Health Services 06/14/2006 MN
Total Imaging Sun City 06/14/2006 FL
Centegra Health System 06/14/2006 IL
Boston Diagnostic Imaging 06/14/2006 FL
NSMS - Sparta, IL 06/14/2006 WI
Alliance Imaging-Fairfield Hosp 06/14/2006 IL
Anderson Hospital 06/14/2006 IL
Alliance Imaging-Dean 06/14/2006 WI
Alliance Imaging-St. Joseph 06/14/2006 MO
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Silvercross 06/14/2006 IL
Silver Spring Radiology 06/14/2006 MD
Stanford University 06/14/2006 CA
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Hackley 06/14/2006 MI
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Lima 06/14/2006 OH
Golf Diagnostic Imaging Center 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Streator 06/14/2006 IL
Manhattan Diagnostic Radiology 06/14/2006 NY
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital 06/14/2006 VA
Mid American Imaging-Union Hosp 06/14/2006 OH
Gundersen Clinic 06/14/2006 WI
University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview 06/14/2006 MN
Cancer Centers of Florida 06/14/2006 FL
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 06/14/2006 CA
Cancer Centers of Florida 06/14/2006 FL
Cancer Centers of Florida 06/14/2006 FL
Piedmont Medical Center 06/14/2006 GA
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Litchfield 06/14/2006 IL
Truxtun Radiology Medical Group, L.P. 06/14/2006 CA
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Comm Anderson 06/14/2006 IN
Central Indiana PET, LLC 06/14/2006 IN
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Covenant Urbana 06/14/2006 IL
Queens Medical Imaging, PC 06/14/2006 NY
NYOH PET/CT Imaging 06/14/2006 NY
Conroe Regional Medical Center 06/14/2006 TX
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Community North 06/14/2006 IN
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Community South 06/14/2006 IN
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Defiance Regional 06/14/2006 OH
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Rockford Memorial 06/14/2006 IL
Arlington Cancer Center 06/14/2006 TX
Jupiter Medical Center 06/14/2006 FL
Cheyenne Radiology Group and MRI, PC 06/14/2006 WY
Hunterdon Imaging, P.A. 06/14/2006 NJ
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Elmhurst Medical 06/14/2006 IL
Magnolia Regional Center 06/14/2006 MS
Jupiter Hematology-Oncology Assoc 06/14/2006 FL
Southwest Regional Cancer Center 06/14/2006 TX
So. Ocean County Hospital 06/14/2006 NJ
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Chicago Ridge 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Preferred Family 06/14/2006 IN
Saint Agnes Medical Center 06/14/2006 CA
Northgate Medical Imaging, LLC 06/14/2006 IN
Ball Memorial Hospital 06/14/2006 IN
The MRI Center 06/14/2006 OH
St. Joseph Regional Health Center 06/14/2006 TX
Steinberg Diagnostic (SDMI) 06/14/2006 NV
MRI CTR St. Anne Mercy Hosp 06/14/2006 OH
MRI CTR St. Charles Mercy Hosp 06/14/2006 OH
MRI CTR St. Luke's Hospital 06/14/2006 OH
MRI CTR St Vincent Medical Ctr 06/14/2006 OH
MRI CTR Toledo Hospital 06/14/2006 OH
McAlester Regional Health Center 06/14/2006 OK
Mercy Regional Medical Center 06/14/2006 CO
UNC Hospitals 06/14/2006 NC
DeKalb Medical Center - Diagnostic Imaging Center 06/14/2006 GA
Vanderbilt University Medical Center 06/14/2006 TN
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - St Mary's Decatur 06/14/2006 IL
New York Pet and CTA Imaging Center 06/14/2006 NY
Superior Medical Diagnostics II, LLC 06/14/2006 NJ
Oncology Specialists, S.C. 06/14/2006 IL
Hahnemann University Hospital 06/14/2006 PA
Shrewsbury Diagnostic Imaging, LLC 06/14/2006 NJ
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Kankakee 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Trinity Moline 06/14/2006 IL
Forsyth Medical Center 06/14/2006 NC
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-IL Masonic 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Dunn Memorial 06/14/2006 IN
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Community East 06/14/2006 IN
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Sara Bush Hosp 06/14/2006 IL
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System 06/14/2006 CA
RCHO PET Imaging 06/14/2006 FL
Eisenhower Imaging Center 06/14/2006 CA
Mississippi Baptist Medical Center 06/14/2006 MS
Presbyterian Hospital 06/14/2006 NC
Texas Oncology - South Texas Cancer Center 06/14/2006 TX
Good Samaritan Hospital 06/14/2006 WA
St. Luke's Hospital 07/14/2006 MO
Memorial Hermann The Woodlands OPID 07/14/2006 TX
Houston Medical Imaging LLC 07/14/2006 TX
Palms Imaging Medical Group Inc. 07/14/2006 CA
Lake Vista Cancer Center 07/14/2006 TX
Winthrop PET imaging Center 07/14/2006 NY
Alliance Imaging-West Anaheim Med Ctr 07/14/2006 CA
PETCT Center at -St. Anthony's POB 07/14/2006 FL
High Field Open MRI 07/14/2006 PA
Invision North Florida Outpatient Imaging Center 07/14/2006 FL
Texas Oncology/South Texas Cancer Center-McAllen 07/14/2006 TX
Texas Oncology-Abilene 07/14/2006 TX
Rice Memorial Hospital 07/14/2006 MN
St. Anthony Hospital 07/14/2006 OK
RMG Gardenview Imaging Center 07/14/2006 CA
RMG First & Laurel Imaging Center 07/14/2006 CA
Midland Imaging Center 07/14/2006 TX
Decatur County Memorial Hospital 07/14/2006 IN
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 07/14/2006 IA
Advanced Imaging, LLC 07/14/2006 OK
Medical Diagnostic Imaging 07/14/2006 NY
AZ Oncology Associates PET/CT & CT Imaging Center 07/14/2006 AZ
Deaconess Hospital 07/14/2006 IN
Shore Memorial Hospital 07/14/2006 VA
FMH Rose Hill 07/14/2006 MD
Great Neck Imaging, P.C. 07/14/2006 NY
Oakwood Annapolis Hospital 07/14/2006 MI
The Regional Cancer Center 07/14/2006 PA
Sacred Heart Hospital 07/14/2006 WI
Allegheny General Hospital 07/14/2006 PA
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Charlestown 07/14/2006 IN
Southwest Fort Worth Cancer Center 07/14/2006 TX
Texas Oncology - 12th Avenue 07/14/2006 TX
Emory Eastside Medical Center 07/14/2006 GA
St. Rita's Medical Center 07/14/2006 OH
Riverside Regional Medical Center 07/14/2006 VA
Joint Township District Memorial Hospital 07/14/2005 OH
Lawerence County MRI & Diagnostic Imaging Center 07/14/2006 PA
Radiation Therapy Regional Centers 07/14/2006 FL
Graduate Hospital 07/14/2006 PA
Memorial Hermann Memorial City OPID 07/14/2006 TX
Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic 07/14/2006 NY
Providence St. Vincent Medical Center 07/14/2006 OR
Martin Memorial Medical Center 07/14/2006 FL
Northwest Medical Foundation of Tillamook 07/14/2006 OR
Midtown Imaging, LLC - Jupiter 07/14/2006 FL
Midtown Imaging, LLC - Wellington 07/14/2006 FL
Radiology Ltd. 07/14/2006 AZ
Lakes Radiology 07/14/2006 NY
Florida Cancer Institute - BRK 08/07/2006 FL
Hudson Valley Diagnostic Imaging PLLC 08/07/2006 NY
Rochester General Imaging Center-Northern Heights 08/07/2006 NY
Providence Imaging Center 08/07/2006 AK
Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates 08/07/2006 FL
Lake City Medical Center 08/07/2006 FL
Blount Memorial Hospital 08/07/2006 TN
MDMED, Inc. 08/07/2006 AZ
Newport Imaging Center 08/07/2006 CA
Hematology Oncology Associates of Illinois (HOAI) 08/07/2006 IL
Princeton Community Hospital 08/07/2006 WV
Olathe Medical Center 08/07/2006 KS
Baptist Health Medical Center 08/07/2006 AR
National P.E.T. Scan Palm Beach, LLC 08/07/2006 FL
Pacca PET Imaging 08/07/2006 FL
Johnston Memorial Hospital 08/07/2006 VA
Central Memphis Regional P.E.T. Imaging Center LLC 08/07/2006 TN
New Orleans Regional P.E.T. Center, L.L.C. 08/07/2006 LA
Mercy Medical Center 08/07/2006 IA
Mid American-Defiance Clinic 08/07/2006 OH
Indiana Regional Medical Center Pet Imaging 08/07/2006 PA
New Tampa Imaging Center 08/07/2006 FL
Total Imaging Robertson 08/07/2006 FL
Summit Imaging 08/08/2006 FL
Alliance Imaging-Los Alamitos Med Ctr 08/08/2006 CA
NYU Clinical Cancer Center, Diagnostic Imaging 08/08/2006 NY
Margaret Mary Community Hospital 08/08/2006 IN
BMH-DeSoto 08/08/2006 MS
Memorial Hospital 08/08/2006 TX
Imaging Partners at Valley LLC 08/08/2006 WA
Riverside Medical Center 08/08/2006 IL
El Paso Cancer Treatment Center 08/08/2006 TX
Brookville Hospital 08/08/2006 PA
Suntree Diagnostic Center 08/08/2006 FL
Van Wert County Hospital 08/08/2006 OH
Virginia Mason Medical Center 08/08/2006 WA
Manhasset Diagnostic Imaging, PC 08/08/2006 NY
Fort Walton Beach Medical Center 08/08/2006 FL
Blessing Hospital 08/08/2006 IL
Alliance Imaging-Allen County Hospital 08/08/2006 KS
Radiology Imaging Associates at Heritage 08/08/2006 MD
North Fork Radiology 08/08/2006 NY
Immanuel Medical Center 08/08/2006 NE
Carolinas Hospital System 08/08/2006 SC
South County PET Imaging LLC 08/08/2006 MO
Florida Cancer Specialists-Port Charlotte 08/08/2006 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists-Venice 08/08/2006 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists-Bradenton 08/08/2006 FL
Nebraska Methodist Hospital 08/08/2006 NE
Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center 08/08/2006 NY
NSMS - Pine Bluff, AR 08/08/2006 WI
Carle Clinic 08/08/2006 IL
Yuma Regional Medical Center 08/08/2006 AZ
McAlester Diagnostic Imaging 08/08/2006 OK
North Shore-LIJ Center for Advanced Medicine 08/08/2006 NY
Bixby Medical Center 08/08/2006 MI
University of Maryland Medical Center 08/08/2006 MD
Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center 08/08/2006 VA
Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center 08/08/2006 VA
Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital 08/08/2006 VA
Mount Adams Imaging Center 08/08/2006 WA
Seton Medical Center; Nuclear Medicine Dept. 08/08/2006 CA
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, PC 08/08/2006 IN
Queen of Peace Hospital 08/08/2006 MN
Wilshire Oncology Medical Group, Inc. 08/08/2006 CA
Agnesian Health Care 08/08/2006 WI
United Radiology - Laurel 08/08/2006 MD
Delta St. Joseph's MRI, LLC 08/08/2006 CA
NSMS - Greenville, IL 08/08/2006 WI
FCS/Axcess Diagnosis/Sarasota 08/08/2006 FL
FCS/Axcess Diagnosis/Venice 08/08/2006 FL
McLaughlin & Marte, M.D., L.L.P. 09/05/2006 FL
Rena Tarbet Cancer Center 09/05/2006 TX
BryanLGH Medical Center 09/05/2006 NE
Franciscan Skemp Healthcare 09/05/2006 WI
Sitron-Hammel Radiology Group 09/05/2006 NY
University of Penn Imaging Center 09/05/2006 PA
MRI of SLO 09/05/2006 CA
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center 09/05/2006 SC
St. Joseph Medical Center 09/05/2006 PA
Aurora Sinai Medical Center 09/05/2006 WI
FHN Memorial Hospital 09/05/2006 IL
St. Lukes Center for Diagnostic Imaging 09/05/2006 MO
Hagerstown Imaging, LLC 09/05/2006 MD
GCM Suburban Imaging 09/05/2006 MD
Pacific Shores Medical Group Pet Imaging 09/05/2006 CA
Abilene Imaging Center LLC 09/05/2006 TX
Clark Memorial Hospital 09/05/2006 IN
DuBois Regional Medical Center 09/06/2006 PA
Meeker County Memorial Hospital 09/06/2006 MN
St. Luke's Regional Medical Center, Ltd. 09/06/2006 ID
Radiology Consultants Imaging Center 09/06/2006 FL
The University of Tennessee Medical Center 09/06/2006 TN
Radiation Therapy Regional Centers-Naples 09/06/2006 FL
McKinney Regional Cancer Center 09/06/2006 TX
St. Mary's Medical Center 09/06/2006 WV
Florida Medical Clinic 09/06/2006 FL
Baptist Memorial Hospital - Golden Triangle 09/06/2006 MS
Radiation Medicine Associates 09/06/2006 TX
Gulf Coast Medical Diagnostic Center 09/06/2006 FL
Radiology Diagnostic Center 09/06/2006 CA
Weslaco Nuclear Imaging Center 09/06/2006 TX
Pioneer PET, LLC 05/30/2006 AZ
Rose Medical Center 12/05/2006 CO
UCSF Medical Center 12/05/2006 CA
St. Paul Radiology, PA/Midwest Radiology 12/05/2006 MN
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 12/05/2006 MA
Holmes Regional Medical Center 12/05/2006 FL
Augusta Medical Center 12/05/2006 VA
Nevada Cancer Center 12/05/2006 NV
Ashtabula County Medical Center 12/05/2006 OH
Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Imaging Center 12/05/2006 GA
Rowan Regional Medical Center 12/05/2006 NC
Medical Center of Arlington 12/05/2006 TX
Georgetown Memorial Hospital 12/05/2006 SC
Montgomery Medical Services 12/05/2006 KY
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Proctor 12/05/2006 IL
Door County Memorial Hospital 12/05/2006 WI
Mayo Clinic Arizona 12/05/2006 AZ
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Rush Memorial 12/05/2006 IN
South Texas Institute of Cancer 12/05/2006 TX
Center for Diagnostic Imaging-Sartell 12/05/2006 MN
Del Sol Medical Center 12/05/2006 TX
University Hospital 12/05/2006 GA
Lake Hospital Mentor Campus 12/05/2006 OH
Vision Imaging of Kingston 12/05/2006 PA
Excela RCL PET CT Imaging, LLC 12/05/2006 PA
Kousay Al-Kourainy, M.D. 12/05/2006 CA
Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital 12/05/2006 TX
West Valley Radiology Medical Group 12/05/2006 CA
DDIS-BOND 12/05/2006 NY
Accu/Site PET/CT Imaging Center 12/05/2006 NY
Westside Diagnostic and Therapeutic Med Center LLC 12/05/2006 CA
Alpena Regional Medical Center 12/05/2006 MI
DDIS-STILL 12/05/2006 NY
Mercer County Community Hospital 12/05/2006 OH
Santa Monica Imaging CTR 12/05/2006 CA
Eastside P.E.T. Center, LLC 12/05/2006 AL
St. Mary's Health Center 12/05/2006 MO
Denton Regional Medical Center 12/05/2006 TX
United Regional Health Care System 12/05/2006 TX
Canton - Potsdam Hospital 12/05/2006 NY
Cleveland Regional Medical Center 12/05/2006 NC
Charles Cole Memorial Hospital 12/05/2006 PA
Bluefield Regional Medical Center 12/05/2006 WV
Westcoast Radiology 12/06/2006 FL
Pottstown Memorial Medical Center 12/06/2006 PA
Coastal Bend PET Scan, LTD 12/06/2006 TX
Hays Medical Center 12/06/2006 KS
Park Ridge Hospital 12/06/2006 NC
Fostoria Community Hospital 12/06/2006 OH
Metabolic Imaging of Boca 12/06/2006 FL
Olean Open MRI 12/06/2006 NY
Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital dba POH Medical Ctr 12/06/2006 MI
Mercy Memorial Health Center 12/06/2006 OK
Texas Oncology Ft. Worth 12/06/2006 TX
Denfeld Medical Center 12/06/2006 MN
Caldwell Memorial Hospital 12/06/2006 NC
Belleville, IL (Swansea) 12/06/2006 WI
Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada - NW Office 12/06/2006 NV
Wheaton Francisan Healthcare-St. Joseph 12/06/2006 WI
United Hospital Center 12/06/2006 WV
Redlands Community Hospital 12/06/2006 CA
Alton Memorial Hospital 12/06/2006 IL
NSMS - Parkland Farmington, MO 12/06/2006 WI
Mercy Medical Center 12/06/2006 MD
Little Company of Mary Hospital 12/06/2006 IL
St. Joseph's Medical Center 12/06/2006 MN
Covenant Medical Center 12/06/2006 MI
Escondido Pulmonary Medical Group 12/06/2006 CA
Marshall Medical Center 12/06/2006 CA
Marion General Hospital Progressive Medical Imaging 12/06/2006 IN
Clermont Radiology 12/06/2006 FL
Mahoning Valley Imaging Ltd 12/06/2006 OH
White County Medical Center 12/06/2006 AR
Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center 12/06/2006 OH
Memorial Hermann Southwest OPID 12/06/2006 TX
Twin County Regional Hospital 12/06/2006 VA
Marion Ancillary Services LLC 12/06/2006 OH
NSMS - Darlington, WI 12/06/2006 WI
Suncoast Imaging of Port Orange 12/06/2006 FL
Santa Fe Imaging, LLC 12/06/2006 NM
ADI 12/06/2006 IA
Las Colinas Cancer Center 12/06/2006 TX
Conway Regional Imaging Center 07/14/2006 AR
Fairfax PET CT Imaging Center 08/24/2007 VA
Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington 05/08/2008 WI
Aurora Medical Center - Manitowoc County 05/08/2008 WI
Baptist East Hospital 01/29/2010 KY
American Imaging 01/29/2010 NJ
Cancer Care Center 02/01/2010 NV
Jefferson Imaging Langhorne 02/01/2010 PA
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center 02/01/2010 NJ
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC at Noble Hospital 02/01/2010 MA
Jefferson Regional Medical Center 02/01/2010 PA
Montgomery Hospital 02/01/2010 PA
Baltimore Imaging Centers 02/01/2010 MD
New Jersey Institute of Radiology PC 02/01/2010 NJ
Jupiter Hematology Oncology Associates 02/01/2010 FL
Casa Grande Regional Medical Center 02/01/2010 AZ
Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center 02/01/2010 WI
Cancer Care Associates 02/01/2010 OK
Alliance Community Hospital 02/01/2010 OH
Hematology & Oncology Specialists, LLC 02/01/2010 LA
Mountain Medical Physician Specialists 02/01/2010 UT
Advanced Breast Care Imaging 02/01/2010 PA
Independent Imaging, LLC 02/01/2010 FL
Ocean Medical Center 02/01/2010 NJ
Newport Doctors Medical Imaging 02/01/2010 CA
Gulfcoast Cancer Institute Largo 02/01/2010 FL
West Valley Imaging 12/06/2006 NV
Intermountain Medical Center 07/14/2006 UT
Fusion Diagstic Group, LLC 03/07/2006 CA
Sanford Health Bismarck 07/24/2007 ND
Cincinnati PET Scan, LLC - Monfort Heghts 03/07/2006 OH
Grand View Hospital 02/02/2010 PA
Community Cancer Center of Lake City 02/02/2010 FL
Memorial Hermann Sugarland 02/02/2010 TX
Carlisle Regional Medical Center 02/02/2010 PA
Fairview Hospital 02/02/2010 OH
Community Hospital 02/02/2010 CO
Alliance Imaging-West Coast Rad-MV/LN 02/02/2010 CA
Christus St. Elizabeth 02/02/2010 TX
Gulf Coast MRI & Diagnostic 02/02/2010 TX
Desert Regional Medical Center, PET/CT 02/02/2010 CA
Advanced Imaging@Community Medical Center, LLC 02/02/2010 MT
Menorah Medical Center 02/02/2010 KS
Northwest Imaging Center 02/02/2010 TX
Dayton Physicians, LLC. 02/02/2010 OH
DORAL Diagnostic Center 02/02/2010 FL
NSMS - Ste. Genevieve, MO 02/02/2010 MO
Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services 02/02/2010 IN
NSMS - Lebanon, MO 02/02/2010 MO
Inova Alexandria Hospital 02/02/2010 VA
Hancock Regional Hospital 02/02/2010 IN
Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital 05/31/2011 IL
Beth Israel Cancer Center-West 05/31/2011 NY
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital 05/31/2011 IN
Columbus Regional Medical Center PET/CT Imaging 05/31/2011 GA
Decatur Memorial Hospital 05/31/2011 IL
Dedicated Imaging 05/31/2011 MD
Desert, Rancho Mirage Interventional Radiology 05/31/2011 CA
Fairview Lakes Medical Center 05/31/2011 MN
Fairview Northland Medical Center 05/31/2011 MN
Faxton - St. Luke's Healthcare 05/31/2011 NY
Florida Hospital Fish Memorial 05/31/2011 FL
Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center 05/31/2011 FL
Gettysburg Hospital-WellSpan Adams Health Center 05/31/2011 PA
Hanover Hospital 05/31/2011 PA
Hazleton Imaging Center 05/31/2011 PA
OLOL Hospital Inc,. 05/31/2011 LA
Holy Redeemer Hospital 05/31/2011 PA
Holy Spirit Hospital 05/31/2011 PA
Hunt Regional 05/31/2011 TX
Imaging for Life 05/31/2011 FL
Imaging for Life 06/01/2011 FL
Indiana University Simon Cancer Center 06/01/2011 IN
Island Hospital 06/01/2011 WA
Jennersville Regional Hospital 06/01/2011 PA
KSK Imaging Center of Irvine 06/01/2011 CA
Lakeland Health Care 06/01/2011 MI
Las Vegas Radiology 06/01/2011 NV
Marquette General Health System 06/01/2011 MI
Mary Bird Perkins at St. Elizabeth 06/01/2011 LA
Meadowview Regional Medical Center 06/01/2011 KY
Millennium Physician Group 06/01/2011 FL
NHRMC Health & Diagnostics - Medical Mall 06/01/2011 NC
North Country Regional Hospital 06/01/2011 MN
NYU Hospitals Center Columbus Imaging and Infusion 06/01/2011 NY
Olympic Radiology LLC 06/01/2011 WA
PinnacleHealth Medical Sciences Pavilion 06/01/2011 PA
Portneuf Medical Center 06/01/2011 ID
ProHealthcare Associates 06/01/2011 NY
Roswell Park Cancer Institute 06/01/2011 NY
Roxborough Memorial Hospital 06/01/2011 PA
Saint Anthony's Health Center 06/01/2011 IL
Next Generation NYU Radiology 03/08/2006 NY
Saint Joseph Hospital Joliet 06/01/2011 IL
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center 06/01/2011 IN
Sand Lake Cancer Center 06/01/2011 FL
Schneck Medical Center 06/01/2011 IN
Sharp Memorial Hospital 06/01/2011 CA
Shields Imaging of Eastern Mass 06/01/2011 MA
Signet Diagnostic Imaging Services 06/01/2011 FL
Siouxland Regional Cancer Center 06/01/2011 IA
Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center 06/01/2011 NE
St. Francis Regional Medical Center 06/01/2011 MN
Suburban Imaging Southdale 06/01/2011 MN
The Ellwood City Hospital 06/01/2011 PA
Universal Imaging of Florida, LLC 06/01/2011 FL
University of Louisville Hospital 06/01/2011 KY
UPMC Hillman Cancer Center 06/01/2011 PA
Valley Radiology Imaging at Ciro 06/01/2011 CA
Valley Regional Cancer Center 06/01/2011 IL
Waccamaw Memorial 06/01/2011 SC
Washington Adventist Hospital 06/01/2011 MD
Weill Cornell Imaging at New York-Presbyterian 06/01/2011 NY
West Boynton Beach Open Imaging Center 06/01/2011 FL
West Branch Regional Medical Center 06/01/2011 MI
West Chester Hospital 06/01/2011 OH
Westcoast Radiology 06/01/2011 FL
Westside Medical Imaging 06/01/2011 CA
Winchester Hospital 06/01/2011 MA
Windsong Radiology Group, PC 06/01/2011 NY
Wood County Hospital 06/01/2011 OH
IU Health Arnett 08/08/2006 IN
Calvert Medical Imaging Center (CMIC) 02/02/2010 MD
NSMS - Clay Center, KS 02/02/2010 KS
Alliance HealthCare Services Inc 02/02/2010 WY
NUSCAN 02/02/2010 PR
Bradford Regional Medical Center 02/02/2010 PA
Athens Cancer Center 05/02/2010 OH
Gwinnett Medical Center 02/02/2010 GA
Delray Medical Center 02/02/2010 FL
Buffalo Hospital 02/02/2010 MN
Evergreen Radia Imaging Center 02/02/2010 WA
Alliance Imaging - St. John's WY 02/02/2010 WY
Clarion Hospital 02/04/2010 PA
Exempla St. Joseph's Hospital 02/04/2010 CO
Olean General Hospital 02/04/2010 NY
Excel Medical Imaging 02/04/2010 FL
Delnor Hospital (Imaging Dept) 02/04/2010 IL
Cancer Center of Pasco Pinellas 02/04/2010 FL
Citrus Memorial Health Systems 02/04/2010 FL
Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers 02/04/2010 AZ
Jewish Hospital Medical Center Northeast 02/04/2010 KY
Cape Cod PET/CT Services, LLC 02/04/2010 MA
Mission Hospital 02/05/2010 CA
MetroHealth 02/05/2010 MI
Ardmore PET Associates, LLC 02/05/2010 OK
Baptist Medical Center PET*CT 02/05/2010 FL
Johnston Medical Center 02/05/2010 NC
El Camino Hospital 02/05/2010 CA
NSMS - Carthage, MO 02/05/2010 MO
Gulfcoast Cancer Center 02/05/2010 FL
Elite Advanced 02/05/2010 CA
HackensackUMC Mountainside 02/05/2010 NJ
Orange Coast Memorial Imaging Center 02/05/2010 CA
NYOH Mobile PET/CT Imaging Saratoga 02/05/2010 NY
RDI/OMHS Springs 06/13/2006 KY
Opelousas General Health System - South Campus 07/14/2006 LA
Westchester PET & Medical Imaging 05/03/2006 NY
Christus Santa Rosa-New Branufels 12/06/2006 TX
CarolinaEast Medical Center 06/13/2006 NC
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints 08/08/2007 WI
Molecular Imaging Institute 07/14/2006 IN
Jewish Hospital - Bluegrass Avenue 06/05/2007 KY
Duke University Medical Center PET Facility 03/07/2006 NC
Rhode Island PET Services - South County Hospital 05/03/2006 RI
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - Milton Hospital 05/03/2006 MA
Hoboken Radiology, LLC 05/12/2006 NJ
Imaging Consultants Inc @ Henry Heywood Hospital 05/12/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc @ Nashoba Valley Medical Center 05/12/2006 MA
Alliance Imaging - Centinela Freeman 06/13/2006 CA
Princeton Radiology 06/14/2006 NJ
Atlantic Medical Imaging Wall Township 08/07/2006 NJ
Atlantic Medical Imaging 08/07/2006 NJ
Connecticut Oncology & Hematology 07/14/2006 CT
Columbia Diagnostic Center 07/14/2006 NJ
Kimball Medical Center 08/08/2006 NJ
Central Jersey Radiologists 08/08/2006 NJ
OU Medical Center 08/24/2007 OK
SSM PET Imaging-St. Joseph Medical Park 03/08/2006 MO
Center for Diagnostic Imaging - St. Louis Park 08/22/2007 MN
Hutchinson Clinic PA 08/22/2007 KS
PET CT Radiology PLLC 09/05/2006 NY
Healthcare Imaging Center 08/22/2007 CA
Peninsula Imaging, LLC 05/03/2006 MD
ImageCare 08/23/2007 NY
Shared PET Imaging, LLC - Cincinnati OH 08/22/2007 OH
Diagnostic Centers of America 08/22/2007 FL
St. Luke's Hospital 08/22/2007 IA
Center for Integrative Cancer Medicine, P.A 08/22/2007 TX
Integrated Magnetic Imaging 08/22/2007 AL
Sanford Health 08/22/2007 SD
Ponca City Medical Center 08/22/2007 OK
South Texas Cancer Center 06/13/2006 TX
Acadiana Oncologic Imaging 03/06/2006 IA
NorCal Imaging - Oakland 08/22/2007 CA
UW PET Imaging Center 04/03/2007 WI
UPMC and The Washington Hospital Cancer Center 03/10/2006 PA
Lexington Diagnostic Center 03/08/2006 KY
Southcoast Hospitals Group 06/01/2011 MA
Central Valley PET Imaging 08/22/2007 CA
PET/CT Imaging Center 08/22/2007 IL
Rockingham Memorial Hospital 08/22/2007 VA
Memorial Medical Center 08/22/2007 TX
Ochsner Medical Center 08/22/2007 LA
Sunrise Hospital Medical Center 08/22/2007 NV
The Diagnostic and Treatment Center 08/22/2007 WI
East Montgomery Imaging Center 08/22/2007 AL
Edward Hospital 08/22/2007 IL
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) 08/22/2007 MI
St. Clair Hospital/UPMC Cancer Center PET/CT 08/22/2007 PA
Thomas Hospital 08/22/2007 AL
Memorial Hospital of Martinsville & Henry County 08/22/2007 VA
Portland Adventist Medical Center 08/22/2007 OR
Nash Healthcare System Inc. 08/22/2007 NC
North Broward Medical Center 08/22/2007 FL
Greater Houston Imaging, L.P. 08/22/2007 TX
Independent Nuclear PET Imaging 08/22/2007 FL
Inland Empire Medical Imaging 08/22/2007 CA
Marian Medical Center/Plaza Diagnostic Imaging 08/22/2007 CA
South Texas Radiology Imaging Center-North East Imaging Center 01/29/2010 TX
DDIS-FH 08/22/2007 NY
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital 08/22/2007 NC
Genesys Regional Medical Center 08/22/2007 MI
NYPH-Weill Cornell 08/22/2007 NY
Citrus Diagnostic Center 08/22/2007 FL
Canton, IL - Northern Shared Medical Services 08/22/2007 WI
Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center 08/22/2007 PA
Geisinger Medical Center 08/22/2007 PA
Bristol Hospital 08/22/2007 CT
Self Regional Healthcare 08/22/2007 SC
East Texas Hematology & Oncology Clinic, P.A. 08/22/2007 TX
Morgan Hospital 08/22/2007 IN
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital 08/22/2007 MO
Advocate South Suburban Hospital 08/22/2007 IL
Hardin Memorial Hospital 08/22/2007 KY
Pulaski Community Hospital 08/22/2007 VA
Aurora Medical Center Kenosha 08/22/2007 WI
Kansas City Cancer Center - North 08/22/2007 MO
PET of Reston, L.P. 08/22/2007 VA
SMS - Chester, IL 08/22/2007 IL
Munson Medical Center 08/22/2007 MI
Partners Imaging Center of Sarasota 08/22/2007 FL
Northside Hospital 08/22/2007 GA
Los Alamitos Medical Center 08/22/2007 CA
Memorial Medical Center 08/22/2007 WI
PET Imaging of El Paso 08/24/2007 TX
CNY PET LLC 08/23/2007 NY
Advanced Radiology Services & The Center for Women 08/23/2007 PA
Avant Imaging-Woodland Health Center 08/23/2007 MI
NSMS - St. Louis, Mo - ARCH Medical 08/23/2007 WI
Green Clinic LLC 08/23/2007 LA
Fayette Memorial Hospital 08/23/2007 IN
MCMI 08/23/2007 CA
Carolinas Medical Center-Union 08/23/2007 NC
Citrus Medical imaging Associates Inc. 08/23/2007 CA
Cancer Care Associates 08/24/2007 CA
Future Diagnostics Group 03/07/2006 IL
Gulf Coast Cancer & Diagnostic of Southeast 03/07/2006 TX
Northwestern Memorial Hospital 03/08/2006 IL
NSMS - Beloit, KS 03/10/2006 KS
NSMS - Carrollton, MO 03/10/2006 MO
NSMS - Chanute, KS 03/10/2006 KS
NSMS - Mexico, MO 03/10/2006 MO
Preferred PET Imaging of Kansas, LLC 03/10/2006 KS
Radiology Associates, LLP 03/10/2006 TX
Panhandle PET Imaging 05/03/2006 TX
East Texas Medical Center - Tyler 05/03/2006 TX
Diagnostic Clinic of Houston 05/03/2006 TX
Texas Cancer Center Mesquite 08/07/2006 TX
TRA Medical Imaging 03/10/2006 WA
Cancer Care Northwest Pet Center 05/03/2006 WA
Skagit Valley Hospital 06/14/2006 WA
Valley Advanced Imaging, LLC 08/22/2007 PA
OhioHealth Ambulatory PET/CT 08/24/2007 OH
McFarland Clinic, P.C. 08/22/2007 IA
Scotland Memorial Hospital 08/22/2007 NC
Providence Hospital 08/22/2007 DC
The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute 08/22/2007 CA
Rose Radiology Centers, Inc 08/22/2007 FL
Texas Oncology East Houston 08/22/2007 TX
Baptist Memorial Hospital Tipton Germantown Pet/CT 08/23/2007 TN
Highline Imaging, LLC 08/07/2006 WA
City Hospital Inc. 08/23/2007 WV
Central Georgia P.E.T., LLC 03/10/2006 GA
Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc. 06/14/2006 GA
St. John's Hospital, Springfield Nuclear Medicine 03/10/2006 MO
Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada 03/10/2006 NV
Fairfax Pet Imaging Center, LLC 08/23/2007 VA
White Plains Radiology Associates PET Center 08/23/2007 NY
Advocate Lutheran General Center For Advanced Care 08/23/2007 IL
Grossman Imaging Center of CMH 03/10/2006 CA
Valley Metabolic Imaging, LLC 05/03/2006 CA
Birch Medical Imaging Center 05/03/2006 CA
California Imaging Institute 08/08/2006 CA
Lenoir Memorial Hospital 08/23/2007 NC
The Nebraska Medical Center 07/14/2006 NE
Flower Hospital 08/23/2007 OH
Dekalb Memorial Hospital 08/23/2007 IN
Bayhealth Medical Center 08/23/2007 DE
Southside Regional Medical Center 08/23/2007 VA
Trover Health System 08/23/2007 KY
Nathan Littauer Hospital 08/23/2007 NY
Twin Lakes Imaging Center 08/23/2007 FL
Warren General Hospital 08/23/2007 PA
Arroyo Grande Commuity Hospital 08/23/2007 CA
Altoona Regional Health System 08/23/2007 PA
Reid Hospital Health Care Services 08/23/2007 IN
St. Bernards PET Center 05/03/2006 AR
HealthEast St. John's Hospital 08/23/2007 MN
Goshen General Hospital 05/03/2006 IN
Indiana Univ Radiology Assoc PET Imaging Center 05/03/2006 IN
Memorial Hospital of South Bend 05/04/2006 IN
Mercy Hospital Clermont 08/23/2007 OH
St. Joseph's/Candler Health System 08/23/2007 GA
NSMS - Pickneyville, IL 08/23/2007 IL
Duke Raleigh Hospital 08/23/2007 NC
Lutheran Hospital 05/11/2006 IN
St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers South 12/06/2006 IN
Salina Regional Health Center 05/03/2006 KS
PET Imaging of Tulsa 05/03/2006 OK
South Tulsa PET, LLC 05/03/2006 OK
Norman Regional Hospital 05/03/2006 OK
RCOA Imaging Services 06/13/2006 OK
Valley View Regional Hospital 12/05/2006 OK
St. John Health System - Tulsa, OK 12/05/2006 OK
Craig General Hospital 12/05/2006 OK
Molecular Imaging -Good Sam Cinn 05/03/2006 OH
West Tennessee Imaging Center 05/03/2006 TN
Harper University Hospital 05/03/2006 MI
Children's Hospital of Michigan Pet Center 05/03/2006 MI
Botsford Hospital 06/13/2006 MI
Mt. Clemens Regional Medical Center 06/14/2006 MI
MRIGP, Inc dba Advanced Medical Imaging Diamond Hill 06/14/2006 CO
Carlisle Imaging Center 05/11/2006 FL
Eiber Radiology/Pet Premier Imaging 06/13/2006 FL
VyMed Diagnostic Imaging Tampa, LLC 06/13/2006 FL
Alliance Imaging - Navapache 06/13/2006 AZ
Grants Pass Imaging and Diagnostic Center, LLC 09/06/2006 OR
Providence Portland Medical Center 07/14/2006 OR
St. Mary Centralia 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Dreyer Medical 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Passavant 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - US Danville 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Community Ottawa 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Michael Reese 06/14/2006 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Heartland 06/14/2006 IL
University of NM Cancer Research & Treatment Ctr 08/08/2006 NM
Pacific Oncology, PC 08/24/2007 OR
Harrison County Hospital 08/24/2007 IN
NSMS - Hot Springs, AR 08/24/2007 AR
Baptist Health Medical Center - NLR PET/CT 05/03/2006 AR
Commonwealth Hematology Oncology 03/21/2007 KY
OKOmed Downtown Imaging 08/24/2007 TX
West Texas Cancer Center 08/24/2007 TX
PET CT Nuclear Radiology, Inc. 08/24/2007 PR
Integris Bass Baptist Health Center 08/24/2007 OK
Jennie Stuart Medical Center 08/22/2007 KY
Mass. Mobile PET, P.C. Haverhill 08/24/2007 MA
Corinth Medical Group 08/24/2007 TX
The Surgery Clinic 08/24/2007 AL
The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara 08/24/2007 CA
Milford Memorial Hospital - Bayhealth Medical Ctr 08/24/2007 DE
Palm Beach Gardens Open Imaging Center 08/24/2007 FL
Boston Medical Center 08/24/2007 MA
North Coast Cancer Care 08/24/2007 OH
Advanced Medical Imaging, LLC 08/24/2007 WA
Kingwood Medical Center 08/24/2007 TX
Swedish American Hospital 08/24/2007 IL
Central Florida Imaging Center, Inc. 08/24/2007 FL
Molecular Diagnostics of Eastern Omaha 08/24/2007 NE
Pinnacle Imaging Center 08/24/2007 FL
St. Mary Medical Center 08/24/2007 PA
St. Petersburg General Hospital 08/24/2007 FL
St. Joseph Medical Center 08/24/2007 TX
UPMC Northwest 08/24/2007 PA
Radiology Associates of West Pasco 08/24/2007 FL
West Houston Medical Center 08/24/2007 TX
McKee Medical Center 08/24/2007 CO
Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital 08/24/2007 VA
St. Dominic Hospital 08/24/2007 MS
Mercy Hospital Fairfield 08/24/2007 OH
Hematology Oncology Associates of Illinois 08/24/2007 IL
Providence Hospital Cancer Center 02/16/2011 AL
Alliance Imaging-Yavapai 06/13/2006 AZ
Maricopa Medical Center 06/01/2011 AZ
Southwest PET/CT Institute -Tucson 03/10/2006 AZ
NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital 06/14/2006 AR
Merced MRI 02/02/2009 CA
Alliance Imaging - Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital 06/14/2006 CA
Providence Saint Joseph Hospital 06/13/2006 CA
Feather River Hospital 01/29/2009 CA
Modesto Radiology Imaging 01/30/2009 CA
Cancer Center of Colorado Springs 03/07/2006 CO
The Medical Center of Aurora 08/24/2007 CO
Advanced Radiolgy Consultants 06/13/2006 CT
Bridgeport Hospital 06/14/2006 CT
Harold Leever Regional Cancer 06/13/2006 CT
St. Vincent's Medical Center 08/22/2007 CT
The Hospital of Central Connecticut 02/16/2011 CT
The Stamford Health System 09/05/2006 CT
Yale-New Haven Hospital 06/01/2011 CT
Insight Diagnostic Imaging 02/02/2009 ID
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center 02/02/2009 IL
RUSH University Medical Center 01/30/2009 IL
St. Joseph Hospital 01/30/2009 IN
Advanced Imaging Partners 08/24/2007 KS
Jewish Hospital 01/30/2009 KY
RDI/OMHS Breckenridge 12/06/2006 KY
Taylor Regional Hospital 01/30/2009 KY
MaineGeneral Medical Center 08/24/2007 ME
Birmingham PET Imaging 02/16/2011 AL
Meadows Regional Medical Center 02/16/2011 GA
Baptist Regional Medical Center 02/16/2011 KY
Pueblo Radiology Medical Group of Ventura 02/16/2011 CA
White Memorial Medical Center 02/16/2011 CA
Tahoe Forest Hospital 02/17/2011 CA
PET Imaging Center of Maine 08/22/2007 ME
Baystate MRI and Imaging Center 05/11/2006 MA
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - Carney Hospital 05/03/2006 MA
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - Good Samaritan 05/03/2006 MA
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - St Anne's Hospital 05/03/2006 MA
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - St Elizabeth's 05/03/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc - Metro West 05/04/2006 MA
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC at Holyoke Medical Center 08/24/2007 MA
Lahey Clinic 09/05/2006 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc @ Weymouth Woods 08/24/2007 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc. @ Harrington Memorial 08/24/2007 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc. @ Hawthorn 08/24/2007 MA
Imaging Consultants Inc. @ Sturdy Memorial 08/23/2007 MA
NSMS - St. Joe's - Breese, IL 08/23/2007 IL
Massachusetts General Hospital 08/24/2007 MA
North Shore PET Imaging Center 03/13/2006 MA
UMASS Memorial MRI and Imaging Center 05/11/2006 MA
Rhode Island Pet Services @ Kent County 08/24/2007 MA
Ingham Regional Medical Center 02/02/2009 MI
Oaklawn Hospital 02/03/2009 MI
Regional Medical Imaging 01/30/2009 MI
Shared PET Imaging, LLC - Garden City Hospital 01/29/2009 MI
William Beaumont Hospital - Grosse Pointe 02/16/2011 MI
Emory University Hospital Midtown MOT PET/CT 02/16/2011 GA
SunHealth Boswell Lakes Imaging Center 02/16/2011 AZ
TMC Advanced Imaging - Tempe 02/17/2011 AZ
Southwest MS Regional Medical Center 02/17/2011 MS
West Coast PET/CT 02/17/2011 CA
University of NM Hospitals 02/17/2011 NM
Shelby Baptist Medical Center 02/17/2011 AL
PIH Imaging 02/17/2011 CA
PET/CT and MRI of Miami, LLC 02/17/2011 FL
Saint Mary's Healthcare 02/17/2011 MI
Providence Centralia Outpatient Radiology - Lacey 03/10/2006 WA
Delta Regional Medical Center 05/31/2011 MS
Citizens Memorial Healthcare 02/02/2010 MO
Clinical P.E.T. of West County 03/08/2006 MO
Martin Center for Diagnostic and Imaging Services 08/24/2007 MO
St. James Healthcare 08/24/2007 MT
Las Vegas Radiology 02/03/2009 NV
Advanced Medical Imaging of Toms River 12/06/2006 NJ
Freehold MR Associates 09/05/2006 NJ
Overlook Hospital 05/12/2006 NJ
Premier PET Imaging of NJ 05/11/2006 NJ
Saint Clare's Hospital 09/06/2006 NJ
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital @ Hamilton 08/22/2007 NJ
The Valley Hospital 12/06/2006 NJ
SJRA - WT 06/01/2011 NJ
Cutting Edge PET/CT and Imaging 02/16/2011 NY
The Cancer Care Institute Atlanticare Health Park 02/16/2011 NJ
Diagnostic Imaging Services 02/16/2011 LA
Imaging Specialist of Pasadena 02/16/2011 CA
Life Line Hospital 02/16/2011 OH
Skokie Hospital 02/16/2011 IL
NSMS - Hot Springs National 02/16/2011 AR
Emerson Hospital 02/16/2011 MA
Newton Imaging P.A. 02/16/2011 NJ
Stevens Hospital 02/16/2011 WA
Advanced Diagnostic Radiology 02/16/2011 MD
UM Sylvester @ Deerfield Beach 02/16/2011 FL
York Hospital Imaging Center at Apple Hill 02/16/2011 PA
Oncology Consultants Imaging Center 02/16/2011 TX
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC - Hawthorn Medical Assoc 02/16/2011 MA
Parkway Ventures - Good Samaritan 02/16/2011 MD
Pioneers Memorial 02/16/2011 CA
Fairview Ridges Medical Center 02/16/2011 MN
Lancaster Regional Medical Center 02/16/2011 PA
Fairview Red Wing Health Services 02/16/2011 MN
Community Health Center of Branch County - Coldwater 02/16/2011 MI
North Cypress Medical Center 02/16/2011 TX
St. Francis PET Imaging LLC 02/16/2011 LA
Sansum Clinic 02/16/2011 CA
Alliance Imaging/Western Arizona Regional 02/16/2011 AZ
Canonsburg General Hospital 02/16/2011 PA
Memorial Hospital in Owosso 02/16/2011 MI
Mercy Memorial Hospital Systems 02/16/2011 MI
Valdese Cancer Center at BRHC 02/16/2011 NC
Elizabeth A. Odumakinde, M.D. 02/16/2011 CA
GHPMA Diagnostic Center 02/16/2011 TX
Havasu Regional Medical Center 02/16/2011 AZ
Colorado Hematology Oncology 02/16/2011 CO
TMC Outpatient Imaging 02/16/2011 TX
Ephraim McDowell Health 02/16/2011 KY
St. John' Moross 02/16/2011 IL
PSL PET Imaging of Thornton 02/16/2011 CO
INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma 02/16/2011 OK
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute of Kissimmee 02/16/2011 FL
TRICAT, L.L.C. @ Edison 08/07/2006 NJ
Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Imaging Center 02/01/2010 NM
Niagara County PET Center 12/05/2006 NY
Albemarle Hospital 01/30/2009 NC
Wayne Memorial Hospital 08/24/2007 NC
Barberton Citizens Hospital 02/16/2011 OH
Fulton County Health Center 01/29/2009 OH
Norman PET associates, LLC 05/03/2006 OK
Alliance Imaging - Reno 06/14/2006 NV
True Medical Imaging 02/17/2011 TX
Pioneers Memorial PETCT 02/17/2011 CA
Gateway Radiology Consultants, P.A. 02/17/2011 FL
St. Francis Hospital 02/17/2011 NY
Wayne Memorial Hospital 02/17/2011 PA
North Dover Diagnostic Imaging 02/17/2011 NJ
Midwest Radiologic Imaging at Deaconess Gateway 02/17/2011 IN
Iredell Memorial Hospital 02/17/2011 NC
Vail Valley Medical Center 02/17/2011 CO
Texas Oncology Round Rock 02/17/2011 TX
St. Anne Mercy Hospital 02/17/2011 OH
Orange County Diagnostics 02/17/2011 CA
Mid Florida Hematology and Oncology Centers, P.A. 02/17/2011 FL
Plano West Cancer Center 02/16/2011 TX
Resolution Imaging Medical Corp 02/16/2011 CA
South Jersey Healthcare - Regional Medical Center 02/17/2011 NJ
Springfield Regional Imaging Center 02/17/2011 OH
Jefferson Outpatient Imaging 02/17/2011 PA
Valley Imaging 02/17/2011 WA
Panama City Urological Center, PA 02/17/2011 FL
St. Charles Mercy Hospital 02/17/2011 OH
Providence St. Mary Medical Center 02/17/2011 WA
Florida Cancer Specialists- Habana 02/17/2011 FL
Valley Cancer Associates 02/17/2011 TX
Woodlands Medical Specialists 02/17/2011 FL
Nazareth Hospital 08/24/2007 PA
Rhode Island Pet Services @ Memorial Hospital 05/12/2006 RI
Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center 07/14/2006 SC
Medical City Dallas Hospital 12/06/2006 TX
Baylor Diagnostic Imaging Center at Junius 08/24/2007 TX
Diagnostic Imaging Association 02/01/2010 TX
Dr. Haroutioun S. Shahinian 01/30/2009 TX
EP Medical Imaging Technology 02/03/2009 TX
Golder CT and MRI Center 08/24/2007 TX
Houston Cancer Institute 02/03/2009 TX
Medical Diagnostic Imaging 02/03/2009 TX
Methodist Charlton Medical Center 02/03/2009 TX
Parrish Medical Center 02/03/2009 FL
California Diagnostic Imaging Center, Inc 02/03/2009 CA
NorCal Imaging - Pleasanton 02/03/2009 CA
Sadler Clinic 02/03/2009 TX
Medical Center Hospital 02/03/2009 TX
Fletcher Allen Health Care 09/05/2006 VT
Midstate Medical Center 08/08/2006 VT
VCU Health System - Molecular Imaging Center 03/07/2006 VA
Lewis Gale Medical Center 09/06/2006 VA
Davis Memorial Hospital 08/08/2006 WV
Seattle Radiologists APC 05/03/2006 WA
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Imaging Center 05/08/2008 WI
Community Memorial Hospital 01/29/2009 WI
Outpatient Radiology LLC 01/30/2009 WY
Metro South Imaging Center 02/02/2010 IL
Texas Oncology Cancer Center 06/14/2006 TX
Weirton Medical Center 02/17/2011 WV
Alexandria Center for Diagnostic Imaging 02/17/2011 MN
Rutherford Hospital, Inc. 02/17/2011 NC
Lawnwood PET-CT 02/17/2011 FL
Boston Diagnostic 02/02/2010 FL
Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology 04/23/2007 IN
Danbury Hospital 04/23/2007 CT
NorCal Imaging - Walnut Creek 08/22/2007 CA
PET Imaging of Houston 05/03/2006 TX
PET/CT Center of Richardson 08/08/2006 TX
Texas Oncology - Deke Slayton Cancer Center 07/14/2006 TX
Texas Oncology - Longview Cancer Center PET 06/14/2006 TX
UTMB PET/CT Imaging Center 12/06/2006 TX
Clincial PET of Ocala 02/16/2011 FL
North Texas Clinical PET Institute 05/03/2006 TX
St. Mary's Hospital 02/16/2011 NJ
Regents Imaging of Escondido 02/16/2011 CA
Franklin Regional Hospital 02/16/2011 NH
MultiCare Health System – Auburn 02/16/2011 WA
Ephrata Community Hospital 02/16/2011 PA
Florida Hospital Imaging LLC 02/16/2011 FL
Trinity PET/CT 02/16/2011 OH
Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center 02/16/2011 FL
West Rad Medical Group/West Coast PETCT 02/16/2011 CA
Anne Arundel Diagnostics Imaging 02/16/2011 MD
Texas Oncology, PA 02/16/2011 TX
Methodist University Hospital PET Imaging Center 02/16/2011 TN
Florida Cancer Specialists - Tampa 02/16/2011 FL
Bay Ridge Medical Imaging, PC 02/16/2011 NY
Radiation Oncology PET/CT Center 02/16/2011 CA
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center 02/16/2011 ID
Aurora Imaging Center 02/16/2011 TX
Cancer Care Centers of Florida Brooksville 02/16/2011 FL
Scottsdale Medical Imaging NMRI 02/16/2011 AZ
Contra Costa Oncology 02/16/2011 CA
William Beaumont Hospital-Troy 02/16/2011 MI
Rocky Mountain Oncology Center 02/16/2011 WY
Shannon Medical Center 02/16/2011 TX
The Chester County Hospital 02/16/2011 PA
St. Joseph Medical Center 02/16/2011 MD
Seton Imaging Center 02/16/2011 MD
Texas Oncology - South Austin 02/16/2011 TX
Phelps County Regional Medical Center 02/16/2011 MO
Florida Cancer Specialists- Goodlette 02/16/2011 FL
St. Cloud Hospital 02/16/2011 MN
PET Imaging Center at Harford 02/16/2011 MD
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center 02/16/2011 UT
University Medical Imaging 02/16/2011 AZ
Cancer Care Centers of Florida 02/16/2011 FL
Littleton Adventist Hospital 02/16/2011 CO
UC Irvine Radiological Sciences 02/16/2011 CA
JFK Medical Center 02/16/2011 NJ
Willis-Knighton Cancer Center 02/16/2011 LA
Twenty First Century Oncology - Jacksonville 02/16/2011 FL
Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc. 08/24/2007 FL
Banner Baywood Medical Center 08/24/2007 AZ
St. Vincent Oncology Center 08/24/2007 IN
Schuylkill Medical Center - E Norwegian Street 01/29/2009 PA
AHMC International Cancer Center 01/26/2012 CA
Alaska Regional Hospital 01/26/2012 AK
Alle-Kiski Medical Center 01/26/2012 PA
Alliance Imaging - Rancho San Antonio 01/26/2012 CA
Aurora Medical Center Summit 01/26/2012 WI
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center 01/26/2012 AZ
Baptist Hospital of Miami 01/26/2012 FL
Bates County Memorial Hospital 01/26/2012 MO
Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center 01/26/2012 VA
Boone Hospital Center 06/13/2006 MO
Booth Radiology 06/13/2006 NJ
Broward General Medical Center 12/05/2006 FL
Butler Memorial Hospital 06/13/2006 PA
California Pacific Medical Center 01/26/2012 CA
Cancer Care Partners-CCC 01/26/2012 IN
Cancer Care Specialists of Central IL 01/26/2012 IL
Cancer Radiation and Specialty Clinics of El Paso 01/26/2012 TX
Center for Diagnostic Imaging 06/13/2006 NJ
Central DuPage Hospital 02/02/2009 IL
CHRISTUS Schumpert Health System 01/26/2012 LA
Comanche County Memorial Hospital 01/26/2012 OK
Community Cancer Center of North Florida 02/02/2009 FL
Compassionate Cancer Care Radiation Diagnostic Grp 02/05/2010 CA
CP Advanced Imaging 01/26/2012 NY
Crossroads Cancer Center 01/26/2012 IL
Desert Springs Cancer Care 01/26/2012 AZ
Detar Hospital Navarro 08/24/2007 TX
Doctors Imaging 01/26/2012 LA
Eden Medical Center 01/26/2012 CA
Ellis Fischel Cancer Center 01/26/2012 MO
Elite Imaging LLC 03/07/2006 FL
EMH Regional Health Care System 12/06/2006 OH
First Coast Oncology 01/26/2012 FL
First Coast Oncology, Nassau 01/26/2012 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists - HUD 01/26/2012 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists - PRY 01/26/2012 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists- SHP 01/26/2012 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists-Broadway 01/26/2012 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists-GNV 01/26/2012 FL
Florida Cancer Specialists-Sebring 01/26/2012 FL
Florida Hospital DeLand 01/26/2012 FL
Freeman Health System 01/26/2012 MO
Genesis Health - Zanesville 08/24/2007 OH
Georgia Health Sciences University 01/26/2012 GA
Grande Ronde Hospital 01/26/2012 OR
Greenbrier Valley Medical Center 01/26/2012 WV
Hamamatsu/Queen's PET Imaging Center 06/13/2006 HI
Highfield Open MRI, Inc 07/14/2006 PA
Highlands Oncology Group-Rogers 01/26/2012 AR
Hutchinson Area Health Care 01/26/2012 MN
Insight Imaging Ahwatukee 03/07/2006 AZ
Jefferson Center City Imaging 03/07/2006 PA
Saint Joseph Imaging Center 08/24/2007 KY
Kern Radiology Medical Group 08/08/2006 CA
Lakeview Hospital 01/26/2012 MN
Lawrence & Memorial Hospital 06/14/2006 CT
Froedtert South Inc. 12/21/2007 WI
East Tennessee Diagnostic Center 08/24/2007 TN
St. Vincent Medical Center 08/24/2007 CA
Inglewood Imaging Center 08/24/2007 CA
Good Samaritan - Kearney Imaging Center 12/05/2006 NE
Lexington Medical Center 02/02/2009 SC
North Valley Advance Imaging 03/08/2006 CA
The P.E.T. Center at BWMC 08/24/2007 MD
Signet Diagnostic Imaging Services, LLC 08/24/2007 FL
Adams Diagnostic Imaging 08/24/2007 PA
Jennie Edmundson Hospital 08/24/2007 IA
AllenRidge Diagnostic Imaging Center 08/24/2007 FL
Holy Cross Hospital 08/24/2007 FL
Daviess Community Hospital 08/24/2007 IN
Medical University of Ohio - University of Toledo 08/24/2007 OH
Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center 08/24/2007 MS
Sioux Center Commmunity Hospital and Health Center 08/24/2007 IA
Modesto Imaging Center 08/24/2007 CA
Clinton Memorial Hospital Regional Health System 08/24/2007 OH
Texas Oncology Weatherford 08/24/2007 TX
Morristown-Hamblin Healthcare System 08/24/2007 TN
CJW Medical Center 08/24/2007 VA
Sharper Imaging Diagnostic Radiology Center 08/24/2007 FL
PET Imaging of Chicago 08/24/2007 IL
Imaging Specialists Group, Ltd 08/24/2007 TX
Clear Lake Regional Medical Center 08/24/2007 TX
Saratoga PET Associates LLC 08/24/2007 NY
American Health Network of IN LLC PET/CT 08/24/2007 IN
Saint Francis Cancer Institute 08/24/2007 MO
Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital 08/24/2007 KY
NSMS - Reedsburg, WI 08/24/2007 WI
Henrico Doctors' Hospital 08/24/2007 VA
InMed Diagnostic Services of IL 08/24/2007 IL
Spencer Municipal Hospital 08/24/2007 IA
Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center 08/24/2007 NE
Alliance Imaging - United General Hospital 08/24/2007 WA
Lower Columbia Pathologists 08/24/2007 WA
Newton Medical Center 08/24/2007 KS
Mercy Hospital of Willard 08/24/2007 OH
Bucyrus Community Hospital 08/24/2007 OH
NSMS - Mena, AR 08/24/2007 AR
ValleyCare Medical Center 08/24/2007 CA
Integrated Medical Imaging 08/24/2007 IN
Memorial Hospital Easton 08/24/2007 MD
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance 08/24/2007 WA
Alliance Imaging - The Vancouver Clinic 08/24/2007 WA
Shared PET Imaging, LLC for Aultman Hospital 08/24/2007 OH
NSMS - Pekin, IL 08/24/2007 IL
Galion Community Hospital 08/24/2007 OH
Mid Ohio Oncology/Hematology, Inc. 08/24/2007 OH
Legacy Meridian Park Hospital 08/24/2007 OR
Belmont Community Hospital 08/24/2007 OH
Salem Community Hospital 08/24/2007 OH
The Oklahoma PET Center PLLC 08/24/2007 OK
NSMS - Blytheville, AR 08/24/2007 AR
Lodi Community Hospital 08/24/2007 OH
NSMS - Benton, AR 08/24/2007 AR
WA Foote Memorial Hospital 08/24/2007 MI
Anchor Health Centers 08/24/2007 FL
NYOH Mobile PET/CT Hudson 08/24/2007 NY
New Ulm Medical Center 08/24/2007 MN
Radiology Imaging Associates at Pembrooke 03/10/2006 MD
The Kirklin Clinic PET-CT Facility 05/07/2007 AL
Punxsutawney Area Hospital 05/15/2007 PA
Florida Hospital Altamonte PET Center 08/22/2007 FL
Lenox Hill Radiology & Medical Imaging 01/29/2009 NY
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC - Christie Clinic 01/29/2009 IL
NSMS - Greenville, IL 01/29/2009 IL
Dakota Radiology 01/29/2009 SD
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center 01/29/2009 KS
Watauga Medical Center 01/29/2009 NC
Medical Imaging Center at Windsor Oaks 01/29/2009 FL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-American Health 01/29/2009 IN
Contemporary Imaging Associates 01/29/2009 MI
Greenwich Hospital 01/29/2009 CT
SMDC Health Systems 01/29/2009 MN
Harris Regional Hospital 01/29/2009 NC
Mount Nittany Medical Center 01/30/2009 PA
Millennium Physicians-17521 09/05/2006 TX
Mount Auburn Hospital 01/29/2009 MA
Bay Park Community Hospital 01/29/2009 OH
Spring Branch Medical Center 01/29/2009 TX
Mount Sinai Medical Center of Florida, Inc. 01/29/2009 FL
Cooper University Radiology 01/29/2009 NJ
Galesburg Cottage Hospital 01/29/2009 IL
George Washington University Hospital 01/29/2009 DC
Caritas PET Imaging, LLC at Cooley Dickinson Hospital 01/29/2009 MA
Florida Hospital Heartland Division -Sebring FL 01/29/2009 FL
Austin PET and Imaging Center 01/29/2009 TX
Longmont United Hospital 01/29/2009 WY
Ukiah Valley Medical Center 01/29/2009 CA
Grove City Medical Center 01/29/2009 PA
NSMS - Fairfield, IL 01/30/2009 IL
St. Mary's Medical Center 01/30/2009 IN
Bayshore Medical Center 01/30/2009 AL
RedBud Community Hospital 01/30/2009 CA
Progressive Imaging Center 01/30/2009 NJ
InSight Diagnostic Center 01/30/2009 TX
Parkview Molecular Imaging 01/30/2009 CA
Monongahela Valley Hospital 01/30/2009 PA
Florida Cancer Specialists/Del Prado 01/30/2009 FL
MPHS 01/30/2009 CA
NSMS - Parsons, KS 02/03/2009 KS
Town Center Imaging 02/03/2009 FL
Pinnacle Health Imaging at West Hanover 01/30/2009 PA
Holston Valley Medical Center 01/30/2009 TN
Mercy Hospital of Tiffin 01/30/2009 OH
Indian Path Medical Center 01/30/2009 TN
Mercy Anderson Hospital 01/30/2009 OH
Texas Cancer Clinic 01/30/2009 TX
Henry Ford Macomb 01/30/2009 MI
Memorial Hermann Northeast 01/30/2009 TX
Kennedy Outpatient Medical Imaging 01/30/2009 NJ
RIS Lakeland 01/30/2009 FL
Comprehensive Cancer Center; Cancer Specialists OK 01/30/2009 OK
University Hospital and Medical Center 01/30/2009 FL
San Jacinto Methodist Hospital 01/30/2009 TX
University Cancer Center, Huntsville 01/30/2009 TX
Methodist Hospital 01/30/2009 IN
Port Huron Hospital 01/29/2009 MI
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC 01/29/2009 IN
Phoenix PET Partners, LLC 03/10/2006 AZ
Providence Everett Medical Center 01/29/2009 WA
Brazosport Regional Health System 01/29/2009 TX
NYOH Mobile PET/CT Amsterdam 01/29/2009 NY
Queens Hospital Center 01/29/2009 NY
University of Miami/Sylvester Cancer Center 01/29/2009 FL
St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center 01/29/2009 WI
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC- Evanston 01/29/2009 IL
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC-Quincy 01/29/2009 IL
NSMS - Forrest City, AR 01/29/2009 AR
Mount Kisco Medical Group 01/30/2009 NY
University Cancer Center, Brenham 01/30/2009 TX
Danville Regional Medical Center 01/30/2009 VA
Hammond Clinic 01/30/2009 IN
University of Connecticut Health Center 01/30/2009 CT
Clinch Valley Medical Center 01/30/2009 VA
Alliance Imaging - Auburn Regional Medical Center 01/30/2009 WA
St. Mary Corwin Medial Center 01/30/2009 CO
Insight Imaging-Saint John's Regional Medical Center 01/30/2009 CA
Lake Norman Regional Medical Center 01/30/2009 NC
Morris County Imaging 01/30/2009 NJ
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC 01/30/2009 PA
Trinity Hospitals 01/30/2009 ND
Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg 01/30/2009 VA
Southeastern Regional Medical Center 01/30/2009 NC
Shands Jacksonville 01/30/2009 FL
Meridian Health, Riverview Medical Center 01/30/2009 NJ
Advantage Imaging, LLC 01/30/2009 OH
Lewisburg Cancer Center 01/30/2009 PA
New Jersey Diagnostics & Imaging 01/30/2009 NJ
Marlette Regional Hospital 01/30/2009 MI
TJ Samson Community Hospital 01/30/2009 KY
King's Daughter's Hospital & Health Services 01/30/2009 IN
Treasure Hills Imaging Center 01/30/2009 TX
Capital Medical Center 01/30/2009 WA
St. Luke's Hospital--East Campus 01/30/2009 KY
Greenview Regional Hospital 01/30/2009 KY
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville 01/30/2009 FL
Medical Oncology Associates, P.S. 01/30/2009 WA
Northwest Medical Center 01/30/2009 FL
Watson Clinic LLP 01/30/2009 FL
Major Hospital 01/30/2009 IN
Carroll Precision Imaging Center 01/30/2009 MD
Kingman Regional Imaging Center 01/30/2009 AZ
Alliance Imaging - Gritman Medical Center 01/30/2009 ID
Morrow County Hospital 01/30/2009 OH
Associated Medical Specialist, PA 01/30/2009 SC
South Valley Radiology 01/30/2009 CA
Hope Diagnostic Imaging Center 01/30/2009 TX
Carilion New River Valley 01/30/2009 VA
Optima Diagnostic Imaging 01/30/2009 CA
Fairfield Diagnostic Imaging 01/30/2009 OH
PET Imaging of Thornton 01/30/2009 CO
Nacogdoches Medical Center 01/30/2009 TX
Salem Hospital 01/30/2009 OR
University of Wisconsin - Hospital and Clinics 01/30/2009 WI
East Bay Medical Oncology 01/30/2009 CA
Alliance Imaging Inc - Desert Imaging 01/30/2009 TX
Open MRI and CT of South Miami, LLC 01/30/2009 FL
Dearborn County Hospital 01/30/2009 IN
MultiCare Health System/Tacoma General Hospital 01/30/2009 WA
Alliance Imaging - Hematology Oncology 01/30/2009 IL
NSMS - Hamburg, IA 01/30/2009 WI
NSMS - Memphis, MO 01/30/2009 MO
The PET/CT Center of North Florida 01/30/2009 FL
South Miami Hospital 01/30/2009 FL
Ascent Diagnostic Imaging of Tamarac 01/30/2009 FL
Wilson Medical Center 02/02/2009 NC
The PET/CT Center of North Florida 02/02/2009 FL
Memorial Diagnostic Center 02/02/2009 FL
The PET/CT Center of North Florida 02/02/2009 FL
The PET/CT Center of North Florida 02/02/2009 FL
The PET/CT Center of North Florida 02/02/2009 FL
Montgomery County Advanced Medical Imaging, LLC 02/02/2009 PA
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC 02/02/2009 OH
The PET/CT Center of North Florida 02/02/2009 FL
Baptist Memorial Outpatient Diagnostic Center 02/02/2009 MS
Alliance Imaging - Great Falls Clinic 02/02/2009 MT
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC- Lake Shore 02/02/2009 IL
Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, LLP 02/02/2009 NY
Medical Outsourcing Services LLC 02/02/2009 IL
Ohio Valley General Hospital 02/02/2009 OH
Rockwood Clinic Radiation Oncology 02/02/2009 WA
North Kansas City Hospital 02/02/2009 MO
West Hernando Diagnostic Imaging 02/02/2009 FL
Memorial Hospital 02/02/2009 OH
Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital 02/02/2009 NM
NSMS - Robinson, IL 02/02/2009 IL
Samaritan Imaging Center 02/02/2009 CA
Hematology & Oncology Specialists, LLC 02/02/2009 LA
DDIS-PB 02/02/2009 NY
Aurora West Allis Medical Center 02/02/2009 WI
Cancer Care Centers of So. Texas 02/02/2009 TX
CDSA 02/02/2009 NY
SimonMed Imaging, Inc. 02/02/2009 AZ
Marshfield Clinic 02/02/2009 WI
Liberty Pacific Advanced Imaging 02/02/2009 CA
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center 02/02/2009 CA
Space Coast Medical Associates LLP 02/02/2009 FL
Milford Regional Medical Center 02/02/2009 MA
The Cancer Team Bellin Health 02/02/2009 WI
Ascent Diagnostic Imaging of Jacksonville 02/02/2009 FL
Marshfield Clinic - Rice Lake Center 02/02/2009 WI
Epic Care Dublin 02/02/2009 CA
Cornerstone McLaughlin & Marte 02/03/2009 FL
Methodist Dallas Medical Center 02/03/2009 TX
Riverview Hospital 02/03/2009 IN
North Bay Imaging 02/03/2009 FL
University Medical Center 02/03/2009 TX
Toms River Xray/CT/MRI CENTER 02/03/2009 NJ
Banner Good Samaritan PET Center 02/03/2009 AZ
Saint Luke's Northland Hospital 02/03/2009 MO
St. Mary's Hospital Imaging Department 02/03/2009 MD
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital 02/03/2009 GA
Carmichael Imaging 02/03/2009 CA
Trinity Medical Center 02/03/2009 AL
Titus Regional Medical Center 02/03/2009 TX
Snow Canyon Clinic 02/03/2009 UT
Nazha Cancer Center 02/03/2009 NJ
Diagnostic Clinic 02/03/2009 FL
DMS Imaging 01/30/2009 CA
DuPage Medical Group at Rickert 02/02/2009 IL
Conway Medical Center 02/03/2009 SC
Wuesthoff X-Ray and Lab at Baytree 02/03/2009 FL
Hannibal Regional Hospital 02/03/2009 MO
Alliance Imaging - Dreyer Clinic 02/03/2009 IL
Avera Holy Family 02/03/2009 IA
Fisher-Titus Medical Center 02/03/2009 OH
Cancer Care 02/03/2009 OK
New Jersey Institute of Radiology 02/03/2009 NJ
Good Samaritan Hospital 08/24/2007 CA
Radiology LTD LaCholla Ctr Diag. Imaging 08/24/2007 AZ
Lenox Hill Hospital 08/07/2006 NY
Licking Memorial Hospital 02/07/2012 OH
Litchfield Oncology Institute 02/07/2012 WI
Logan Regional Medical Center 02/07/2012 WV
Long Island PET Imaging 06/14/2006 NY
Massena Memorial Hospital 12/06/2006 NY
Mayo Clinic Health System - Eau Claire Hospital 02/07/2012 WI
McCullogh-Hyde Memorial Hospital 02/07/2012 OH
Ark-La-Tex Diagnostics, Inc d/b/a Open Air MRI of Cen-La 03/07/2006 LA
Med Arts JVIC 12/06/2006 MD
Medical Arts Radiology 02/07/2012 NY
Ohio Cancer Specialists 02/03/2009 OH
Richmond 02/03/2009 TX
Vantage Diagnostic Imaging 02/03/2009 OK
Physicians for Cure 02/03/2009 FL
Health Diagnostics 02/03/2009 CA
Arkansas Cancer Center PET/CT 02/03/2009 AR
Sam Houston Cancer Center 02/03/2009 TX
Illinois Valley Community Hospital 02/03/2009 IL
Silicon Valley Medical Imaging 02/03/2009 CA
Kaweah Delta Imaging Center 02/03/2009 CA
RADS (Radiology and Diagnostic Services) 02/03/2009 FL
Arizona Center for Hematology and Oncology 02/03/2009 AZ
University of South AL Mitchell Cancer Institute 02/03/2009 AL
The Vancouver Clinic 02/03/2009 WA
Wake Radiology Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. 02/03/2009 NC
Evergreen Hemtology & Oncology, P.S. 02/03/2009 WA
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center 02/03/2009 NY
Florida Cancer Specialists - Cornerstone 02/03/2009 FL
Herrin Hospital 02/03/2009 IL
Cascade Medical Imaging 02/03/2009 OR
North Shore Radiology at Glen Cove, PC 02/03/2009 NY
Hudson Valley Hematology - Oncology Associates 02/03/2009 NY
Cape Radiology 02/03/2009 NJ
Frederick Imaging Centers, LLC 02/03/2009 MD
Tri-City PETCT at Vista 02/03/2009 CA
Florida Cancer Specialists/Sarasota Downtown 02/03/2009 FL
Atlantis Diagnostics 02/03/2009 FL
Medical Outsourcing Services - Bedford Regional 02/03/2009 IN
Advanced Radiology - Fisher 05/03/2006 MD
Arizona Oncology Associates - Biltmore 02/03/2009 AZ
Laughlin Memorial Hospital 02/03/2009 TN
Memorial Hospital Of Carbondale 02/03/2009 IL
Palos Community 02/03/2009 IL
Roper PET/CT Center 05/11/2006 SC
MedCentral Express Imaging Center, Ltd. 06/14/2006 OH
Princeton Baptist Medical Center 05/30/2007 AL
Medical Arts Radiology Commack 05/31/2007 NY
West Jefferson Medical Center 01/30/2009 LA
Bayshore Community Hospital 01/30/2009 NJ
Personal Care Molecular Imaging 06/06/2007 NJ
PET/CT Imaging of North Texas 05/03/2006 TX
North Shore University Health System-Highland Park Hospital 05/03/2006 IL
National PET Centers LLC. 03/07/2006 OH
Cobre Valley Community Hospital 02/03/2009 AZ
Mercy PET Center 03/13/2006 AR
The Imaging Center 01/29/2009 MS
Medical Imaging Center 02/09/2012 NY
Medical Imaging of Baltimore 02/09/2012 MD
Medical Outsourcing Services - Bedford Regional 02/03/2009 IN
Memorial Health 09/06/2006 GA
Mercy Imaging Center Carmichael 02/09/2012 CA
Mitchell County Hospital 02/09/2012 KS
Modern Nuclear, Inc. 02/09/2012 CA
Mount Sinai Medical Center 06/13/2006 NY
Neil M Barth, MD INC 02/01/2010 CA
Northern Arizona Radiology 06/14/2006 AZ
Northfield Hospital 02/09/2012 WI
Northside Medical Center ValleyCare Health Systems 02/09/2012 OH
Northwest Medical Center 02/09/2012 AR
Northwest PET Imaging 03/13/2006 OR
NSMS - Rolla, MO 03/10/2006 MO
Ohio Valley Medical Center 02/09/2012 WV
Oklahoma Oncology, Inc. 02/09/2012 OK
Oncology Associates of Monroe 02/09/2012 LA
Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital 02/09/2012 KY
Palmetto Health Baptist PETCT 02/09/2012 SC
Palo Alto Medical Foundation 02/09/2012 CA
Park Avenue Radiologists , P.C. 05/12/2006 NY
Parma Community General Hospital 09/05/2006 OH
Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center 08/08/2006 PA
PET/CT Imaging of San Jose 06/13/2006 CA
Physicians for Cure 02/09/2012 FL
Physicians for CURE 02/09/2012 FL
Physicians for CURE 02/09/2012 FL
Precision Imaging Centers - Gate Parkway 02/09/2012 FL
Promedica St. Luke's Hospital 02/09/2012 OH
Radiology Associated of Slo 08/08/2006 CA
Riverwalk 02/09/2012 CA
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital 02/09/2012 NJ
Saint Joseph Hospital Chicago 08/08/2006 IL
Saint Luke's Hospital East 02/09/2012 MO
Sanford Health - Fargo 07/14/2006 ND
Sand Lake Imaging 08/23/2007 FL
Shared Medical Services 02/09/2012 IL
Sharp Grossmont Hospital 02/09/2012 CA
Shields PET/CT at Tufts Medical Center 02/09/2012 MA
SimonMed Imaging Newport Beach 02/10/2012 CA
South Arlington Imaging Center 03/10/2006 TX
Southwestern Regional Medical Center 02/10/2012 OK
Springman Medical Plaza Imaging Center 12/06/2006 TX
SSM St Clare Health Center 02/10/2012 MO
SSM St Joseph Hospital West 02/10/2012 MO
St. Francis Tulsa 02/10/2012 OK
St. Joseph Elgin 02/10/2012 IL
St. John River District Hospital 08/22/2007 MI
St. Patrick Hospital & Health Sciences Center 12/06/2006 MT
St. Joseph Hospital 08/07/2006 CA
Stockton Diagnostic Imaging 02/13/2012 CA
Stockton MRI & Molecular Imaging Medical Center 06/13/2006 CA
Sun Radiology - Peoria 03/10/2006 AZ
Sun Radiology - Sun City West 03/10/2006 AZ
Swedish Hospital Issaquah 02/13/2012 WA
Texas Oncology - Amarillo 02/13/2012 TX
The Radiology Clinic,L.L.C. 09/06/2006 AL
The Reading Hospital and Medical Center 06/13/2006 PA
Tower Saint John's Imaging 02/13/2012 CA
Trident Diagnostic Services 02/13/2012 SC
UMC at Orange Grove Radiation Oncology 02/13/2012 AZ
Union Imaging Center 02/13/2012 NJ
United Radiology - Gaithersburg 08/08/2006 MD
United Radiology - Olney 08/08/2006 MD
United Radiology - Bowie 08/08/2006 MD
University of Washington Medical Center 06/13/2006 WA
Valley View Medical Center 02/14/2012 AZ
Wilkes-Barre General Hospital - PET Scan Center 02/14/2012 PA
Wooster Community Hospital 02/14/2012 OH
Zilkha Radiology 02/14/2012 NY
LRI Lincoln Radiology Imaging 06/06/2007 NE
Mercy Health Center Fort Gratiot 08/24/2007 MI
Providence Hospital Southfield 01/30/2009 MI
Saint John Anderson 05/03/2006 IN
Shared PET Imaging, LLC - Brooklyn NY 03/10/2006 NY
St. Peter's Hospital 02/17/2011 MT
St. John Macomb Hospital 12/05/2006 MI
St. Nicholas Hospital 05/03/2006 WI
St. Mary's Hospital 05/03/2006 VA
St. Mary's Health Center 05/03/2006 MO
St. Mary Mercy Hospital Livonia 06/13/2006 MI
St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center 05/03/2006 NJ
St. Joseph's Hospital 08/07/2006 WI
St. Joseph's Diagnostic Center - MLK 05/03/2006 FL
St. Francis Hospital 05/03/2006 WA
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 05/03/2006 KY
St. Alexius Medical Center 05/03/2006 ND
St. Francis Mooreville 12/06/2006 IN
Pinnacle Health Imaging - Tristan Radiology 2006-03-01 PA
Long Beach PET Imaging Center 03/13/2006 CA
University Radiology Associates, LLP 05/15/2013 NY